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Karen Conquest

4 August 2018

I found Matt to be highly knowledgeable and a great personal trainer who helped me achieve a much higher level of fitness. It was great fun and I would highly recommend to anybody who wishes to improve their health & fitness. More...


Rosalind Miller

5 July 2018

Matt is a fantastic personal trainer, sessions are always fun. He is friendly, approachable, open and very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend Matt to anyone looking for a PT.


Nicola Wade

23 June 2018

Thank you for everything, couldn’t ask for a better personal trainer. Would highly recommend Matt especially if your not confident in the gym and you need the knowledge and guidance on exercise routines. Thanks again Matt


Aaliyah Edwards

11 April 2018

I would highly recommend Matt! He has kept me motivated and he listened to me about my goals that i wanted to aim for and has adapted to my individual needs and strengths.


Emma Hayden

6 April 2018

Friendly and knowledgeable, Matt has helped me achieve my fitness goals in a fun way tailored to meet my individual needs. Would definitely recommend!!



1: Consistency, small every day changes to build a stronger, fitter, more healthier version of yourself.
2: Healthy diet
3: Train smart
4: Everything in moderation, in my opinion being too strict with your diet leads to binge eating and unhealthy habits and lets be honest a boring life.
5. Enjoy the journey, don't stress about where you are, just look forward to wear your going to be as following these steps will bring the results you want.

Working with people to help them achieve their goals as to me there's no better job satisfaction than helping someone become a healthier person.

I always liked the idea of being able to set my own hours, which in turn now has allowed me to help my clients around their lives whether it be a 6am session before work or 8pm session once the kids are in bed.

I'm friendly, really easy to get along with. I will push your hard to get you to where you want to be but never too far so your sessions become unenjoyable. I'm always on time and always reliable.