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Forest Park, Alabama, Jefferson

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Little Savannah Restaurant & Bar

Forest Park, Alabama, Jefferson



Private dining, Catering and Event Services.

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Caleigh R.

1 November 2019

My husband recently treated me to a cooking class for my birthday. It was from 10-2 on a Saturday and while it was raining outside, the groupo had fun with Cliff staring warm abs coming inside!  We're learned how to cook a Lion Fish. Yup, i know... the common response has been "you can eat that?"  Not only did we eat it, we cooked it too!  We also cooked a seafood risotto, focaccia, and dipping sauce to go with the focaccia. It was all delicious and enjoyed the gathering with other strangers from our city. Cliff has witty commentary and clearly enjoys performing.  Ive never cooked a whole fish, so it was great seeing that process first hand. Gives me more appreciation for made to order meals at fancy restaurants, too!  If you're looking for a fun activity, date with a loved one, or getting a group of friends together to lunch and learn-i recommend checking out one of Cliff's classes!  Enjoy!! More...


Susie K.

31 August 2019

Fantastic. Maybe even the best restaurant I've tried in Birmingham. The fried eggs are too die for and the pasta Bolognese I got was unreal. The homemade pasta made me never want to try boxed pasta again.  He got some bread with Olive oil and the bread was baked perfectly. Also we got to meet the chef and he was the nicest man! Will be back again for SURE! More...


Sara P.

31 August 2019

Hidden local gem with great atmosphere, food and drink.  I met friends for drinks and ended up staying for dinner after the chef described the menu to us.  We each tried something different and no one dish fell short of amazing.  The menu is concise, as Chef Cliff explained, and each of the main courses could be my favorite dish.  We started with the fried deviled eggs, which seemed odd, but was really unique and delicious.  The fried green tomatoes with a tangy corn and peach relish I could eat every day.  I love watermelon and he watermelon salad was very nice and refreshing, as was the watermelon margarita.It was early, with a crowd starting to build and chef offered to divide each dish into sharable portions and course.  Course 1: The Gulf shrimp hoppin' john was cooked and seasoned perfectly.  Course 2: Rosemary pork tenderloin with mac & cheese, kale greens and a blackberry barbecue sauce was my favorite.  Course 3: Hand-cut pasta bolognese was so amazing that I signed up for one of chef's cooking classes "pasta" and will never eat boxed pasta again.The dessert menu is limited and we were too full, anyway, to enjoy anything sweet.Little Savannah, overall, is one of my favorites in Birmingham.  The small staff is always friendly, knowledgable and engaging.  The prices are what you would expect at any quaint neighborhood eatery.  The chef, who opened the restaurant in 2003, is in the kitchen cooking nightly as is his partner, Stephanie, who also co-manages the restaurant.  The young lady behind the bar crafted some amazing cocktails while our server was sweet and engaging.Bravo to this hidden gem!  See you again next week. More...


Chenise R.

24 August 2019

Well, I may just eat here every day. Good gravy, what a great place! We ate from the Birmingham Restaurant Week menu and it didn't disappoint. The tomato soup was delicious (and I hate tomatoes), the fried green tomatoes were perfection, the pasta divine, and the banana pudding....well, it was magical. Couple the meal with a watermelon margarita and outstanding service and you have the perfect dining experience. I'm so grateful for this neighborhood gem. We can't wait to come back. More...


Paul C.

23 August 2019

Little Savannah is a gem in the Forest Park neighborhood of Birmingham. It has been open for 16 years and has an outstanding reputation with local foodies. Linh, Jenny (daughter), and I dined during Birmingham Restaurant Week 2019. Chef Cliff offered a menu of four-courses for $40 during this week.I started with a Watermelon margarita, and I thought it was outstanding. Cool and refreshing; the sweet watermelon juice was the perfect summertime cocktail. Our dinners started with the Smoked Heirloom Tomato Soup. It had a creamy texture that was delicately lite. The fresh tomatoes bursted with flavor, and the crouton added an excellent crunch.Next I opted for the Fried Deviled Egg. I love deviled eggs and these were a wonderfully creative preparation. I thought it was good, but the Fried Green Tomatoes that Linh ordered was the bomb.For my entree I ordered the Beef Bourguignon. This traditional French stew is made with beef tips braised in red wine. The stew was hearty and the beef was very tender. The stew is served on top of slices of sourdough bread, and I thought that was a great plan.For dessert we all enjoyed the banana pudding. To top off our wonderful evening our waiter sang happy birthday to Linh in Italian. We didn't see this coming, but he was amazing. More...


Mel C.

23 July 2019

This place is off the charts with friendly staff and delicious food!Chef Cliff Is awesome!  Great food, at a reasonable price. I will definitely go back often!


Will B.

6 June 2019

Little Savannah is one of those places I have had on my list for quite a while. I finally had the chance to sample Chef Clif's cooking at a Yelp Event a few months back. And my wife and I have said we wanted to go back on our own since then. Sunday brunch has provided a few opportunities for us to stop by. But unfortunately until this last visit, we weren't able to dine. So when we had an opportunity to go sans kids, we tried again to eat here with success.I ordered the Bloody Mary to start. It is the Chef's personal recipe and is a lot different than other Bloody I've had before. It definitely had a spice to it. But it also had a sweetness to it on a opposite spectrum. It is one that my wife didn't like, but I really did. So I took hers over while she switched to a mimosa.For food I decided on the chicken fried chicken. The chicken was so juicy and perfectly cooked. It was bursting with flavor and the creamy gravy put it over the top. The potatoes were also really good. Fresh and tasty. Let's just say this whole meal left me as a strong and active member of the Clean Plate Club. I hope to come back for dinner soon! More...


Yolanda J.

13 May 2019

Used to be a regular here.   Few changes since then.  The decor is darker and no spicy peach margarita on the menu but the service was still great.   I had the BHM Burger with the Truck Stop fries.  My friend had the Catfish and fries, the smaller portion.  They said the catfish was delicious!  It also had the Truck Stop fries that are actually  small potato wedges fries and they are good. The BHM Burger came well done per the menu, but it was a little too well done.  It was dry.  Another diner next to use agreed. She said hers was a little burnt. I requested more mayo and ketchup on side which made it more palatable. Good meal but just shorten the grill time on the burger. More...


Linda R.

4 May 2019

Looking for something different to do, we stopped into Little Savannah for drinks and were super impressed. The restaurant was beautifully decorated especially with the local artwork on the walls. The mixologist, Rocky, was friendly and had a passion for making beautiful, unique cocktails. Happy Hour is from 4:30 to 6:30 pm. Another thing I learned about Little Savannah is that they offer cooking classes. What fun that would be for a girls night outing or a birthday present for a professional chef to teach you how to cook!When we went, we didn't have time for dinner but we will definitely will be back. More...


Alex R.

4 May 2019

We came to the bar for an afternoon cocktail and check out the new art. I have found some of the best cocktails in town here. Their bartender/mixologist is amazing. His name is "Rocky". he is always coming up with some new and different cocktail. I ordered off their cocktail menu The Fools Gold Martini, The Clairmont Baller, and the Forest Park. I also asked for a gin and lemonade. Rocky didn't tell me they did not have lemonade but squeezed fresh lemons and made some for my drink. My wife and I shared their desert cocktail made with coffee and Ghirardelli chocolate.Every single cocktail we tried was excellent. Definitely going back for more. More...


Kimia M.

30 April 2019

Little Savannah is truly an experience! Not only did everything look absolutely beautiful but it tasted so delicious! @littlesavannahrestaurant I had the pleasure to going into the kitchen with Chef Clif Holt @chefcliftonholt to see how they made the pasta and it was very interesting. Everything is fresh and made daily. I was very impressed with the flavor and the attention to details the chefs and staff paid to everything. I really appreciate a good service and I was so pleased with their service. Destiny specially was very nice and attentive.  I cannot wait to take my family to this place! Thanks to @yelpbirmingham for the Elite event at such a special place! And thanks to @coletonphillips for amazing photo tips and teaching us some tricks of trade. More...


Val W.

5 April 2019

I was here for a Yelp Elite event a month ago and I was blown away by the food and drinks. Since the Yelp event, I've been back here for brunch with my husband and dinner with a couple friends. I have been very satisfied with each visit to this restaurant! Also, I have to mention how much I like Chef Cliff! Not only does he make amazing food, he has a great personality to match! When I went back for brunch, he remembered me from the Yelp event and thanked me for coming back. Things like that mean a lot to me. The brunch I had was truly delicious. The portion was well worth the cost. The eggs were heavenly and those grits were great! The dinner I had with my friends a week ago was pasta and it did not disappoint. Chef Clift can rest assured that I will be back to visit really soon! More...


