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Successful Executive and Transformative Life Coaching that lets you see the way to where you want to go and helps you get there.

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Mel B

15 September 2019

I have bitten my nails for my whole life and tried all sorts of methods to stop, including the nasty tasting nail polish which just got bitten off too! Lloyd worked with me giving me techniques which I could use on my own and I have stopped biting my nails for over a year now. I am so pleased I decided to talk to Lloyd and am really happy with the results. More...



13 August 2019

I am a naturally anxious person, and this can make some work situations overwhelming. I particularly struggle with the management style of one specific individual and I reached the point of it poisoning my work and personal life. Lloyd's advice has really helped me put things in perspective and made life so much more manageable. More...



12 August 2019

I have known Lloyd in a professional capacity for a number of years. I have taken the opportunity to have several informal chats with Lloyd where I've shared my history of anxiety, depression and how my world collapsed following an unexpected divorce after 24 years of marriage. I find Lloyd very easy to talk to, very understanding and more than anything he has the ability to instil confidence and get you thinking in a different way. I'm growing stronger on a daily basis and continue to use some of the resources and tips that Lloyd provided. More...


Andy Burnett

9 August 2019

I had major anxiety and depression and was off work. I thought I was going to lose everything - job, house.

With weekly sessions, reading material and a complete change in the way I think I am now back at work with a new perspective and actually doing better than I was before it happened.
My confidence is sky high and I actually look forward to going to work.

I also had a huge fear of flying which stopped me travelling, this now is even much easier following the treatment.


A proven, successful coach who quickly enables clients to get to where they want to go.