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London, Greater London

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Made by Fire

London, Greater London



Made by Fire is a small London-based digital agency that works with startups, entrepreneurs, and small businesses with all things digital - from website development to logo design to PPC campaigns. We use generous portions of passion, focus, and expertise - turning innovative ideas into intuitive and scalable digital products that make an impact.


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Rikumoni Borkokaty

28 December 2018

Very positive thoughts,100%

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FIRST. User-centric design - This means we make the user the FOCUS of everything we do. After all, your end goal is to reach your client/customer/target market. Let's build something that revolves around the people you want to reach. You'll cut through the noise and achieve the exact result you're for!

SECOND. Intuitive user experience - Once you land the user's attention, let's make sure it is EASY for them to use. No complicated and convoluted designs. Nothing illogical about the user flow. It needs to be a thing of beauty - where the experience is so easy, it makes navigating through your website effortless. Let's just say we like to make memorable experiences :)

THIRD. Quality build - Now that the user is exploring your website, let's make sure it actually works. Sounds reasonable, but you'd be surprised how many people don't pay enough attention to this element. If there is a link, let's make sure it's a proper click-through. If there is a carousel, let's make sure it rotates seamlessly. If there is a contact form, let's make sure it actually submits.

We have a UI, UX, and development team, to make sure every aspect of your amazing website will be properly looked after and turn into a thing of absolute beauty!

Our top 5 questions:

1. What is the primary purpose of this project?
2. What are you looking to achieve with this project?
3. At what stage are you with this project?
4. Is there anything you've seen in other projects similar to yours that you like?
5. Is there anything you've seen in other projects similar to yours that you do not like?

There is nothing better than working collaboratively with people who have big IDEAS and lots of PASSION. It's amazing to see projects from start to finish, and to go along the journey of creating a great result.

Beyond creating value for our client and delivering projects that have a lasting impact, we have a deeper purpose and philosophy attached to everything that we do. We cannot transform the world, but we can add some heart to our fire and bring about small but powerful changes in people’s lives. We try to always act with SOUL and release li’l tornadoes of positive change to inspire people to lead with their own soul.

We're friendly, engaged, and do some damn good work :)