Kimi W.

30 March 2019

Over all a great meal!I met some friends here on a Thursday evening, and though we did not have a reservation, there was a table where we were able to be seated immediately.  Service was prompt and regular throughout the meal.I started with the warm artisan bread appetizer which came with olive oil with a few drops of balsamic glaze in it.  Delicious and helped tide me over till the remainder of my party arrived.  I then ordered a CuCu's nest which had gin, cucumber, and sage, and was amazingly delicious!  Me and a friend split the charcuterie plate, which was good, but pricing seemed a little steep for a few pieces of cheese, some jam, fruit, and a few slices of meat.  I ordered a Melon Baller Martini and had a few sips of it.  I then asked our server to take it since it wasn't for me, but I was still charged for the entirety of the drink which I found disappointing.  My entree was the spaghetti bolognese, which was zesty, comforting, and delicious, but once again, for the price seemed like a pretty small portion.When the meal was through, we paid through a tablet that our server brought to the table.  This made it a bit confusing to identify which items were on my bill, otherwise I may have asked that the Melon Baller be taken off of my check since I only had a few sips.  After payment, I was then brought an itemized receipt that showed that I had paid for the Melon Baller.Over all, I really like the atmosphere and concept of Little Savannah, but I do feel there are a few things listed above that could have been done better. More...


James G.

18 March 2019

Sunday Brunch: I have been wanting to dine here for years and for many reasons it hasn't happened till now. You've heard it said, "All that really belongs to us is time; even he who has nothing else has that. No use thinking of the past for its gone, don't think of the future because it has to come." Well the time has come to dine at Little Savannah. Pork Chop and Greens, hold the grits? Extra greens? Sure no problem :) Shrimp and Grits, this dish is a good standard for judging a chefs attention to quality, taste and style. Chef Cliff did not disappoint. The food came out quick and was so good. Destiny our waitress is the best, I love it when someone loves their job enough to learn all the details and then execute with passion.I'm going to leave you with, their not perfect but Passion and Love for what you do brings pleasure to those who spend time with you.See you at Little Savannah. More...


Paige F.

10 March 2019

This place is amazing!!! I enjoyed a previous yelp elite event here and I wanted to take my family for Sunday brunch.  I was a little hesitant to bring my picky 7 year old daughter.  Our food was so delicious! My dish was the pork shoulder with peach chutney, grits, and greens! The pork roast was juicy and flavorful and the peach chutney was the perfect amount of sweetness. The greens paired perfectly with the gouda infused grits! Overall the service  and food was amazing!! My daughter was invited to the kitchen and she was so excited to see what goes on in there. I was surprised she actually tasted a few things.  She is looking forward to doing a cooking class soon! More...


Keaton R.

10 March 2019

My fiance went here to a yelp elite event and was raving about the place, so I had to try it. We went around 9 at night on a Saturday. As soon as we walked in Clif, the chef, immediately recognized Katie. He was extremely nice and informative. Katie mentioned the tamales that he served and even though it wasn't the day he served them, he specially prepared them for me! I ordered an old fashioned, and it was the best old fashioned I have ever had. The bartender was excellent and made all of his mixes in house. The tamales were amazing. They had a southern twist on them. They definitely weren't authentic, but they were delicious. I can't say enough great things about Little Savanah. The food was amazing. The service was amazing. I felt at home. This restaurant is a true gem of Birmingham. You should definitely stop by for a visit, and I guarantee you will be back. More...


Katelyn D.

9 March 2019

First off the owner/chef is so passionate and wonderful! So talking food and cocktails: Bloody Mary is spicy and absolutely delicious with their homemade mix (mixed everyday), they have this cucumber gin cocktail, it's so light and refreshing I would drink it over and over again (very carefully). Now food, their deep fried devil eggs topped with a filling and a chunk of crispy bacon, no other words needed. Their Brussel sprouts... has some heat and are the best Brussels sprouts I have ever had. Request them always and consider keeping it for yourself! Italian sausage soup, a prefect blend of vegetables and meat, died it was delicious and made me want me!! You definitely need to come on Thursdays.... for homemade pasta, yes he makes it in the kitchen, yes it's magical and yes you need it in your life, end of story. Finally dessert, it was a vanilla cream gelatin dessert topped with fresh raspberry compote, died. Literally was scraping my plate. Try this place and you will fall in love again.Now I had to bring my fiancé back for a second round! Cliff did not disappoint, he talked with us and really made us feel welcomed. Now onto the food, we had the Thai chili  Brussel sprouts (my fiancé almost licked the plate), I had the pasta and cliff whipped up some tamales for my fiancé (my fiancé loved it) and for dessert... churros!!! Now onto the drinks, I had this cucus nest and my fiancé had an old fashion.... amazing! We will be back again and again and again. More...


Kay T.

26 October 2018

We had a wonderful time. The bartender and our waiter were energetic and full of helpful tips to navigate Birmingham. The environment was fun and we felt like we were visiting home because of the southern hospitality. Lots of candlelight with other small touches with attention to detail. The food was delicious. Ravioli butternut squash was outstanding topped with buttery romano. No shaken jar cheese here! Thank God. I want to go to their Sunday Brunch. More...


Gabe P.

7 September 2018

Little Savannah is so quaint and I love that about this spot! I love it so much bc of this mainly . Now, the food is yummy and the staff is always pleasant!  I love their brunch and the Friday lunch specials are phenomenal!!! Executive chef , Clinton Holt  can be found roaming around greeting guests and this just adds to the already great experience at LS!  Located in the lovely Forest Park neighborhood, this is a great spot to meet up and catch up with friends or a date night ! I recommend the brunch in Sundays and the Friday lunch specials ... you won't regret it! More...


Alex N.

29 August 2018

A cute little restaurant tucked away in Forest Park. I love the interior design, there's a lot of character here. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming and these a romantic ambience to it. Service here is really on point from my personal experience. Also the owner/chef is a dear, you can tell he's very passionate about food and this translates well into his cooking. He always comes around to ask about your experience and tries his best to meet your dining needs. The food is delicious and overall this is definitely a great spot for a date night or just to grab a class of wine and enjoy with good company. More...


Alexander C.

17 August 2018

Great as always. Lindsey was phenomenal and the amber jack was on point. Brussels were also great and the bolognese.


Erin C.

16 August 2018

I'm not sure why I only come to Little Savannah during Restaurant Week?!  I've been pleased every time!  I love this area of Bham and the cute, quaint, romantic feel of Little Savannah does not disappoint.  Last night, I enjoyed the corn bisque, fried deviled eggs, pork chop, and churros.  I've also had the shrimp-n-grits, and they are delicious!  Oh, and I can't forget their desserts! More...


Rusty S.

9 August 2018

Superb experience. Amazingly generous and lively staff. Excellent food, great wine selection, stellar mixed drinks.


Grant S.

24 July 2018

My wife and I, finally, had a date night here during our week on Friday night. The steak was the best we've had anywhere in the Bham area and the diver speared Red Snapper was amazing. I think one of the best things we had though were the fried green tomato appetizers. We love local restaurants that support local farmers! More...


Adam S.

14 July 2018

The owner is fairly new so the overall reviews are a little deceiving... with that being said this place is AMAZING! You have to try the Brussels. My wife and I come here every time we are in Birmingham. The service is beyond great. One of the waiters (not sure his name) will even sing you a song in Italian if you ask nicely. He the tall guy with a man bun. In conclusion, I've never had anything bad off the menu. The food is priced well, and the drinks are fantastic. I recommend going here for sure. More...


Nicole B.

10 July 2018

This is a hidden gem on Clairmont Ave any Birmingham native knows exists, but tourists should check out when in town. The charcuterie was excellent and AJ, the bartender, was very friendly and the drinks were fabulous. Lost the food and drink pics in my old phone that but I'll be back soon!Friend and I went for the happy hour wing special and drinks. Wings were cooked to perfection and Chef Holt is super cool and I always love chatting with him. You can tell he loves what he does and food is his passion. The outside patio is eclectic with oyster shells in the concrete which I think is a nice touch. This is a place where you can have a romantic dinner, business meeting in a suit or some cocktails at happy hour in a T-shirt and leggings. Really inviting staff and environment and one of my favorite places in Birmingham!!! More...


A H.

29 June 2018

Great atmosphere and amazing food. Show yourself some love and order the crab cake! My husband thoroughly enjoyed his coffee rubbed steak and the fish was great! Can't wait to try some more!


