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Majica Photography is a new business, however I have been a photographer for many years. It is a huge passion of mine and some of my earliest memories involve me and a camera. Up until now I have only done it as a hobby, holiday snaps etc but I want to do this for a living, as it is my life.



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A passion and love of photography. Having "the eye" for it.

What exactly are you after? What does the end product need to be? When and where is the shoot?

Being able to take photos for a living is a dream come true. I have owned a camera for as long as I can remember and have always loved spending my days taking photos. Of anything and everything.

I was looking for a new direction, and had finally been given the last push to do something that I actually wanted to do. I have the support of family and friends, and will put everything in to making this work.

I am keen, friendly, professional and love my work.



Photography for any occasion. Pets, people, events, portraits, property, sports, architecture. Whatever you are after, I can provide.