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Livesign Development

London, Greater London, Middlesex

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Livesign Development

London, Greater London, Middlesex


My name is Balint Perjesi, I am the founder of Livesign Development. My aim is to help business owners, bloggers and any other professionals achieve their goals by providing them with a beautiful, functional and reliable online presence.



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If you run your own business, you certainly want your website to be more than just a virtual vitrine. Indeed, the quality of the interaction with your visitors will be crucial to developing your conversion rate. Therefore I offer a complete service allowing you to communicate with your target audience in an efficient way. Showcase a design tailored to your brand, that captures the essence of your activity and products, while fully supporting the message you want to convey to your visitors. So that they actually become your customers. Keep your customers up to date and let your visitors interact with you and your brand. Connect smoothly to the relevant audience through social media integration, and create a network of loyal followers. Boost your traffic and send quality leads to your website. Make search engines your best allies so your brand becomes visible to the whole world... In order to be great, a website must tick these boxes. These are my objectives for my projects to come.

My very first question is about aesthetics and emotions:
"What do you want to inspire to your visitors with your new website?"

Then I aim to define the target audience:
"Who are you talking to? What age group? Which professions and lifestyles?"

And I continue by finding out more about your activity:
"How would you define your brand and your products? What is their identity, what makes them special?"

Web development and web design allow me to be creative in the field of 21st century technologies and earn a living by working in one of the most in demand professions in today's world. The fact that I am able to create something new and unique, that will take a person or a company to the next level and let their activity prosper, absolutely thrills me. I also love interacting with people from all horizons and listening to them, which allows me to genuinely understand their needs.

For the past year I felt the need to become my own boss.
And I was convinced that my personality and creativity would fit perfectly into that setting.

Bragging is not my forte. But if I had to describe myself in a few words, those would be "creative, reliable, eclectic, social, swashbuckling, generous".
Working with me will never be a dull affair...! I will bring you my positive energy, curiosity, imagination and genuine goodwill to make our common project a great success.