Sarah G.

4 June 2018

Friendly atmosphere,  fabulous  drinks & AMAZING FOOD! Sunday Brunch was definitely worth the drive out to Little Savannah! Our server ( Nick) couldn't have been more friendly, knowledgeable about menu items, food pairing & recommended food that MELTED IN OUR MOUTHS when we couldn't decide !!! A young lady ( Kim - i believe ) - made my family  & I feel as though we were right at home !! REALLY SWEET GIRL !!!   This restaurant is a little short staffed but worth stopping by for an amazing meal!! WE WILL DEFINITELY BE BACK !! More...


Leah P.

20 May 2018

We LOVE Little Savannah.  The menu changes according to what's in season and locally available, so you could eat here weekly and never have the same meal twice!  On our last visit, I had the burger with jalapeño cream cheese (perfect amount of kick, not too spicy), and it was wonderful.  We shared a cheese plate...it was quite good, but only included 2 small pieces of cheese...the rest was dried fruit and nuts...still really delicious.  Our waiter was very friendly but there was a long delay after we ordered drinks...he told us one person hadn't shown up for work, which happens, no biggie...but we sat there for about 20 min before getting drinks or bread.  But, overall, great atmosphere and food.  Chef Holt came out and personally greeted everyone dining, which was pretty cool!  We'll definitely be back. More...


Debbie M.

10 April 2018

Went on a Saturday evening with my husband and had reservations so we were seated right away. Server was friendly and attentive. Ordered a dirty martini with Tito's and a Cahaba Blonde as well as sriracha Brussels sprouts and deep fried deviled eggs. All were very good. I ordered the BHM burger with trucker fries and it was okay but bun was cold and not brioche and burger was a bit dry. It would be awesome if they could serve it with a spicy mayo dip to add moisture and dip the large fries in. Husband got the blt salad and a cup of gumbo and said both were good. We will go back at some point. More...


Bill H.

7 April 2018

Very nice atmosphere. Service was great. Burger was good but was not a fan of the goat cheese on it so had to scrape that off and used the Mac and cheese for my burger which was great:). The trailer fries were perfect as well. The only bummer and reason for only four stars was that they were out of several things on there menu and said they ran out for the night but we were literally the first party there. Seem like they just may not always keep up with inventory. But had a nice dinner More...


Geoffrey H.

23 February 2018

Tucked away in the Forest Park neighborhood this off the beat and path restaurant is a delight to the city. A very small and quaint setting with full bar service and entree items. Really started back eating here due to new management and their weekly specials that they have. Wing night and pasta night. I love a good pasta and for $15 you get a 2 course meal. Either a soup or salad along with whichever hand spun pasta dish. Today I tried the bolognese pasta. It was very good a surprisingly very sizable dish that I had enough for a doggie bag. All fresh ingredients and seasoned very well. Certainly worth paying a visit on these special nights or any night and enjoying others items they have as well. More...


Wayne P.

4 February 2018

Great food, service and a welcoming atmosphere. Friendly and attentive to every need. Can't wait to get back there. Excellent fresh seafood!


Cristina O.

26 January 2018

We sat at the bar. Brad was very friendly and helpful. Great cocktails and the Brussels sprouts are amazing.


Bridget S.

2 January 2018

Perfect intimate spot for a Birthday celebration!  The drink specials, food ( Best Lamb Shank EVER for only 22 dollars), crab cakes, coffee rubbed steak...was Perfection!  Our wait staff exceptional and Chef Cliff Holt just made it so very special with additional samples and attention.  My favorite in all of Bhm and everyone at table agreed!!  The best all around!!! More...


Juliet H.

22 November 2017

What did the pulled pork say to the... (just kidding, I've got nothin')The decor and ambiance at Little Savannah is perfect for a date night in Birmingham. The hubs and I stopped off on our road trip to Atlanta, and it served us just fine also!Upon arrival, we noticed that we'd randomly come on .50 cent wing night. Hubs almost danced a jig! (dude loves wings) He ordered the buffalo and lemon pepper wings (go figure) with a side of truffle fries. We also tried the Cliton Lemonade cocktail, and the deviled eggs. YUM! I decided on the pulled pork which was super tender and  served on a bed of Parmesan polenta and greens. The homemade BBQ sauce was the perfect touch to bring the dish together. DELISH! Service was a bit slow, but so worth it. I'd recommend, and I'd  come again. Cheers to Little Savannah, and compliments to the chef! More...


Comedienne J.

30 October 2017

I love brussel sprouts out of all veggies to like. I noticed other people were ordering them, so I got curious. They're fried & crispy. If you add saracha it becomes tangy. I asked Chef Cliff if he could make them in a bag like potato chips. The brussel sprouts & his crab cakes makes a great bar app if need a drink. More...


Lee W.

2 September 2017

This is my favorite restaurant in Birmingham. The food is second-to-none and service is great. The chef /owner really puts his passion into the food and can be usually be seen interacting with guests. This also has a nice bar area with friendly bar staff. Reservations are recommended but you can usually get a seat with no problem. More...


Chris G.

31 July 2017

My wife and I were among the gentrifiers of Avondale, moving into the neighborhood when our block consisted mostly of renters and the houses all had bars on the window. So we have creds when it comes to this part of town. Years ago, when Little Savannah opened up, we were thrilled to find a first-rate restaurant in our neighborhood. Even though we've since vamoosed to the suburbs (We just didn't make enough bank to shove three kids through Altamont), we still return to Little Savannah about once a year, like swallows to San Juan Capistrano. And we're always glad we make the trip. It's away from the normal haunts of fine dining in Birmingham, so people don't give it as much thought. So chances are there's always an available table, as there was last Friday when we showed up. This was especially true because it was my damned birthday, our dinner plans fell through, and I wanted to go somewhere. No waiting here. My wife had the crab cakes, which were impeccable. I had the red snapper. Dessert was some kind of Mexican-inspired pastry with fruit, topped off by a fine cup of decaf. The only sour note in the dinner? I haven't raised my appreciation of bread to the level of fetish or anything, but I do appreciate good bread. I think Little Savannah needs to shore that part of the meal up, along with the herb-infused olive oil. Not terrible, but in need of some inspiration. The server was amiable. Not the kind of guy who crisply clicks his heels together when ordering, but he did make good recommendations. And then there was the owner who strolled the dining room, sat down between our table and that of our neighbors, and made pleasant chitchat as he discussed where he sourced the food. Love Highlands, but I just don't expect Frank Stitt to come out and do that. He's too busy in the back poring over his next book contract. Now that our last child has graduated high school, we're looking forward to selling the house and making the slog back downtown. Which means we'll be returning to Little Savannah in more regular fashion. And, quite frankly, we can't wait. More...


Mike H.

24 July 2017

Had a birthday dinner here with my fiancé.  Overall the food was very good, minus the Artisan Baguette with parm herb olive oil.  It was really more stale'ish bread with a bowl of olive oil (which I guess could be accurate, but with such an establishment, I was expecting a little more).  Other than that, the rest of our order was great.  The Holt salad was very well balanced and tasty, caprese super fresh.  Crab cake was amazing, pricey, but amazing.  Lost one star for service.  Maybe because it was a Wednesday, but very uncaring.  We first sat at the bar, and ordered a couple drinks.  Then asked if we could move to the outdoor patio in the back.  Hostess said to ask the bartender, and the bartender seemed annoyed with the request but said yes.  Again, maybe it was bc it was a Wednesday but service was lackluster at best. More...


Scott M.

17 June 2017

Hadn't been here in a long time, and when another place that I stopped tonight was closed for a private event, I decided on the fly to swing back by Little Savannah and see if it was as good as I remembered. I'm glad I did. Great food, reasonable prices, great service. To start, the room itself is a nice, quaint, well decorated space that to me, demonstrates that there's something unique about this place. They've managed to decorate well in a relatively small space without it seeming overdone. I stopped by early and so I beat the dinner rush, so there were plenty of seats and I took one by the window for both the natural light and to watch the people and cars passing by. Overall, just a nice place to sit and have a good meal. The service was excellent, from being seated promptly, to the filling of the water. I never waited for a thing and the execution by the staff was flawless. Our server, Paul was nice, easygoing, prompt, friendly, knowledgeable of the menu, the whole deal. As far as the food goes, this place has the kind of menu that really puts you in a bind. Too many creative, seemingly appetizing dishes to choose from which leaves you knowing that you'll have to come back and get something again because you cant order it all in one visit. I had the cheese plate, which should be a requirement for any good menu, and which I happen to love seeing on any menu at all, and both my friend and myself went with the red Hereford tenderloin because we were both pretty hungry, and figured a few steaks should do the trick. We ordered a couple drinks, ate a bit of cheese and fruit and other delicious things from the appetizer and then moved onto the steaks. She went with the side recommended on the menu, some veggies etc...and I subbed the bacon mac and cheese because well...its bacon mac and cheese. There's no way I'm not going to order that. Her steak was mid rare, mine was rare, both were cooked nicely and both were flavorful and remarkably lean. Excellent cuts, excellent execution. The mac and cheese was delicious and I had to get them to take it away because I would have kept eating until it was gone had it remained in front of me. Overall, great time. Good drinks, good atmosphere, great food. I'm glad it was as good as I remember and I look forward to returning soon to work my way down the menu. 5 stars. More...


