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Living Arts Counseling Center



Living Arts Counseling Center




I provide individual and couples counseling for anxiety, depression, grief, relationship conflicts, parenting, creative blocks and finding one's path or life purpose. I use traditional talk therapy as well as expressive arts techniques such as sand tray and drama therapy. FREE twenty minute phone consultation.

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Nechama Shaina

28 November 2017

Living arts and Armand are powerful, yet gentle, loving and supportive forces in the Universe �


Avital Oren Ben Israel

16 May 2017

Best place for drama therapy! Which is one of the best group therapies! I can say more if any one has a question.


Diana Chu

6 December 2016

As a member of the Living Arts Counseling Center, it is a blessing to being part of a team of gifted therapists who bring tremendous talent and commitment to fostering the growth and connection of the clients. Living Arts specialize in using Drama Therapy and Expressive Arts Therapy. More...


Andriette Pieron

6 December 2016

Living Arts Center is such a welcoming place. The range of experience of the therapists and the creative work they do is amazing! I especially love my involvement with group therapy, the clients are so committed to doing their work via "play" in the dramatic and expressive arts! More...


Sarah H.

19 October 2015

Living Arts Counseling Center is a center staffed with innovative, insightful, bright, and compassionate therapists. I feel so honored to have received some of my training at the center, and was very impressed with the caliber of work done by  my colleagues.  I witnessed client's lives changed through the therapy they received at Living Arts. Consistently high quality therapy at affordable rates, using the power of the creative arts to heighten and accelerate the work! And they have staff all over the place: Emeryville, San Francisco, San Mateo, Folsom! More...


Janel R.

7 February 2014

As a therapist myself, I have pretty high standards for my colleagues.  I  have been so impressed and proud to work at the Living Arts Counseling Center.  It is one of the only centers in the Bay Area that focuses on Art therapy and Drama therapy.  It is a great place to bring kids and fantastic for couple's counseling.  The therapy styles that they offer are experiential and interactive.  They are also practical and create present time benefits for individuals and families.  I can not recommend this place enough for quality therapy at reasonable rates. More...


Genevieve S.

3 February 2014

Dramatherapy is a truly beautiful experience that can heighten and add depth to our life stories. The Living Arts is one of the only places in the Bay Area that focuses so expertly on this mode of therapy. I recommend it enthusiastically for personal development. If you have an opportunity to work with Armand Volkas do not pass it up. More...