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Hypnotherapy and EFT to help you if you are experiencing feelings of anxiety, stress, panic, fears and phobias. I help people with weight management, pain management, confidence, self-esteem, public speaking, nerves, sleep and more in a restful non-judgemental space.


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I love lots of things about my job. I love seeing people come into my quiet room and just breathe and take time to themselves and leave feeling calmer and more relaxed. I also love seeing the progress people make over the time they have with me. I am fortunate to enjoy what I do and to now have the flexibility to choose my own hours and use my skills to help others.

I was working long shifts in the public sector and balancing childcare and elder care. I had wanted to train as a counsellor for many years but had never thought I would be able to do it. The stress was taking its toll and I took a leap of faith and became a student.
I loved it and now take on extra little bits of learning because I enjoy it!
I started my own business so I could be my own boss and use my skills but manage my own diary to have a better work life balance. I also enjoy the challenges this gives me of managing a business as well as the opportunities to take on new projects I wouldn't necessarily get if I worked for a company.

I was recently asked why I don't post reviews on my Facebook page or website. It is because I believe my clients come to me at a time of vulnerability and do not and should not feel the pressure to write and tell people that they sought help for this leaving that footprint there for future employers or partners to see. Whilst I work hard to remove the barriers and stigma around mental health I believe people have the right to keep their information private rather than have it on my Facebook page.

I also run other ethics through my business that reflect the values that are important to me, for example being a part of and supporting my local community. The green strategy now means that I am a community recycling point. Wherever possible I use local companies who pay the living wage not minimum wage.
I design your hypnotherapy around you, what matters to you, what interests you and it is not a one fit off the shelf approach.


using the relaxation of hypnotherapy to help you overcome feelings of anxiety or panic

a 4 session package to help you eat smaller portions and also includes motivational suggestions for diet and exercise as well as looking at the emotional connections to eating.

using the power of modern energy tapping to help you with stress, anxiety, fears and phobias, confidence and self worth. tapping is a technique that once learned you can use anywhere.

single 2 hour stop smoking session with self-help technique to take away for any cravings and 2 recordings for you to listen to at home

feelings of stress relating to home, work, finance, relationships, use hypnotherapy to help you with release your stress

relaxation hypnotherapy techniques as part of your regular pain management plan

public speaking for work, wedding speeches, improving your feelings of self worth and removing negative labels

Nail biting, skin picking, teeth grinding and more.

10 week group hypnosis weight loss sessions. I run these regularly and dates are on the Facebook page when they are running and available for booking. If you would like to run one at your workplace or in a group then get in touch and let me know.