Steve F.

16 June 2017

When a southerner tells you it's the best fried chicken he's ever had--that's saying a lot.  When the best fried chicken wasn't even the best dish --WOW.  The Red Snapper was beyond description.  Not only was it fresh, not only was it spear-caught but also it was expertly prepared and paired.  I can't say enough good things about this dining experience.  10-stars More...


Stephanie M.

21 May 2017

Great atmosphere and friendly staff. The burger was delicious and my husband enjoyed his lamb. Better than the food though was the service. My order got messed up in the kitchen so the food was taking a little longer then usual. They apologized for the wait and gave us two glasses of wine, an extra appetizer while we waited and dessert all for free. We never even mentioned that we thought the food was taking a while. They just stepped up and went above an beyond to fix it. More...


Steve P.

6 May 2017

The Mac and cheese side is fabulous. Lion fish something to see. Mixed drinks are creative. Especially the mule


Lynne W.

5 April 2017

We went for 50 cents wing night and we were not disappointed. We had BBQ buffalo and lemon pepper wings. Each flavor was very tasty but the lemon pepper was the favorite of our group. We also had the truck fries and bacon mac and cheese which was incredible. We finished off with the cinnamon churros and coffee; the coffee drinkers loved the French press coffee. More...


Maria E.

5 April 2017

The most outstanding hidden gem in Birmingham. I'll never forget the first time I walked in here having NO idea what to expect and ended up being blown away. Little Savannah has all the pomp of any fine dining restaurant and more just without the stuffy people and fancy clothes lol. The dishes are scrumptious, soulful, and southern. And the staff is superb. In fact, the chef often visits his guests and makes sure they're having an excellent, tasty experience. This will always be one of my favorites!! More...


Gerry S.

29 December 2016

Great to see them hitting their stride again. i like the new ambiance.


Clifford B.

26 September 2016

Our group of three was there for a business meeting. We wanted a place with good food, and where we could talk over dinner. All three entrees seemed fine-no complaints from anyone. The service was good, too. More...


Cindy L.

21 July 2016

Had a wonderful dinner at the soft re-opening weekend! Great ambiance in a quaint bistro. We arrived and sat at the bar to enjoy cocktails while waiting a short time for our table to become available. Wonderful libations were served up promptly from the bar! We enjoyed a starter of fried whole okra with Tabasco aioli. What a way to start up the taste buds! I chose the sunburst trout with roasted beet, olives, quinoa, and orange emulsion. A great cohesion of beautiful flavors! My husband enjoyed steak with  and tomatoes (sorry, I was too absorbed with my own dish to remember exactly what he had). I gathered from his empty plate and smile that he thoroughly enjoyed it. Fantastic staff and a great chef in the kitchen...what more could you ask for? Thanks, Chef Cliff, for a memorable dining experience! Reservations aren't required, but are a good idea to make sure you have a place at one of the tables for a delicious dining experience! More...


Rita S.

11 June 2016

Walked over for Hors devours and ordered the Braised Pork Tostado. Amazing flavors - be sure and try this new item. Pork, peaches, and beans - can't go wrong.


Mary Morgan

4 June 2016

Marco's great food & warm welcome at Silvertron, the hub of our village, which connects us well with Avondale. Silvertron feels like home!


Caleigh R.

3 June 2016

We had a date night recently and decided it was time for us to get back to Little Savannah.  I'm fond of Maureen (owner and head chef) and I don't like that I didn't enjoy my first experience at Little Savannah (forever ago.We ordered a Fat boy limeade and Rockin chair for our drinks.  We enjoyed both drinks, although I preferred the Rockin Chair.  At our request, they delivered a few small corn breads while we waited for our order to arrive.  We selected the Fried catfish small plate and the Hangar steak poutine.  I should have looked more closely at the details, because I would have ordered differently had a realized both meals came with potato wedges.  It was all very tasty, though!  We finished off our meal with a flight of cellos (limon, orange, raspberry--actually I can't remember them all but I liked them!) and the strawberry shortcake dessert.  The dessert was delicious!  My hubby is not a big fan of limoncello and that didn't change on this occasion.  He had one sip and passed the flights over to me.  I loved the strawberry dessert--a nice sized portion of strawberry's, cake, creme, topped with fresh mint.  Mmmmm so good.  A much better experience from our bad review a few years ago--glad we had the date night to get back! More...


Norman K.

30 March 2016

Had a dinner with professional colleagues.   The service was amazing.   The staff was friendly and listened to our preferences.  I had a martini made with the gum made by their bartender.  It was great.  The food was cooked perfectly.  I had smoked duck.  The wine list a perfect match to the menu.  The atmosphere is fun.  The owner was sweet. More...


Anthony N.

29 March 2016

Excellent food, libations  and hospitality , treated like a member of the family... Dogs and crazy uncle Eddie included. In my opinion An outstanding dining experience worthy of any area of the country.


Darby V.

8 January 2016

My husband and I had the fried chicken and Mac and cheese. Beyond good! The other 4 in our group ordered the lobster Mac and cheese.  My 16 year old (... with the silver palate ) said it was the best Mac EVER. Really great service and went home with left overs.   If you have not been in a while,  you need to try the new menu!! More...



28 October 2015

Loved the Grouper appetizer and local cheese plate. Lots of great farm to table options and everyone was very well informed. Great Key Pie too!


Carolyn C.

11 October 2015

INCREDIBLE. My only regret was not wearing stretchy pants so I could also eat desert. Started with the breakfast for dinner, which was a game changer. Why can't that be my actual breakfast everyday?!? I had the short ribs and my dining companion had the fried chicken. We just kept passing plates back and forth until we asked they be taken away before we awkwardly licked them clean. Derrick (sorry if I spelled it wrong) was an incredible server and definitely added to the experience. I will ABSOLUTELY be back. More...


Sasha V.

30 September 2015

So good, classic Americana combined with Southern flair. I'm from the north, and I have never had southern style food for such a cheap price before and that's saying a lot because I've  traveled all throughout the South.


Michelle W.

11 September 2015

I had such a lovely time and an AMAZING meal at Little Savannah last evening. The food, presentation, and atmosphere were all fantastic, and I felt welcomed and right at home after a long day of business travel. A special nod goes to my bartender Lacey - she was super friendly, open and knowledgeable and I left the restaurant feeling like I'd made a new friend. I need to go back sometime soon to try some more of the delicious cocktails! More...


Michael P.

2 May 2015

I have been hearing about Little Savannah from LS enthusiasts for years, and tonight I finally had a chance to check it out. With family in town wanting to go out for a good meal, I had an excuse to go.We had a 5:30 reservation, and they were still getting ready for dinner. The menus weren't printed, and the corn bread was still in the oven.We all found the wine menu confusing, so we opted to order mixed drinks.  I guess I could have pulled out my phone and Googled the options, but I don't like using the phone when I am at a restaurant.My father ordered the Chef's Purple Mustard Greens salad to start, with rasish, spring onion, strawberries and goat cheese.  He said it was very good.For the entrée, we ordered the Diver-Speared Red Snapper and Alabama Shrimp, which had crawfish étouffée and red jasmine rice, the Smoked Heritage Pork Loin with White cheddar and bacon macaroni, ham hock braised Kale, and Tomato Chutney, and the Traditional Bolognese. I tried the crawfish étouffée and thought it was good. The Bolognese was quite good. I had ordered the pork loin dish. The braised Kale was the best part of the dish; very, very good. I think the macaroni was okay, but a bit bland for using white cheddar I thought. The Pork loin was solid, but not awesome. I give the whole dish 4 stars based purely on the Kale. Three stars without it.  My parents were very impressed with the red snapper dish and the Bolognese. Over all, it was an enjoyable, if pricy, meal. More...


