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Nikki Miller

Super friendly place with great decor and even better food and drink!!!


Ruud van Simmonds

Try Burger King or McDonald's, the Big Mac or the whopper will knock the socks off of any of these goofy burgers. This place is highway robbery, and the burgers aren't great.


Stephen Coleman

The Lockdown bar & Grill is 10 minutes away from my house. I go there all the time. Was the after the Testament show Tuesday night with my brother Mike and we had a ball. I love the music and the food is good. great place to take a date (If she's a rock chick) More...


Kristen Becka Marie

After stumbling upon this place when we didnt know about another bar's 12 dollar cover for NOTHING, we enjoyed great service, drinks, and food. Will definitely come back here for more! More...


Sheina King

Delicious wings and great service. You will not be disappointed l!


Mariann OLeary

I Love Lock Down Bar and Grill!! The food Is always great the servers always attentive and fast. Mac Cheese burgers are great!! I'm disappointed they stopped half priced Tuesday's. I think Ir brought more people In and two of my friends stopped going because of that!! More...


Sarah Strickland

No wait on a Wednesday evening, even though the weather was nice. Killer staff and burgers yummier than *gasp* Kumas. Highly recommend the macaroni balls as an appetizer. Thanks dudes! �


Shaune Costigan

Excellent fat Elvis burger and great beer. Service was excellent and Chris was great to talk to.


Alicia Taylor

I'm sad i don't live near by anymore, because I would seriously go there every week! Best burgers ever!


Stamatia Ress

I came here about 2 years ago. Randomly with a friend and loved their Fat Elvis burger. Hadn't stopped thinking about the food and build your own Mac & Cheese, but I'm not in the area usually. Finally came back, with 4 more friends, and they nailed it. We all got something different and we were all so pleased. Amazing � More...


Terry Rocco

Fried pickles some of the best I've had! My burger was amazing! Loved the fries and mac & cheese! Fun atmosphere! Our waitress was very friendly, not close to home but I would go back!!


Sergio Leos

Great hangout spot! Great food, drinks & service!


Phil Lutkovsky

Great atmosphere, awesome burgers, secret sauce is amazing, friendly staff, awesome music. What else do you need, right?


Gabriela Guzman

I used to live about 2 blocks away, food was great. Been back a couple times in the last year and food just isn't the same. I had a bland undercooked Burger that was swimming in Valentina sauce so much that's all I could taste. Macaroni so dry, I couldn't believe it. Our server, blah.... I was so disappointed. What happened??? More...


Joey Bozen

It's plainly obvious what other place they are competing against, but that's ok, LB&G has it's own special twist to their menu. They have enough of a variety of choices to pick from their menu, from the very simple to the extreme (aka The Arson). You will not be disappointed if you go. Great service. More...


Lidia Moretti

Amazing burgers, staggering variety, great service, and some of the best mac n cheese I've ever had in my life! The only drawback is that they're way too expensive. They provide high quality and specialty ingredients of course, but in general I'm wondering when Chicagoans will say enough is enough and certain food has absolutely no reason to cost $20 or more; but I suppose inflation happens and I am old lol. If they lowered their prices I'd be a repeat customer though! More...


Scott Elle

Good food and good service. Definitely a must-eat.


Scarlett Shalimar

Awesome tunes and decor. The service was kinda lacking - took a while to get a water refill and the place wasn't busy so that was kinda irritating. Some of the staff was cool while others were too cool for school. Me and my friend ordered our burgers cooked medium and they were well done - we didn't send them back cause that's not cool but the burgers would've been more enjoyable had they been cooked medium as requested. The waitress came to ask how everything was and I said "not sure yet" cause I hadn't had a chance to eat anything yet but she never came back or asked again so whatevs. The fries and spicy aioli are awesome! I'd go again so it's all good. More...


