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Lynda Green Alter, LMFT

Mission Viejo, California


Lynda Green Alter, LMFT

Mission Viejo, California



I'm a psychotherapist and I see Individuals, Couples, Children and Families. Been licensed since 1995

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19 July 2019

My husband and I have seen three therapists and Lynda by far has been the most effective.  She provides us with the tools we need to communicate and reconnect, and we are enjoying the process of coming together as a married couple. Lynda is not for the weak minded.  She gives it to you straight and in a direct tone.  She does not walk on egg shells around us!  And, she also is not shy to give her opinion.  I gravitate towards Lynda's style and highly recommend her to anyone who is truly seeking change.From an office standpoint, Lynda has a beautifully decorated waiting area with music and unique paintings.  She is always with clients which only proves how great she is! More...

29 March 2019

I saw Lynda for several months after a NDE and she was patient with my "slow to warm" mannerisms. Instead of taking the approach of pleasing me by saying what I wanted to hear, she said what I absolutely needed to hear. In my opinion, the purpose of therapy is just that. If you are ready to fully internalize, lead conversations, dig into your history and empower yourself, I 100% recommend Lynda.- If you need to change your appointment time or need assistance I recommend texting because she is very busyAlso... the waiting area usually has a bowl of chocolates so Woohoo! More...

3 July 2018

Lynda will not coddle you. So if you are looking for that, go elsewhere. She gives useful tools to use and they really work! I am an admitted emotional wreck. There have been times when I am so caught up in my head about a situation and she has been the only successful person to snap me out of it. It really is a modern day miracle. One review says that she is a bully? Uhm, WTF? No. I am someone who has a tendency to let people walk all over me and she has given me the gift of self-confidence. If someone is doing something that is not conducive to a successful relationship, she will say "stop it". I would say that is the exact opposite of a bully actually. If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen! More...

30 June 2018

I have a very dear friend that is extremely close to me who has been trying to find a good therapist who can help him with multiple issues and help with end of life serenity being so young and not from California it has been years searching for that right person.  This woman is that person for him "thank god" he found her!My friend is very complex and has been passed around by his insurance and treated so poorly to where its cost him years off of his life.  All I know is when he leaves her office he is smiling and happy, and thanks me for making the initial appointment with her. I cant tell you how much this means to both of us having Linda in his life  now.  He needs her like he needs air.  I met Linda briefly and yes she is very upfront and direct like a "New Yorker" but I personally love that!  And I love people from the East Coast because its "say what you mean and mean what you say".  Not like the majority of people you find in Orange County "no offence" but I think you know what I mean.  I cant wait to get to know Linda better I am looking so forward to seeing her this week!  What you did for my friend is so special to me ..I love you!Thank you so much!!! More...

18 June 2018

Linda has been my primary counselor for over five years and has been an exemplary guide to working through my issues and helping me find a path to better self awareness and significant improvement in my life. She has helped me discover the triggers to undesirable feelings and behaviors, then educated me with tools and methods for effective management of these conditions. Thank to Lynda Greens deft perceptions, patience and professionalism I am a much better person than when I started seeing her. A real godsend. Thank you Lynda for all of your support and guidance More...

2 February 2018

Lynda is a great therapist. Truly a Godsend. She is extremely compassionate as a mental health professional and can quickly spot the issues within the person's life. After a few sessions she can provide "tools" on how to change things for the better, and it works!! She is wise, resourceful, and will direct you to a more happier and fulfilling life. Without a doubt she will help you empower yourself. You just need to trust her because she's the expert! More...

28 June 2017

I've been seeing Lynda off and on for years. She has helped me through some extremely rough times. She's understanding, helpful, and doesn't tip toe around things. She is the first therapist I honestly have ever trusted. Finding the right therapist is different for everyone, but she is my go to and always my recommendation when others ask. More...

18 June 2017

Lynda was recommended to me by a mutual friend. She is great. The whole time I felt comfortable because she stayed with me and I never felt intimidated. I am still going to Lynda. Everything is fine. Lynda's office is very comfortable and cozy. I enjoy being in such a warm environment. After my first appointment I read her reviews. My first thoughts were who are these people? I am so glad I did not read the reviews first. I never thought of it. I was recommended by a personal friend and it worked out fine. J.S.W. More...

16 June 2017

I've  seen Lynda Green Alder on various occasions to help me work through difficult times. She is sensitive and caring. Unlike some therapists who sit and look at you with a blank stare, Lynda will provide you with techniques "tools", to help you work though your issues.  Let's face it, you're not looking for a buddy you want help. I have successfully worked through many of my struggles thanks to the guidance of a knowledgeable and skilled professional. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. More...

10 June 2017

Lynda is very straight forward and tells you as it is. Some might take this the wrong way but her intention is to bring you out of illusion and address the issues you're dealing with directly. She is funny, caring and always has a realistic solution for your issues. Her style is unique and might not be a fit for everyone but I can tell you if you stick with her you will feel empowered. Her office is very nice and she is always on time. Give her a try for sure. More...

30 May 2017

Lyda is a fantastic therapist.  I heard about her from friends who were her clients who raved bout her after seeing her for help when she practiced in Beverly Hills.  When I heard she was practicing in Irvine I went to see her and was as impressed as my friends.  She is very experienced and runs a very professional office, Unlike other therapist I have seen she enlists your help in changing your behaviors and issues.  You will appreciate how she leans on what are your strengths in helping you address your needs.  She is so smart and tactful and I am so thrilled I found her.  I encourage you to make an appointment but remember she is very booked so take any time she can see you.  You will not regret it.  I am shocked by the negative reviews about her, but than I guess some people who seek help are not entirely balanced.  Their loss.. More...

2 June 2014

Lynda is a great therapist and I have recommended her and continue to do so.  Initially I saw Lynda to help me get through a sticky situation at work when my mother suddenly passed away.  I was devastated to say the least and could not have walked through that year of my life without her.  Lynda was exactly what I needed, compassionate, professional, caring, gentle yet making sure I didn't stay stuck. Four years later, in 2013, my father passed away and I looked Lynda up again.  She was amazing.  If you need help walking through a difficult time Lynda is your therapist! More...

3 July 2013

Lynda is a very professional therapist who gives you practical tools and ideas to take home and better your relationships.  She is well-balanced and warm.  Highly recommended! More...