Daniel F.

11 January 2015

Ate here with a group on a stormy Saturday night. Right as we got our food the power went out. Needless to say, our dinner was still excellent and only made the ambiance of the restaurant better. Our service was superb and the food was delicious. Go with the grits. You won't be disappointed. More...


Wendy C.

14 December 2014

Great little restaurant.   Outstanding food and great atmosphere.  Wait staff are soooo professional.   This place reminds me so much of a small restaurant in Leiden I used to go to.  Its such a gem of a place.  Perfect date night destination. Top shelf cocktails. More...


Jay D.

25 October 2014

This was a very charming and cool restaurant. My wife and I got there early before out reservation and sat at the bar and had some drinks. The staff was super friendly and the bar tender was on the verge of being a mixologist, he was that good. The owner came by us and talked up an exciting event they are having and made us feel important and welcomed in his place. When we sat down, the menu sounded delicious and all that we ordered was.  There were a few points lost for the wait staff taking juuuuuust a  little too long to respond to the table. This wasn't a major issue as we were enjoying ourselves so much, but our drink order did take a minute and I found my water glass empty a few times. We got over that quickly when desert came.  We will be back and had a fun night. More...


Cat S.

13 September 2014

Southern, farm-to-table, local food. Owners are fun and have a passion for what they do and it shows!The menu is small but always pretty spot on with seasonal produce and consistency. Venue is small although they've expanded for double the seating. Even with high ceilings it is always very loud in there, especially with any group of 6+.Decent service, not super speedy but you will not probably not have a bad meal or experience here.  Great date place.Bonus: chef offers cooking classes so check out their calendar of events. More...


Kat C.

30 April 2014

I struggled with rating this place. I've only been here once, and I would go again, but what annoys me about an expensive, five-star restaurant is when I know I can prepare all or some of the meal better than the chefs did.For starters, the cornbread they brought out was dry and made my British dining partner - who'd never had cornbread before - choke. Haha. I can make way better cornbread, and I kinda think that's a southern staple (BTW, LS, Paula Deen, from Big Savannah, has an amazing recipe; just hold off on the stupid comments when you serve it). Anyway, I had the pork shoulder and it was amazing. So, so good - fell apart when the fork touched it. The problem was the damn macaroni and cheese it came with. I, personally, would have served this dish with grits, and I almost asked for a substitution, but I went with the mac and cheese. Bad decision. Macaroni and cheese should be creamy and, most importantly, CHEESY, as the name suggests. I basically got a clump of noodles on the plate. I don't know how you can do macaroni and cheese so poorly. I know cheese is expensive, but this isn't Cracker Barrel and doesn't' have CB prices, so there's no excuse for this macaroni and "cheese" to even exist here. And I LOVE macaroni and cheese so I was highly disappointed. Finally, I had the deconstructed peanut butter pie. I made a total ass of myself on this date because he didn't want dessert and I insisted I wasn't leaving without it. PB is my favorite food. So I get this thing and was totally... underwhelmed. Again, something I can easily do better myself. It's not bad, mind you, it's just... I'm not sure, it's lacking. I think the deconstructed version takes something away, for starters. Don't call it pie, maybe - it was sort of a pudding. PB Pudding. Maybe that would have balanced my expectations. I'll go here again and give it another shot. My date had the beef tenderloin and was very pleased with it, but like I said - he's British, and their food standards are low, haha. Overall, I gave it a four instead of a three because I liked the place and their attitude and the service was amazing, but I'm pretty sure I should open a high-priced restaurant now. More...



21 April 2014

Was absolutely wonderful. The staff was aware and active. They were not trying to avoid their work. The food was varied, creative, and tasty. The hostess acknowledged my request to be seated in the "adult section". Little Savannah was a wonderful choice for an Easter Brunch with my son. More...


Cory B.

19 April 2014

For being as small as this place is, it sure packs a punch as far as all-around quality. Our waiter, Mitchell, was very knowledgeable of the whole menu and the bartender knew the history of the drinks we ordered. Think I got a 5-min lesson on Sazeracs that I found very interesting. The 90 degree booth straight ahead in the opening room is the best vantage point! More...


Tim B.

17 April 2014

This is my go-to restaurant when in B'Ham - every other month or so.  Little Savannah's is owned by a married couple (both chefs) that really care about making great and interesting food and making their customers happy, and you can really tell they enjoy what they are doing. The restaurant has a great, electric/eclectic atmosphere with interesting people. The menu does change and everything I have eaten here has been outstanding. Everything on the menu is fresh, tasty, and stuff you just wouldn't make at home, but love to eat. Great, attentive service. Full bar with lots of wine and special drink options. Lots of fun. I would eat here every night if I could. The owners and staff make you feel special. Very comfortable. Definitely recommend Little Savannah Restaurant. More...



6 September 2013

This has become my favorite restaurant in B'ham. The Duck is outstanding. I could eat here every day and never tire of it. Staff is very nice and friendly and the owners are just as nice. -----06 Jun, 2012----- Gets better & better every time. Ate here last night. First time in a while. I had forgotten how good this place is. Started off with the shrimp app with polenta. Very tasty. The pork and biscuits app was even better and the grilled peach salad was very good as well. I just wish there had been more peaches. For my entree I had the Grouper which was in a bed of veggies and had a minty broth. De-lish! More...


Chris Christian

9 June 2013

OMG Good. Great drinks with Emily and she suggested what to order, and boy was she right.. We had the fried oysters appetizer and the duck and pork for dinner.. All was very good and we will go back when Back in town.. Great place. More...



6 May 2013

Wonderful Cocktails, Very Good Food. We eat here several times a year and always enjoy it. The cocktails are superb. Try anything that features local fresh fruit or the house made lemoncello.(They occasionally offer classes where you can learn to make it. We attended one and it was great fun!) The Lamb's Ear is also a favorite. As for the food, the fresh fish dishes are usually quite good as is the shrimp and grits. The pork dishes are also very good. In years of going here, we have NEVER had a bad server. The servers are consistently professional, helpful and prompt. More...


Meredith Jones Lawson

11 April 2013

One of the best secrets in town. My family and I have been going here since it opened and Clif and Maureen always please. Everything is good from the food, to the friendly staff to the amazing drinks. Don't miss your chance to go here and enjoy the full experience, don't rush - grab a drink, appetizer, dinner and don't forget DESSERT! More...


Alan P.

2 March 2013

My wife and I love this place.  The farm-to-table menu is always creative and tasty.  And the wine pairings are consistently on the mark.  The service is comfortably superb and the atmosphere is warm...as long as you aren't seated by the door on a rare chilly, Birmingham evening. More...



1 March 2013

I agree with others. Very good, but not great. Prices are too high for me to make this a regular stop. Too bad.


Keith Hall

25 January 2013

One of the Best In Birmingham. The food is awesome!! We have visited Little Savannah restaurant several times and have always had a good experience. The food is always great, we love the bar area and the owners and staff are super friendly and provide very good service. You can't go wrong with any dish on their menu! With that said, the fried catfish over blue grits with stewed tomatoes and okra dish they serve for restaurant week is over the top good! Also, the farm to restaurant dinners they serve are also exceptional. We look forward to going back again soon! More...


Keith H.

24 January 2013

The food is awesome!!  We have visited Little Savannah restaurant several times and have always had a good experience. The food is always great, we love the bar area and the owners and staff are super friendly and provide very good service.  You can't go wrong with any dish on their menu!  With that said, the fried catfish over blue grits with stewed tomatoes and okra dish they serve for restaurant week is over the top good!  Also, the farm to restaurant dinners they serve are also exceptional.  We look forward to going back again soon! More...


Julia B.

20 August 2012

With a raise in salary, I could quickly become a regular at Little Savannah. The ambiance is fabulous, like you're being whisked away to an unknown spot in Birmingham (though the place was hoppin' at 8pm Friday  night). The mixologist was super friendly and knowledgeable; he definitely has a passion for his craft (more than a bottle opener). The cheese plate ($15) was delicious, but could have been more generous. I thought it would be plenty to share for two people, but was a bit disappointed with the portion.The duck was out of this world. The duck was perfectly cooked (comfortably pink in the center with crisp outside), and the summer succotash had a tinge of flavorful jalapeno. Can't wait to go back! More...


Alden C.

