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Financial District, California, San Francisco

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Luxury Matchmaking Services

Financial District, California, San Francisco



We started Luxury Matchmaking Services to disrupt the outdated matchmaking industry. Empowered by successful single male friends, our original matchmaking services set us apart by focusing on creating the highest quality database of incredible single women in the California area.


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Karmen Alexis Sylvia

23 April 2019

To be awesome in finding the right person.


Alisha Bayer

1 February 2018

We are getting married! We already announced it on Facebook, so I thought that I would give our matchmaker a little credit. : ) Thank You Jen! I had no idea that this was actually going to happen for us. Sure, we were both hoping that we would find someone who fits us like a puzzle piece, and I always believed my perfect partner was out there somewhere, but to actually explain how happy we are is tough to express in words. My new fiancé is a pretty influential person and was reluctant to trying dating apps. I was somewhat shy and had been “catfished” a few times using online dating sites. That is why we originally decided to explore professional matchmaking. The personal connection with the matchmakers makes a huge difference. Trust me. More...


Ortho George

31 January 2018

Ok so I am embarrassed to say that I called a matchmaker. I don’t know why. I suppose that since I have a successful career, and a ton of attention from women; I thought Matchmaking is not for me. However, I did not realize how much I could improve the efficiency of my dating life. I did not realize that some high-end matchmakers are like headhunting or executive recruiting firms. Luxury Matchmaking Srv. took my request and developed a program to search, interview, and introduce incredible women, per my requests and schedule. Sure not every date is perfect, but the long-term potential has increased and the women I have meet so far have been quality introductions. Plus, I no longer face rejection; let’s face it, everyone is rejected sometimes. Now, I meet incredible like minded women rather than women who will never want a family and only want to party. In conclusion, I have nothing to be embarrassed about because this service is a luxury to have. Most men won’t be able to invest in their future this way. It’s like buying a Ferrari, it’s a want not a need because the women are smart, sweet and stunning! The best part is: I wasn’t clear about what I wanted before signing up and I have learned so much about myself through this process. More...


Eduardo Cooley

26 November 2017

Feels great to give up dating apps and let professionals take over all the "grunt" work of finding a potential long term partner. I have hired headhunters for our company before but I didn't realize that I could hire a headhunter for my love life! Seriously; I am so grateful that I bumped into one of their recruiters. I had no idea how much I was going to transform by meeting a series of high quality matches. This process has changed my life in so many ways. More...


robert wagner

26 November 2017

My experience with the Director of Matchmaking was awesome! She took so much time getting to know me and to learn about my past relationships. I am really impressed with the amount of compassion that she shows me. I trust that she personally cares about my success when selecting potential lovers. Feeling excited to continue this process! : ) More...

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Creating love is my job or rather it is my purpose. So many amazing memories are made between two people that may not have ever meet otherwise. ~Jennifer Warner | Director of Matchmaking

Well, our team joined together with a vision of modernizing the way matchmaking has always been done with a focus on integrity and reputation and being selective about who we will offer a VIP membership to. This ensures that our members receive the experiences they are hoping to receive when they begin a membership whether free or paid with us.

Our mission is to enrich our members’ lives by providing the very best services possible to obtain a happy and healthy relationship far faster than they would in the absence of our services. Our method of achieving this mission is by understanding our members’ needs and practicing continuously with never-ending improvements. Our measure is that as a result of our efforts; our clients develop happy and healthy relationships within the duration of their membership.

We deliver premium modern matchmaking services such as professional profile creation, photo shoots, and an exclusive customized personal searches designed at our headquarters in downtown San Francisco. We’re positive that your confidence will skyrocket after becoming a VIP client because this part of your life will totally be taken care of. We aim to satisfy the requests of our clients and offer a month-to-month program to offer superior membership flexibility. Our guarantee is that we will deliver what we say we will deliver and we will do everything in our power to make this program work for you.

Why are we different?

- Our Boutique Style Firm
- Our Superior Diamond Database
- Our Recruitment Teams
- Our Matchmaking Network



Free Basic Memberships - available for women seeking men Month-to-Month Memberships - with guaranteed matches available for men seeking women Annual VIP Memberships - with guaranteed matches available for men seeking women Bi-Annual VIP memberships - with guaranteed matches available for men seeking women