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I help people stop feeling anxious, stressed and depressed. I help smokers quit! I help people 'Live their Lives' and move on from old issues. I do this in the shortest amount of time possible.

As a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Person-centred Counsellor, Master Coach and BWRT ® Advanced Practitioner, I work with people on a variety of issues ranging from stress to anxiety, depression, phobias, OCD, habits, weight loss, boost motivation, quit smoking and addictions.


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Linda Newtonsmith

16 July 2019

Amazing lady who helped me through a very dark episode in my life, having been incapacitated for some time at home, and, as a claustrophobic person. Liz is such a genuine and kind person who will immediately put you at your ease. I will never be able to thank Liz enough. Wonderful lady. More...


h roberton

30 June 2019

Loved the comfortable atmosphere, felt at ease! I would highly recommend! :-)


Louise Nadine

16 June 2019

I had 4 sessions with Liz and I can honestly say the hynotherapy left me feeling so relaxed and able to deal with certain challenges that I was facing. Liz is very skilled, empathic and compassionate. If you are contemplating any of her services you have nothing to loose but everything to gain! x More...


William J Steel

7 June 2019

Excellent so easy to follow on the website and Skype very interesting topics much enjoyed the interactive chats too highly recommended


Amy Insole

28 May 2019

I had four sessions with Liz and she was brilliant. She gave me helpful visualisations to help with my anxiety. I highly recommend her sessions


Melissa D

23 May 2019

I had a big fear of cats, and after one session with Liz I can now be in the same room with cats, and can even stroke them. I am now able to live a more fulfilled life because of her, and I am so thankful. More...


Vicki Bowman

22 May 2019

After completing a 5-session course with Liz (consisting of both BWRT and Hypnosis) I have found the strength and willpower to withdraw from my anti depressants. We worked on a few issues and I am amazed and so happy with how I now feel. My mind is clearer, I am happier, more positive and am now able to deal with situations without feeling like my world was ending. Liz is my new anti depressant. Thanks so much Liz More...


Rezwana Mirza

12 May 2019

In the midst of a group conversation, Liz made one simple and valuable comment which caused me to rethink my attitude towards an important aspect of my life. Those simple words led me to leave the past in the past and to decide to fully embrace and appreciate what I have. More...


Trish Marin

28 November 2018

I had a recent session with Liz focusing on my future goals and on some areas where I felt I lacked confidence. She helped me to clarify in my mind what my priorities were. Liz had tremendous energy and enthusiasm and was very skilled at pinning me down to commitment, so I came out of the session with a definite plan of action.The result was that after a week, I had moved forward with some things I've been putting off for years! Feels great, and looking forward to doing more. I would definitely use Liz's services again and would happily recommend her to others. More...


Kim Barden

29 October 2018

As an experienced mental health worker and therapist I have found Liz to be professional and caring in her attitude. I immediately felt at ease discussing personal issues. She is a committed, focused and dedicated therapist and works tirelessly on resolving the issue presented. You couldn’t be in better hands. More...


Pauline de la Fuente

29 September 2018

I had a few sessions with Liz to finally get rid of the habit of drinking wine every evening and also my sweet tooth. I have got to the stage in my life when I want to be in control of what I eat and drink and be the person I truly am.Well, after just one session I stopped wine and chocolate and have certainly not felt the need for wine, despite going out with others who are drinking. Had a few tempted moments with the chocolate but still haven't succumbed! Have finished my sessions for now but know I can always come back for a top up if resolve should weaken.Liz really knows her stuff, has many different techniques up her sleeve and I highly recommend her. More...


jennifer delelis

30 August 2018

I went to Liz hoping that she would be able to help with a fear I had since I was a child. She was great at explaining “The Why” and helped me deal with something I never thought was possible. I came out of my session with Liz, relaxed and ready for the next step without feeling anxious or nervous. Thank you Liz. More...


Angela Milburn

30 August 2018

Liz is very focused and professional, with many tools in her toolkit and a lot of experience. She is also kind hearted and puts you at ease straight away. She explains everything really well and offers tips and suggestions you can use yourself in between sessions. I worked with Liz over Skype for 4 sessions and it was exactly what was needed at that point in my life to make a difference. I would wholeheartedly recommend getting in touch with Liz to help with any issues you may have, you won’t regret it! More...


Ruth Humpherston

30 August 2018

Liz is amazing!She has helped me and my family through some very difficult times. The relaxed and informal sessions were exactly what we needed. To sit in the comfort of your own home, relaxed and without the stress of travelling really enhanced the sessions. I would thoroughly recommend Liz to everyone. More...



31 July 2018

I would highly recommend Liz after she successfully treated my daughter who had a severe dog phobia which was dominating her life. After just one session of BWRT with Liz, she was confident to walk past dogs, stroke dogs and generally not worry about them at all. Two years later she is still fine. Liz was friendly and put her at her ease. Thank you. More...