Darrin Klapprodt

A BACON infused patty, the center is filled with a massive quantity of MERKTS Cheddar Cheese, on a buttered and toasted bun or pretzel roll!! THE LOCKDOWN WARDEN BURGER knocked me right off of my chair!! If you are a cheeseburger fan, this place needs to be on your LIST! Lockdown Bar & Grill!! Had one of the best days of my life hanging with PJ the owner and that was BEFORE I had this BURGER!! Get here now!! They are located on Western Avenue in Chicago. If you dig Metal, Insane food and an amazing bar then this is your OASIS!! Subscribe to my You Tube channel " A Biker Dude" to see the Lockdown video! More...


Christian Medic

Everything was amazing!! The War Pig burger of the month is huge and delicious!!


Arturo Medina

Awesome burgers and great staff. Had the Federales burger and I would definitely recommend this place to everyone.


Eli Cruz

Great time, great people, great music and food, especially excellent owner!


Tillie Paniagua

Our server and food were outstanding. Csnt wait to go back and max out!!!!!💗


Peter Wagner

Coolest spot in town now doing smoked bbq and regular free, live shows! Awesome!!


John Travassos

Best burger I've had in a long time! Six of us had food and drinks in this fabulous little place. Heavy metal music on bunch of TVs was great. Service was great too. But the burgers! Can't say enough. Visited from RI. WE'LL BE BACK! More...


Deanna Kassal Swanson

Best fries and food around. Great burgers and cool staff! Love this place�


Jordan Leigh Diers

Burgers were differently awesome but it took over 10 min to get a draft beer let alone they were out of a lot of liquor.


Karin Anderson

Lockdown is my second favorite burger joint in Chicago. Sorry Lockdown, Kuma's still takes 1 although you are extremely close. I had the Fat Elvis burger for the first time. Very creative and tasty! More...


Christian Sanvanson

This place is awesome! Great food, music and environment. Check this place out this weekend!


Ilda Herrera

I love this place, go here often but if it’s as cold everyday as it was yesterday this time of year, I’ll definitely have to wait until Summer rolls around to go back. Food got cold so fast. Couldn’t even eat with our coats off. More...


Jon Baumann

This place rocks .
Great atmosphere. Great staff
Excellent food
I recommend the Federali burger and chorizo Mac and cheese.

Watch for weekly specials .


Germaine Grey

Installed the A/C when it was built. Went back when it opened. Food was on point. Definitely on my list when I visit Chicago.


Yanesa Morges

The Bone Collectors (wings) were fantastic, I ordered the Good behavior (turkey burger) , Jorge had a Citizens Arrest and washed it down with many icy Modelos and I had a fireball shot... the bartender was phenomenal and so patient with the questions we asked. Recommended this to friends and family. I can’t wait to go back!!!! ��� More...


William Bean

Wow first time eating here the other day and had the best burger ever. Service from Vanessa was top notch and there was no wait to be seated. Music was awesome will definitely be back again More...


Andrew Stuckel

Parking is meh but what can you expect in Chicago? Food was fantastic, staff was engaging and attentive. Great tunes (if you’re into rock and heavy metal) and had the Hawks game and then the NFL playoffs on one of the main TVs. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a top notch burger and a good beer and interesting cocktail selection. More...


Edmond Themeli

The service and the food was great,the music was ok,not the kind of metal i listen to but oh well,doesn't matter.


Mike Ciero

Went for the first time a couple of weeks ago and the place rules! Priest on the tele the whole time and service was awesome. Def a new fav spot whenever I'm back in Chicago ��� More...


Gaza Duna

The Lockdown is a place for the Rocker, and Soc alike.
Great food, a wide array of liquor, and some local microbrews, make it a place for the young at heart.


Dustin Moon

Got a chance to play at Lockdown this Saturday. Absolutely awesome time. The staff is great, the food is absolutely killer. Really fun hanging out at a MetalHead burger bar that knows how to do it right. Can’t wait to come back on a much more frequent basis. Support local metal and business. I’m sold man. More...


Matthew Parris

This place is awesome. I want it to be my home away from home. Staff is phenomenal and friendly. Atmosphere fantastic. Its metal but inviting to all. Food is delicious and the beer choices are top notch. I cannot wait to go back. Thanks for everything. More...

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