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Lisa Zen Yoga: Private, Travel and Group Yoga

Hillcrest, Connecticut

Lisa Zen Yoga: Private, Travel and Group Yoga logo

Lisa Zen Yoga: Private, Travel and Group Yoga

Hillcrest, Connecticut


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Lori Cheever

2 August 2019

Lisa is passionate about health and she goes above and beyond for her clients. She makes you feel at ease the moment you meet her.


Michelle Blackburn

28 March 2019

Lisa’s yoga teacher training has been amazing! Her independent study format it truly one of a kind. As a working mom of three boys, my time is very limited, but Lisa is so accommodating and works around my schedule and my pace. She is so dedicated to her practice, and her love, and knowledge for yoga is an inspiration. Lisa’s training is physically and mentally challenging, but she is always there with kind words and encouragement just when you need it the most. I would recommend Lisa Zen Yoga to anyone who wants to develop a strong personal practice, a confident teaching style, and a deep understanding for the philosophy of yoga. Thank you Lisa!!!! More...


Sara Harvey

30 October 2017

Hey Lisa Zembruski �. Thank you for making our first experience with yoga an awesome one! Your encouragement and non-judgmental approach gave us the launch we needed. Vacationing on the beach in Cap Cana may have helped a little too. �� More...


Peter Seward

27 July 2017

Lisa is a great instructor. Had some classes with her at Secrets in Los Cabos. Great class and instruction. Thanks



27 May 2017

I have enjoyed both private and group classes with Lisa for over a year. When I began my private classes, my intention was to benefit from the meditation and stretching that I believed yoga would offer. A year later, I continue to be amazed with (and grateful for) how much more I have gained from practicing yoga regularly with Lisa. There is so much more! Lisa’s expertise and passion are apparent in all of her classes. Dedicated to her “yogis”, she clearly has a desire for each of us to benefit, grow and enjoy our own individual yoga practice, consistently, whether in a group or private class. More...


Lisa Nelson

24 February 2016

Excellent teacher, I felt relaxed and strong all day, mind and body! Can't wait to practice with Lisa again!


Ann Puruczky Elias

25 January 2016

I had the pleasure to have Lisa as a yoga instructor while we were vacationing at Secrets in Montego Bay. What great classes we had overlooking the beautiful water. I loved Lisa's classes.


Kathy Kattler

15 October 2015

We worked every morning with Lisa while at Secrets St. James. Loved her, we worked hard overlooking the blue sea. Miss her!


Morgan Fleming

28 July 2015

I had the good fortune of taking Lisa's yoga class at Excellence Playa Mujeres. I only wish I had been able to make it to more of her classes that week. First of all, getting to experience yoga on the beach, in a nice shaded palapa, with the ocean breeze and sun rising should definitely be on your list of things to do! Lisa led a great class that accommodated a variety of levels. She broke down asanas in a way that was helpful no matter your experience. In fact, as someone who has studied yoga for a while I found it very helpful to break it down. Actually it might have been more challenging! She offered many variations for when we did want to take it to the next level and was also great about giving both physical adjustments and vocal feedback in a way that allowed you to go deeper into your practice. The relaxation sequence at the end of class was also fantastic. I loved her positive, fun take on practice & life too! If you get a chance to take class from Lisa, do it! More...


Divina Violeta

12 July 2015

I Enjoy excellent yoga instruction from Lisa Lembruski at the Finest resort with an excellent ocean view and pleny of space filled with air and light. Soft breezes caress, while muscles stretch, opening body, heart, mind, and spirit. It is such a pleasure to attend class at the finest Resort, I would go every day if I could. If you love yoga in a beautiful space, this is the place to go, Not only the place is amazing Lisa the yoga instructor is very dedicated and takes the time to correct your postures that is one the best services you get out of her I gladly recommend her as a yoga instructor. More...


Trevor Dowdney

19 August 2014

My wife and I were at Silversands resort two weeks ago and she finally was able to drag me to try Yoga for the first time. The first day was an employee from the hotel, whilst he knew some good stretches that was all he knew. He was able to stretch people BUT he was unable to give any form of difficulty levels from beginner to advanced, one stretch was borderline dangerous. The next day Buddha Bend Yoga arrived and it was night and day, Lisa you know your stuff and thank you for giving us alternatives to differing exercises. I could feel the workout for days after, and i'm now actively looking for more yoga classes at home.. Thank you Lisa your class Rocked! More...


Jennifer Blair Dowdney

19 August 2014

I was fortunate enough to have Lisa as the yoga instructor on a recent vacation at Secrets Silversands in Puerto Morelos, MX. I have done a small amount of yoga in the past, but usually just at the end of another class. This was my first full yoga class, and I'm now hooked! The first day we went to the class, one of the event coordinator staff members taught. While well intentioned, he did not give a low version of anything he had us do, and there were some guests that were not in good physical shape, and I was extremely worried they were going to injure themselves. Two days later I was down that way for a run, so I thought I'd check to see if the same gentleman was teaching. I was thrilled to see that it was an actual certified yoga instructor, and stayed for that class and the one the next day before we left. Lisa was very warm and made us all feel very comfortable. When showing poses, she gave low or modified versions of each, and walked from person to person to help each with his/her form to increase intensity, and for some to rule out injury. After attending her class I fell in love with yoga and in turn have signed up for a class in my home town. Having classes like these was the real icing on the cake for my husband and I when we go on vacation. It raises the bar from corny activities that untrained staff members at a resort do to pass the time to real relaxation and a true 5-Star experience. Thank you Lisa! More...


Sue Das Boyd

19 August 2014

My friends and I were staying at Secrets Silversands a couple of weeks ago and decided to try Yoga. My friends have never done it before. I had tried it years ago but never thought it was a good workout. Lisa was amazing! I was able to close my eyes and easily follow her instructions. It was definitely a good workout. I worked muscles that I never knew I had before!! My friends and I have all agreed we will now do yoga back home. We just don't know if we can find as good of an instructor here. More...

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