Rebecca Kenyon

23 July 2018

Brilliant! I had hypnotherapy before moving to my new house & job as I didn't want to make my new start as a smoker. One session & a bit of will power did the job!


Sarah Hall

23 July 2018

Liz has helped me with challenges I have experienced with relationships. Since seeing Liz I am calmer, happier and more able to deal with difficult situations. Thank you Liz it's been inspirational More...


Carlton Vaughton

23 July 2018

Liz really helped with my phobia of swimming. Has been a great help. I even went out of my own depth at the swimming pool, which isn't far given my height, but its a start 8)


Clarissa Woodcock

23 July 2018

Liz is a intuitive and sensitive practitioner. She recently helped me overcome a fear of driving following a car accident. She was excellent and tailored the treatment to my own specific needs. As a therapist myself I highly recommend Liz, we are so lucky to have her experience and wisdom in the profession. More...


Tracey Findlay

23 July 2018

Liz is a fantastic therapist and I felt at ease with her immediately. Through hypnotherapy and BWRT she has help me overcome anxiety issues which has worked brilliantly . Many thanks. Highly recommend.


Natalie Dawn

23 July 2018

No doubt that Liz has changed my life.....she’s amazing!!


Kay Howell

23 July 2018

Good morning :) if you have something that's stopping you from achieving in an area of your life I highly recommend Liz Sharpe to help you. Just one session of a new therapy called BWRT helped me get over a traumatic event. More...


Angela Milburn

23 July 2018

I saw Liz via Skype. She is thoroughly professional, and a skilled and experienced therapist. Liz is not just very professional, she is friendly and approachable too. She helped me get through a difficult period and used effective techniques such as BWRT and Hypnosis to get to the root of my issues. I would thoroughly recommend her as a therapist. More...


Jennie Delelis

23 July 2018

I went to Liz hoping that she would be able to help with a fear I had since I was a child. She was great at explaining “The Why” and helped me deal with something I never thought was possible. I came out of my session with Liz, relaxed and ready for the next step without feeling anxious or nervous. Thank you Liz. More...


Billie Hemingway

23 July 2018

Liz has been helping me using BWRT and it has made such an incredible difference to my life. After a lifetime of abuse that had convinced me that i was completely worthless I was forever trying to proove myself and put things right. Liz has enabled me to be free of the constant, paralysing dread that I was living in so that I feel normal and comfortable in situations that would previously left me feeling crushed. I cannot recomend Liz highly enough as she has helped me back from a horrible existence to enjoy my future in a positive state of mind. More...

16 February 2017

I've had one session and the treatment Liz has decided on will help me to get my life back. I have every confidence that she will help me achieve this.



14 January 2017

I cannot rate Live Your Life Therapies highly enough! Liz helped me to stop smoking in a single session. I'm back in control of my life and feel 100% better. Thanks Liz !

11 January 2017

I am so pleased I had hypnotherapy with Liz. I am a non smoker and have no intention to start again! Highly recommend. Very friendly, professional, and easy to work with. Haven't wanted to smoke since.


Kath Smith

20 December 2016

Liz is an brilliant therapist, I cannot say enough how lovely and useful I have found her! Try hypnotherapy and BWRT, there is nothing to lose and everything to gain

18 December 2016

Highly recommend Liz really helpful

Congratulations on becoming a non smoker tonight :) Thank you for using Live Your Life Therapies.



14 December 2016

Liz is a fantastic therapist who made me feel at ease from the moment I met her. She talked me through her experience and what we would be doing together which gave me confidence that I had made the right decision to see her and start to make my own personal changes. Thanks Liz I will be certainly sending more work your way. Karen More...

Hello Karen. Thank you for using Live your Life Therapies :)

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Watching positive change happen usually in just one session. Knowing I helped it happen!

I have worked in community mental health for 20 years, managing services for people living in the community. I have always wanted to be a full time therapist since becoming a counsellor in 2002 - one day, decided that i have to follow my dream. I went self employed in July 16, and now have my own full time practice and therapy rooms in Westcliff

"From the bottom of my heart - thank you. I haven't smoked for 3 days and am quietly confident that I have become a non smoker!! Thank you!"

"Liz is incredible at what she does; one session and I have found a massive improvement! She was lovely to chat to and easy to get on with and certainly knew her stuff. I felt confident in her abilities and comfortable working with her. I cannot recommend her highly enough!"

'I didn't know how bad I was feeling until i started feeling good. Thank you.'

"Liz is a intuitive and sensitive practitioner. She recently helped me overcome a fear of driving following a car accident. She was excellent and tailored the car treatment to my own specific needs. As a therapist myself, I highly recommend Liz – we are so lucky to have her experience and wisdom in the profession"