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I offer a professional, friendly, experienced and reliable Dog Walking service - that puts the care and happiness of your dog whilst delivering a first class personal service as the number one priorities.

Mack's Doggie Dawgs core philosophy is to treat every dog as if it was our own.


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Magdalena Czuba

6 September 2019

I would definitely recommend Alex’s services for anyone that wants quality of care . See you soon Miss Mack


John Harber

29 October 2018

Alex has been walking my dog Oswald for the last year what can I say other than he absolutely loves her to pieces. I couldn’t trust anyone more to provide a professional and loving attitude towards her job. 5*


Falk Tischmeyer

29 October 2018

Where to start... let’s just say my dog loves Alex! She’s very professional and my pup just can’t get enough of her! Would definitely recommend her to every and anyone who likes a happy pup/doggy, nothing to complain about (: More...


Luke Keen

29 October 2018

She walked my Jack Russel James and he came back happy as ever ! Lovely girl with a great attitude and couldn't fault the service! Will definitely be using again!


Amelia Ebanks

2 October 2018

Alex did a great job looking after my lively springer and Labby. They loved their time with her. They took to her straight away. I would definitely recommend Alex’s services for anyone that wants quality of care and love for their poochies. See you soon Miss Mack More...


Te Ara Dirkse

29 September 2018

I can't recommend Macks enough! Super friendly and easy to communicate with.


Sarah Donovan

29 September 2018

Have a wonderful dog called Frida who needs walking while I'm at work and also a bolt hold to stay when I go away at weekends. I met a number of walkers and sitters but Frida took to Alex immediately. Alex just has a way with our furry friends. They just love her. Alex has proved extremely reliable. Im always happy to leave Frida with her. In fact Frida rushes towards her without out giving me a backwards glance. Can't say more than that. Rates are very good and cannot fault the service (heaps of love and care). Thank you Alex. Sarah Donovan and Frida More...


Kaz Loughlin

26 September 2018

Hi, Alex has looked after my JRT Ronnie, he’s come back chilled & happy, wouldn’t hesitate to recommend


Michael Prior

26 September 2018

Such a caring person, my little rascal is full of energy and looking healthier and better behaved , 100% satisfyed

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I was miserable working in an Office job I hated, the only benefit of my old job was getting to see the dogs of the employees who use to come in. It was a game changer. I decided to turn my life around and do something I truly love - and that is looking after, walking, cuddling and playing with dogs.

I love getting to spend every day with beautiful dogs, all different breeds and all with different personalities. We get to spend the day doing some amazing walks round the woods, fields and beaches.

I hate to rub it in, but I have the best job in the world.

I have always looked after friends pets, or neighbours or colleague - I couldn't help myself, I love looking after animals.
I have always had friends to tell me to into a job like dog walking or grooming, but I didn't have the faith that I could do it.

One day, I woke up and I decided to just go for it. In blind faith I handed in my notice, built myself a website and went on the search for Doggos.
I am forever grateful that I decided to do it. I love my job and all my fluffy, hairy clients.

I want to make sure your dog has the quality of walk he or she deserves, physical and mental exercise which they love and enjoy! I want to make sure they spend that hour of the day with me, so they can be mentally stimulated – so when I drop them home, they spend the rest of their afternoon calm and relaxed.

I want to make sure that your dog receives the correct treatment, whether that means your dog wants to go at a slow pace, or whether your dog loves a ball chuck – I will cater to your dogs need. I offer Pack Walks or One to One treatment dependant on your dogs comfort, it is important to me that your dog will spend that hour in comfort and through the correct package choice, we don't want a stressed out pup! This makes meeting you a very important part of becoming your dog walker, I need to know the most I can about your dog to assure your dog is accommodated correctly. Other aspects we will need to talk about it is attitude with other dogs, any fears your dog might have, pace of walk and preferred location.

My promise to you is that your dog will be cared for as if he or she was my own. I want to make sure your dog gets the exercise, stimulation and socialisation all whilst being under supervision. I have Pet First Aid training, so you can be assured your dog is left in safe hands.

You will not meet anyone with more enthusiasm to her job and a love for Dogs, you would be barking mad to not give me a try.


I pride myself on providing your dog with a quality walk that will give them the physical and mental exercise they enjoy. I can tailor the walks to suit whether your dog likes slow paced walks or has bags of energy. I will make sure the group walk will be with dogs that require the same needs as your dog, so no one is left behind. we will walk for a full hour, travel time is excluded to assure you pet gets the proper exercise they deserve.

If your dog prefers solo walks I can cater to his/her needs whether their social skills are not that good or just likes a peaceful walk. If your dog enjoys jogging, walking or chasing balls, I can accommodate; I’m there to provide whatever your dog prefers. Otherwise this service is similar to the group dog walk.

if you would like me to come visit your pet at home, whether you have work commitments or a planned day trip away, I will happily come visit through the day; whether it is once, twice or three times. i will make sure your dog gets the love, fuss and much needed toilet break to keep the dog happy. I offer home visits for puppies or for any age dog. home visits can be great for dogs that are on medication, who need attention, puppies that might have made a mess and dogs who might just need the toilet. It is £7 each visit