20 August 2012

Friends have made the recipes and the cocktails, but that hardly compares to indulging in the real thing. Little Savannah met and exceed my expectations (which were high, due to numerous recommendations). The decor was spot on. The fine dining in a casual atmosphere - totally up my alley. The fig-cello topped off with cava and pinch of orange bitters? Divine. And this was BEFORE the meal. A cheese plate pairing figs and deliciously moldy cheeses parlayed perfectly into my pecan-encrusted duck that rested delicately on a bed of succotash. Oh my Lord that succotash. I could eat it every day. Expertly seasoned, even a bit spicy (I'm a spicy-phobe so it was just the right amount for me), it blended the best of late summer veggies (OKRA!) and put me right over the edge. Had I not been so full from the cheese plate, my meal and the two Southern 65s, I would have gone for some dessert. But hey, gotta leave something for next time. And, as Julia B said, I could quickly become a regular at this fine establishment who's menu reads, "Please remove coat and tie before dining..." Now that is the way it's done!Sidenote: you can make reservations via the Yelp app, and I highly recommend doing that to ensure you'll be seated. It's super easy and beyond convenient (this was my first Yelp-made reservation and, unsurprisingly, I'm a fan! More...


Hungry Hungry Hippo

7 August 2012

I need a hand with two thumbs. Friends and I went to Little Savannah last Friday night. We tried to get in fairly early in the evening but the soonest we could get reservations was 8:15. It was a pretty busy night. usually that means a wait, even with reservations so I put on my "standing around shoes" before i left the house. I could have left them in the closet. These people are on the ball. We only had to wait 5 minutes for our table. Now that's what I'm talking about! (Pay attention, Hot & Hot Fish Club!) As soon as I saw the menu I was faced with a dilemma. There were two appetizers that I had to have. I've never ordered two appetizers before. What kind of pig am I? Oink Oink, says I. I had to try the watermelon salad, something I haven't had in over a year and since they had pork belly, of course I had to have that as well. Both were brought out at the same time. I tackled the salad first. Whenever you pay that much for anything they have to arrange it on the plate and make it look pretty. I would have been just as happy if they'd mixed it all together in a bowl, but what the heck, someone went to Culinary School, let him show off. The watermelon salad tasted as good as it looked. It was wonderful. I wish I could say the same for the pork belly. It was cooked okay. It was tender enough but so bland. I couldn't detect any seasoning at all. Every other place I've had this dish, without exception, I make the most embarrassing "yum yum" noises when I eat it. When I placed my order with our waitress I told her I'd never ordered 2 appetizers before and asked her if they would fill me up or should I go ahead and order an entree, too. She said I'd probably need an entree as well. I couldn't decide between the steak or the airline chicken so I asked her to surprise me. My companions ordered the pork chop and the swordfish. I almost ordered the pork chop myself, but figured the pork belly put me over my pig quota for the day. When the food came I saw that our server picked the chicken for me. She said, "I picked this one because of the side dish. The creamed corn is to die for!" She was right. That creamed corn was exceptional. I gave the okra to my dinner-mates but the corn was all for me. The chicken, was okay, but ... well, it was just a chicken. like the pork belly, there was nothing special about it. It wasn't bad, it was just boring. Meanwhile my companions are raving about their meals. The pork chop was wonderful, and those greens! so tasty! the sword fish is cooked perfectly! and this sauce! I felt cheated, darn it. But it's my own fault. If I would break down and order things like Swordfish (or grouper or whatever nasty ocean beast is being served that night) and expand my horizons beyond the steak or chicken I usually order I might be the one raving--assuming I was still alive. On balance, I have to give my meal a thumbs down. The watermelon salad and creamed corn were great. The meats, not so much. On the other hand, I have to give the dinner as a whole a thumbs up. My pals certainly enjoyed their meals. I'll have to go back and try something else before I decide for sure which way my thumb is aimed. Who knows? Maybe I'll try a bite of fish. More...


Merry Michael S.

30 July 2012

i am writing this review strictly based on service and libations. the third friday of the month forest park brings out the community with specials and sales at all of the businesses.  little savannah has $5 cocktails so the hubs & i met some friends for happy hour after work.i ordered the queen's colony - it is the best drink i have had in quite a while. made with gin, fresh grapefruit, honey/basil syrup, and black pepper - it is not too sweet and the black pepper gives it a bite at the end.  the bartender knew her stuff and the staff was extremely friendly, making us feel right at home.everything that came out of the kitchen smelled yummy and if we did not already have dinner plans we definitely would have sampled it.  we will be back for sure! More...


Mary-Katherine L

29 June 2012

One of the best brunch locations in Birmingham. The prices are wonderful in regards to the portion and quality of their food. In addition, the Sunday brunch mimosas are the icing on the cake. More...


Sara P.

27 May 2012

My husband and I were visiting Birmingham for the weekend with our dear friends and we found Little Savannah by looking on Yelp.  We were hopeful based on the reviews, but our expectations were far exceeded. The back patio was a great place to sit. Must haves: hummingbird cocktail, spicy peach margarita, fried okra, duck special, and all of the desserts. We recommend saving room for the dessert trio. Our waiter was so attentive and accommodating, and he helped make it an overall outstanding experience. We will definitely be back! More...


Zackery M.

23 May 2012

2012 has been good for discovering new and tasty places for food, fun and friends. My most recent discovery was the Spicy Peach Margarita here at Little Savannah. This particular night out was to celebrate the success of dear friend. I had already made up my mind about my drink choice that evening, but another friend shared her Margarita with me and I immediately flagged down our bartender to order my own. Everyone in my group had at least one Spicy Peach Margaritas, so we were all musing and commenting on the taste. It was sweet, with a mild aftertaste of jalapeno. The only thing that could have made it better would have been a stronger bite from the pepper. The sweet overpowered the spicy. Not necessarily a bad thing, but I wanted to order a bowl of peppers to use as chasers. Our bartender, who seemed to be quite a character, told us the mix was made and bottled here in Jefferson County and a local grocery store sales it in JUGS (this is the South).The entire evening was amazing and I'll be back to try the food, but the Spicy Peach Margarita is reason enough to count down until today's happy hour. More...


Hoa N.

5 March 2012

I am way overdue for a review on this place. I came here on my previous visit to the south last Christmas. I really enjoyed the spicy peach margarita. very creative and freshly made, a true representation of what the south is, sweet and spicy. The bartender really knows how to mix her drinks. Hopefully to try out their food on my next visit to Birmingham. More...



6 October 2011

Hooked. I tried this place as part of a work dinner, but I keep going back. The food and service are both always amazing. They mix eclectic food with southern flare and I've never seen it done better. LOVE LOVE LOVE!


Monica H.

4 October 2011

My father took my husband and I to eat at this restaurant while we were visiting Birmingham.  Living in NY for 18 years, I can rightfully claim that I have eaten in some of the best restaurants in the world.  I am not easily impressed nor was I looking to be.  I thought we would get a nice casual meal.  Boy was I wrong!  From the moment I looked at the cocktails I knew we would be in for a very special dinner.  EVERYTHING was delicious, inventive and top notch.  I had the skirt steak which was cooked just right so that the meat was tender and not tough.  My husband's duck was cooked to perfection and the dessert sampler at the end hit the spot.  It was not cheap but worth every penny. More...


Lynne Hurst Jackson

27 April 2011

The Good & The Not So Good. Good: Location Wait staff Casual dress code Delicious food & drink Perfect Shrimp & Grits Tender lamb Not so Good: Pricey Tables crammed right next to another Loud dining area Small Portions


A.C. C.

18 November 2010

Don't let the casual decor fool you. The food and service are top notch. If nothing else, the clean, white table cloths might be an indication of the service you'll receive.  This place is really a hidden gem.I just happened to be in Birmingham during "Restaurant Week".  This event allows you to try a range of restaurants at some great prices that won't break the bank. The fixed menu was a deal.  I started with a salad that had pears, pecans, carrot and sherry vinaigrette.  Great balance of sweet and acidity.  For main, I had the Alabama catfish with okra, tomatoes and blue grits.  I don't eat a lot of catfish and am not a fan of okra.  But, this dish was excellent!  The catfish was breaded and fried, which came out light and fluffy.  The veggies were a perfect mix of color and texture, as well as delicious. For dessert, I had the Kentucky bourbon glazed butter cake with whipped cream.  It was a simple and tasty way to round out a hearty meal.I also opted to go with the libation pairings, which you could choose a wine or beer route.  The first course came Conde de Subirats Cava (Spain).  The dry bubbly cut some of the acidity from the dressing, but you could really appreciate the fruity overtones brought out by the pears in the salad.  The main came with a Pine Ridge Chenin Blanc/Viognier '09.  I thought this was a nice, crisp, fruity wine to accompany the light fanfare.  Lastly, Bourbon & Limoncello was served with the dessert.  Unfortunately, I think this was a mismatch.  I know what they were trying to do here but this drink just wasn't doing it for me.  So instead, I ordered a simple amaretto sour.  A little bit of tart with a nutty flavor went great with the butter cake.Service was spot on and very friendly from my server (Derek) to the maitre d (Phyllis) to the chef (Clif).  I had a great experience here and am dying to go back to try some other things on the menu. More...


