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Lion Media provides a broad understanding of marketing and public relations in today's highly competitive entertainment industries and niche markets. We specialize in small businesses just like yours; Where other agencies provide simple services and basic marketing packages, Lion Media offers a complete network of industry collaborators.


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25 July 2018

Working with Jessica was a great experience, I highly recommend Lion Media to anyone who is looking for marketing services.

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1) Explore the client's current website, social pages, and any listings relevant to their brand.
2) Conduct market research.
3) Discuss which services will be provided based on the client's marketing budget and consecutive needs.
4) Share a few ideas with the client to ensure our visions align.
5) Get to work.
6) Make use of current material that I find usable and rework/recreate material that isn't.
7) Submit weekly reports to the client so that he/she knows where we are in development.
8) Upon completion, a meeting or screen share will be provided to show the client all progress. This will give us time to decipher any modifications that may need to be done before the work is considered complete.
9) Educate the client on how to manage his/her website and/or project on their own upon request, otherwise, Lion Media will proceed with monthly maintenance for a fee.
10) Cross promote client via lionmediamarketing.com. We love to showcase our work by showing off your brand!

Depending on the particular project, Lion Media will ask that the client provides:
1) Hi-resolution logo
2) Any stock photos or hi-res images the client would like to be used
3) Any copy and/or promotions they'd like applied
4) Items that follow special requests, i.e. inventory for eCommerce products
5) Information for our primary point of contact

I love meeting new people and discovering innovative ways we can collaborate amongst brands. To me, Lion Media is about industry collaboration and understanding that we're all "in it" together. I enjoy teaching my clients how they can truly excel and expand their business. Nothing compares to the sense of accomplishment one feels when they set a goal and see those aspirations comes to fruition. I'm here to help them see it through.

My partner and Executive Vice President, Tom Tanno. He and I worked together for some time, working together with a small collection of clients. Where Tom is savvy in old-fashioned mediums of press and publicity, I found that I was more skilled in current technology, making he and I a well-rounded team. As we began to receive more and more work, Lion Media organically came to fruition.

Lion Media is 100% dedicated to our clients and their aspirations. We don't simply consider you a client, we consider you to be a part of our vastly growing network of outstandingly talented entrepreneurs. The relationships we build don't turn into a number, instead, they tend to be long-lasting partnerships that are carried with us for years and years to come.



Whether you’re a CEO, entertainer, musician, founder, or marketing professional, you may come to realize that you could benefit from additional perspectives which may stimulate new momentum toward achieving your goals. At Lion Media, we believe every detail counts when it comes to enhancing the return on your investment. We begin each contract with a consultation that allows us, while working with you, to pinpoint weak areas as well as ideas on how to augment the strong aspects and initiatives within your company.

Your company's message plays the most important role in your brand identity. We make it our business to let the industry know who you are and what you stand for. Lion Media offers custom logo design, slogan creation, and may assist in the development of your company's core branding values. Allow us to help you send the right message to consumers.

Lion Media understands the importance of a good reputation. Our years of experience have equipped us to help you successfully navigate the often choppy waters of traditional and social media. Managing your messages and how you deliver them are at the core of our comprehensive media relations and public relations campaigns.

Your company's website is your first impression for clients and consumers. At Lion Media, we optimize your website with proven, effective SEO strategy to get your company on the first page of Google Search Results. We understand the importance of transforming your website into an eye-catching sales piece that will instantly draw in consumers.

Including promotional videos in your marketing plan has become a mandatory investment given today’s technological advancements. Lion Media offers an eclectic collection of videographers to select from based on your particular vision. Upon request, our staff will offer to write your script as well as to provide all the necessary talent prior to production.

Within your Business Plan, we will identify the key components that drive your company into reaching its full potential. Strategies which include partnership opportunities, lead conversion, and the overall development of products and services will be efficiently assessed and executed.

Producing unique content for your website is the most important factor in search engine optimization. Our team works together to write, edit, and finalize your company message in a way that will set you apart from your competitors.

Social media management is no longer as simple as running a Sponsored Facebook Ad. At Lion Media, we take advantage of the latest social media marketing trends so that our efforts don’t go unrecognized. We work with some of the most sophisticated social media marketing strategists so you have one less thing to worry about.

You know the old saying “A picture can speak a thousand words”? Imagine the abundance of content that can be generated within one single image. The best way to reach consumers is by visually presenting your brand with aesthetically pleasing photographs. Our team acquires accredited experience in advertising which is a necessity when it comes to visual representation.