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Personal Training is about more than just training for fat loss, fitness and strength, it’s about…

Its about feeling fantastic and looking amazing day in and day out
Its about getting more out of life – energy, passion, motivation


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Clare Sheridan

27 December 2018

Joining Fitness Hub 21 was the best thing I have done. I am feeling great and after my months trail the change in my body was quite obvious and I am delighted to have joined up long term. Lisa and Lucy are great!! The other men and women training are so friendly and welcoming and it's actually great fun, hard work but really enjoyable. I much prefer the small group training to being on my on. It motivates me more and we have a laugh along the way. It will be the best thing you do joining fitness hub 21 and I am looking forward to seeing what I can achieve in the next few months. More...


Berrin Meric

27 December 2018

Lovely atmosphere.. very welcoming! Lots of fun!


Terri Kelly

27 November 2018

A gem of a find and exactly what the doctor ordered (literally). Lisa assesses your individual needs and goals and thereafter provides an excellent all-round fitness programme. The gym environment is also very friendly and I find the members, alongside Lisa and Lucy, are very supportive. More...


Carol Bailey

27 November 2018

A friendly relaxed atmosphere. But don't be fooled, the trainers expect you to work as hard as possible if you want to see changes. Lisa and Lucy are excellent trainers and programmes are tailored to suit your needs. Lisa also provides dietary and nutritional advice to suit each individual. Love Fitness Hub 21. More...


Mary Durkan

27 November 2018

This gym is amazing. It is so wonderful to be able to train in small groups ; so much more enjoyable than on your own. There are several weekly sessions and they are completely flexible; you can sign up to attend as late as the night before so you can fit the training in around the rest of your life. I have muscles and core strength that I did not have before. Lisa and Lucy tailor the training to work around any ailments you might have such as a sore shoulder so you always get a great workout. Great training in a welcoming and supportive environment. More...


Chris Hey

29 August 2018

After a long gap in working out, I have been very pleased with the exercise programme which Lisa has devised for me. It stretches me in different ways, and she is encouraging, helpful and friendly. I am glad that I found Fitness Hub 21! More...


Luisa Raimondo

30 July 2018

I have been with Fitnesshub21 for 2 years. They have supported me in all aspect of my fitness, from training to nutrition to mindset. I have not only lost weight, I have built strength and made lifelong friends. Fitnesshub21 is more than just a gym and would highly recommend. More...


Ayse Ibrahim

30 July 2018

Brilliant sessions. Lisa has an understanding of the body that far supersedes your average PT. The classes are fun, and I highly recommend them!



30 July 2018

Lisa has created a welcoming environment for working out. Fitness Hub 21 isn't threatening in the way some gyms can be. Lisa creates workouts that are tailored to people's needs and has a wealth of knowledge to support people on their journey - I would recommend!


catherine gilbert

30 July 2018

Have been attending just over 6 mths and each session has been tailored and different. Really friendly and if you are not so fit, like me, you don't feel like you don't belong! It must be working, because a friend on holiday commented that I was looking much more toned! It's all the benefits of personal training, but in a fun, small group environment. More...


Natalie Susanne

30 July 2018

I joined Fitness Hub 21 in January because I wanted to make changes - to my fitness levels, to my eating habits, to my weight and appearance. A friend suggested Lisa and I signed up for the trial. I have been a member of gyms before but have struggled to maintain interest as without personalised support, exercises don’t have the desired effect and training becomes monotonous. Fitness Hub 21 has been the opposite for me. I love going to training and Lisa adapts training and programmes to suit the needs of each person. I’ve never kept at something for so long and it’s because I can see visible results and can feel how much stronger I am getting - I surprise myself every session! I would recommend this to anyone! More...


Mizi Mizi

23 July 2018

Hi Lisa everything ok?


Susan Kilburn Cunningham

23 July 2018

Lisa is an excellent trainer, getting great results with her Clients, what I like is that she does individual programs for each Client.


Martha Marcou

23 July 2018

I joined Fitnesshub21 back in May 2017 half expecting to attend for a few weeks and give up, but seven months later I'm consistently training two to three times a week and really enjoying it. The benefits have been really positive; I've found a flexible fitness regime that really suits me, with people I feel comfortable training with and better still, I've lost over a stone in the process. Signing up to the trial was hands-down one of the best things I did in 2017 and I'm really looking forward to achieving more goals in 2018. More...


James Russell

21 June 2018

Lisa is a fantastic trainer that has helped to motivate and inspire me, her group classes have allowed me to meet other like minded individuals interested in boosting their health and fitness but equally important to build a friendship group within the local community.


Pranvera Nezaj

18 December 2017

Lisa is an amazing trainer and she really cares about everyone's training and helps with anything you need. I'd highly recommend FitnessHub 21 to everyone!


Dean Carroll

4 December 2017

Lisa is an excellent trainer and I would not hesitate to recommend her for anyone looking to get into shape short term or long term. Lisa went over and above and also assisted with dietary and lifestyle advice. Lisa is very knowledgeable and tailors programs to suit the individual needs. More...