Jennifer Smith Kilburn

9 November 2010

Worth it. Friends who are part of the whole foods/local foods/sustainable food source movement have recommended Little Savannah to me several times. I had read good reviews of it. Saturday evening 4 of us decided to give it a try. It is worth the good press and recommendations. It is tiny and cozy; the service was absolutely perfect; the ginger martini just right for the evening and the food was delicious. Our "little vittles" (appetizers) included butternut squash soup, short ribs and fritto miso - mixed fried seafoods. Since we are far from sophisticated we shared the tastes among us. I think the soup was best, followed by the short ribs and then the fritto miso. None of the appetizers were bad - but the soup was extraordinary. For the "middle vittles," (entrees) two of us had the Apalachicola flounder- crispy and delicious, set off with the olive relish and satsuma sauce. Another of our crew had veal tenderloin and another the beef tenderloin. We were each pleased with our selections. It is expecially fun to read the names of the local farms from which the chef/owner purchases the foods. Nearly every ingredient in each dish derived from a local source. Since portions were small on the little and middle vittles, we had room for dessert and we all had persimmons foster, which were wonderfully sweet with a nice autumn flavor. While we were eating, the small space filled with what appeared to be local and repeat customers. The feel was of a hometown cafe. Each of us enjoyed our evening and will return - but not too often as having a full dinner with drinks is somewhat pricy. More...


Chris S.

31 October 2010

What an introduction to southern cuisine!It was late, I was hungry, and I was tired of traveling.  My mom actually suggested this place so that is where I met her.  Showing up it was pretty much dead only one or two other tables in the entire place but yet it still seemed upbeat and a fun place to be.  It took quite a long time before a waitress came to get our drink orders or give us menus, as a result they gave us free drinks for the rest of the night.  A piece of great customer service and a sign of a high quality restaurant.We ordered our appetizers, we started with fried Okra and a  quail stuffed with fois gras.  The okra was simply stunning,  instead of the bite sized nuggets normally served these were the entire vegetable which really brought out its natural flavor and was quite good.  The quail which was the special of the night was full of flavor and seasoned quite well.For my entree was beef medallions which were cooked quite well,  I regret not writing this review sooner as many of details have been lost but oh well.  All in all an expensive meal but well worth the cost for quality ingredients and a inventive and talented chef. More...


Sue Latour

20 July 2010

I like the approach!. I recently experienced dinner with friends at Little Savannah on a bustling Friday night. After ordering a cocktail, I viewed the menu and was not comfortable with the pricing structure-most reviews list their pricing from 15-25$ and my expectations were more toward the 15 dollar mark. Appetizers were shared and the flavors were wonderful. The fried chicken livers appetizer was my pick for dinner and my friends shared bites around the table so I was able to sample everything and definitely enjoyed every bite-I actually ordered 2 livers and, yes, they were awesome. We were almost the last table to leave and were pleased to receive a visit from the chef -owner and his lovely wife just before leaving. I had read reviews, some good and some not-so, but was intrigued by their restaurants self-description. Note: I am new to the online review community and realize that few people will offer a positive review, but everyone will offer a negative view. Local produce delivered or hand-picked by the chef himself really caught my attention. His approach is "casually elegant"-the staff members wear mechanics shirts with a big 'Little Savannah' emblem on the breast. I particularly took pleasure in their "no coat-no tie policy' which was explained as an effort to reduce the snobbery associated with fine-dining. The chef was defensive when I referred to his establishment as "Fine Dining" correcting me with a twist I had never thought of, "Dining Fine" or "Dining Well" and was quick to remove himself from the upper echelon of restaurateurs in the city citing his opposition to formality, instead focusing on great food, service, and a comfortable environment for his customers. I like this!! My affection for this place grew and I realized that there was more here than I assumed from my initial study. The ambiance is chic and colorful; hospitality was mentioned countless times over dinner and despite any flaws in service, I now have a new favorite in Birmingham. More...



20 July 2010

Cheers. So not everyone knows my name at Little Savannah, but I always feel very welcome and comfortable. The food is very good and Neighborhood Night rocks, as does 'Tini Tuesday. I love having drinks and shrimp & grits at the bar for a relaxing dinner or "supper" as Clif and Maureen call it. More...



18 July 2010

Great spot. LIttle Savannah might have trouble standing out amongst its heavyweight peers in a small city home to at least two perennial James Beard contenders, but it shouldn't be overlooked. The food here is great, and our trip on Friday only confirmed that feeling. I really love the atmosphere and the service at this place. There's a small and cozy feeling about the place, and our waiter could not have been any nicer or more helpful. I started off with a caprese salad... but not just any caprese. How to make a buffalo mozzarella and fresh tomato salad better? Throw some lobster meat on top. That's right, a lobster caprese salad. If that doesn't whet your appetite, I'm not sure there is any hope for you in this world. My girlfriend's blue-corn shrimp and grits appetizer was also killer... just the right amount of spice combined with out-of-the-ground fresh tasting ingredients. The Friday $1 oyster special from the raw bar is well worth taking advantage of as well. I have always considered HIghland's to have the best raw oysters on the planet, but the Blue Points and Malpecs here were outstanding. Not to mention only $1 apiece. The flounder entree was equally as delicious. I have to admit that I was a few old fashions into the meal at this point, and I can't remember exactly which veggies it was served over... but it was delicious. BTW, if you are so inclined, the old fashions here are right up there w/ Highlands and Bottega as the best in town. The only thing I was disappointed in at all was the peach creme brulee. What sounded amazing just simply didn't mix well. The tartiness of the peaches adulterated the smoothness of what would have otherwise been a perfectly good creme brulee. Next time I'll be getting the bread pudding! More...


Psych Eater

17 July 2010

Food good but it does not take it to the proverbial next level as the price points would make you think. Food is good but the menu is predictable. There is no extra or panache to the food. The ambiance us nice but a little flourish on the coctails and food would raise the bar. For example, the truffle pommes frites are great but if they were served withbsone unique sauce or mayo for dipping would make them amazing. More...


Roger T.

9 July 2010

Back for more.. I am always supportive of locally-owned eateries, and choose to not review any negatively since I nip any problem before I leave. If something is not right, then speak up and ask for a manager or owner. In Little Savannah's defense, They have always accommodated mine or my guests needs without issue. -----26 Apr, 2010----- Reading Birmingham restaurant comments.... The outdoor deck is awsome, and I see that the garden is being tended to-peas sprouts are popping up everywhere, and the grapevine is blooming-simply beautiful. We visited for brunch yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves-as always. Thank you Little Savannah, and other restaurants like you, for taking such great care of us. -----11 Feb, 2010----- Interesting. Had a spectacular experience this evening. Have been coming to Bham for years and this was my first visit to Little Savannah. Not an easy place to find or for parking, but the place was wall-to-wall people. A good sign in these times. Being from the South, the food was like no other-service was on time and friendly. Quaint little place that felt like THE place to be. More...


Zach G.

27 June 2010

Made a reservation here on valentines day last year for dinner. We got there and had to wait maybe 5 minutes at the bar while they fixed a table up for us. We always remember our waiter, Dallas, apologized for making us wait and gave us our first round of drinks for free. We only waited 5-6 minutes! The food could've been garbage but it wouldn't have mattered to us because we were already digging the experience. But of course, the food was good! I don't remember being blown away by what I ordered or anything but it was definitely tasty. It should also be known that I am not a food snob and I'm pretty easy to please when it comes to food. But, my girlfriend has a more "sophisticated" approach to food and she thought it was fantastic. Since it was a holiday it was really busy, and our food maybe took a little longer than usual to arrive but we didn't notice because we were enjoying our free drinks and talking. The chef then gave us some other soup or something for free since we had to wait.  Given we are easy to please and not usually big spenders (nor do we appear to be), the fact that they went the extra mile meant a lot to us and made our V-day memorable. We felt like celebrities. More...


Jodie K.

30 April 2010

my brother recommended this place for a nice dinner with my dad and his new wife.  i can now say that i have a renewed trust in my brother's taste!  the dinner was beautiful-from presentation to taste.  we started with the local cheese plate-simple and lovely.  all five of us ordered a different entree.  i played it safe with shrimp and grits, but preferred my husband's melt-in-your-mouth skirt steak.  my brother ordered the lamb and risotto, which was to die for-creamy, perfectly cooked risotto and fall off the chop lamb.  my stepmother seemed to enjoy her tuna and dad's veal entree was probably the most interesting-with special guest, sweet breads.  i was impressed with the addition of pea tendrils to many of the plates.  we ended with the dessert trio-creme brulee, chocolate pot de creme, and banana bread pudding.  all divine.  our 3-year old preferred the goat cheese ice cream, though.seasonal.  local.  thoughtful.  well done little savannah. More...



22 April 2010

Just my 2 cents.... I can see how someone, especially those who are obese or extremely anti-social may have difficulty in this picturesque setting. What a find! It was the beginning of a bustling Tuesday night where the atmosphere was thick with southern voices by 6pm, the cocktail bar was in full swing, and my expectations were built high. I scrolled through the reviews as I waited for my guests and chuckled as I read both sides of the comments-not one to be swayed by the opinions of outsiders, In the back of my mind, I was curious to either substantiate or bust the myths I was reading. My guests arrived and were promptly led to my presence at the bar. Steva, who was our bartender, responds quickly with knowledge and thoughts to our wine and cocktail questions. Freshly squeezed citrus, homemade flavored syrups and, oh yes, homemade Limoncello are all readily available. I secretly wish I had the time to taste each unique drink on the menu, maybe next time. The cocktails take a few minutes to arrive, but considering that each one is crafted to order, who could complain? Our table was set, and yes, the close-quarters seating seemed as though it would be awkward, but no one I saw was uncomfortable with it. Our server, Emily, quickly placed a basket of warm cornbread and butter in the center of the table-simple staples are difficult to beat-and the performance was on. Service was attentive, and well-paced without useless interruptions or a shadowing server presence. Cups of soup, for tasting, were sent out without our request - a perfect touch and introduction. The chefs and staff are proud of what they offer and want guests to continually feel at home. The ingredient freshness was evident-lettuces, pea shoots, spring onions, asparagus, chicken livers - I am in heaven. Between courses is the perfect time for us to reflect -10 thumbs up so far. Colorful accents such as phonetic spellings of the wine list varietals (which prompted me to 'keep' a menu to show to friends at home) keep the environment non-pretentious. The wine list offerings are conservatively priced and boastfully large on taste-excellent selections supported the Wine Spectator award displayed behind the bar. Entrees arrived with perfect timing (15-20 minutes which is optimal), ladies first and then the gents, respectfully Southern. The mixture of aromas - beef, pork & fish - fragrant acidity and spices whetted appetites instantly. I knew there was a lot of love here, and upon first taste, my thought was confirmed. We all sampled bites from each dish and, again, I knew I would come back one day to enjoy more of the offerings. The Port selections were slim, but by choice of the owners - it seems the state just doesn't have a palate for the good stuff . There was; however, a plethora of dessert wines, after-dinner drinks and I love good pressed coffee Dessert was delivered personally by the chef, Clifton, and what a great soul to meet. I invited him to join us as I wanted to pick his brain a bit. We were entertained by his quick wit and insight into the history and philosophy of Little Savannah, its food and drink. I definitely want to return and maybe be invited to "Family Dinner" one Sunday at the Holt's home or help harvest spring asparagus or snap peas from his home garden. There is no myth here, in my opinion. This little gem is one of THE places to properly enjoy family and friends around the dinner table. I realize pricing may be a bit elevated to some budgets, but considering what goes into each dish-the best of the best-I feel it is an exceptional value in its flavorful & health conscious approach. Definitely not the place for everyone and that is a good thing. I highly recommended Little Savannah whether on a budget or not-life is too short to eat & drink poorly. More...


Mandy C.

13 March 2010

Charming atmosphere, wonderful food from appetizer to dessert and great service- You can't get much better!My husband and I dined here for the first time on Friday night.  We left amazed that we have been missing out on such a gem. We both loved everything about our meal!  I must note that the menu changes constantly so we anticipate being surprisingly overwhelmed with something totally different the time we dine here.  Here is what we had that was delicious:  started with the Cheese platter which presented 4 tasty cheeses paired with fried walnuts, spiced pear chutney, and a cherry compote.  They brought out cornbread muffins in a tin which since neither of us like cornbread we are bad to judge them, however they were warm and moist.  I ordered one of the fish specials, I can't remember the name because it was unfamiliar to me.  Our server explained that it was a hawaian fish similar to grouper in taste.   I enjoyed the fish and especially like it accompaniments that were similar to couscous. The chef came and talked to us.  He is very friendly; even brought we a glass of wine that he thought would work well with my meal!  My husband had the smoked duck breast that came with an excellent rutabaga puree and  collard greens in a bacon jus.            We were so impressed with our meal that we did the unusual thing and each got dessert!  Actually my husband tricked me, we decided to share a dessert- the banana bread  but he also ordered the trio of creme brulee because that is my favorite dessert and I must admit I was happy he did!            We are not huge fans of sweets but both selections were AMAZING!  The grilled banana bread was topped with caramelized banana slices,warm dark chocolate ganache, and sprinkled with fried walnuts.  The trio of creme brulee was some of the best I have ever had...the plate included small servings of Cappuccino, Cinnamon, and Peppermint Stick flavored brulee with two sambuca cookies (which tasted somewhat like a scone to me).  The Peppermint stick one was my favorite.I recommenced giving this cozy, local restaurant a try if you like inventive meals full of flavor!  Great service too.  My only complaint was that the alcohol was over priced- a single absolut on the rocks was $9.50.  But other than that our meal was worth every penny...total came to $124 before tip for appetizer, two entrees, two desserts and three drinks. More...


Heath T.

2 February 2010

Great gourmet, farm to table, Southern-ish food.  Service was great and the food/drinks really well crafted.  The menu changes daily based on the freshest ingredients on hand.  I had the butter lettuce salad with apples and a local cheddar cheese and the red fish with local blue corn grits and collard greens.  The fish was perfectly done, something that is really rare and the salad was incredibly fresh and clean.  Solid, well priced wine list and a really creative cocktail menu.  The kumquat margarita with black volcano salt I started with was fantastic.  For dessert, I had the grilled banana bread.  Good light finish to the meal.  This will definitely be a regular stop when we in Birmingham. More...


Chip Arthur

5 December 2009

WOW!. Made reservations for a first date and asked for a few 'special' things to help make the night unique for her. They took care of everything, and then some. The chef, whom I have had many past conversations with, selected and paired with wine, each course without us ever seeing a menu. My date and I were totally impressed by the comfort that the staff provided us. Everything we experienced was world-class flavor and service. After dinner, Chef Holt joined us for a minute, which scored big points for me, again-and yes we are still seeing each other. More...



30 November 2009

Loved it!. This is my favorite place in Birmingham. I appreciate the chefs support of local farmers and businesses. Sometimes a little cramped and loud when crowded, but what restaurant isn't? The chef has a garden behind the restaurant, beside outdoor wooden deck. I attended their summertime 'Farm to Table' dinner series and have been back at least once a week since. The pricing is not uncomfortable considering what they have to offer: Good, local southern cuisine and the environment to match. Hospitable and friendly, I like the "upscale-informal" approach that the chef described to me-expressed by their "no coat, no tie policy" was a fun approach. Overall, I was very pleased and have standing reservations every Wednesday for our date night. More...



8 September 2009

Chique ambiance, great service. Recently, I dined at this little "hole in the wall" across from V Richards for Sunday brunch. I loved the atmosphere with wooden tables and floor to ceiling velvet drapery. The service was timely and waite staff mature. The drink selection was interesting with the usual mimosa, but also the violet infused prosecco. The bloody marys were worth every penny. There were seven of us and we selected: The crabcake with poached egg, scallops and polenta, ribeye steak with porcini mushrooms Since we a cater small events, travel internationally, and cook Italian and Greek cuisine in our home, we are a hard sell. We savored every bit eand truly enjoyed our brunch and lingered over drinks. The staff was very attentive and did not try to rush us off. This menu changes several times a month. The only slight is that this is a smaller lunch portion, which is better for you anyway and leaves room for Little Savannah's scrumptious deserts!! More...


paige m.

17 July 2009

Little Savannah is a farm to table restaurant.  We had a fabulous and creative meal here. The food and service were great.  Wish I could eat there tonight.


Bernis Simmons

11 June 2009

Been eating there for 5 years, every one was great!


Fresh seafood, meats and vegetables. Farm to table.