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mayore joe

26 February 2019

I loved this place, although its hard to find for parking space. I love the taste of their dessert. They have lots of choices in different kinds of sweets delicacy. Good prices and good service.


Lisa Stuart

27 May 2018

I looooved this place and I don’t even usually like cake. The red velvet was amazing and I never tried a flavor I didn’t like. Unfortunately it looks like they’ve closed their doors to individual cupcakes and only do private catering now. Such a loss! More...


Bridget Davis

27 May 2017

This little bakery is a haven for food in busy Chinatown. The ladies who are responsible for dishing up the delights are true artisans. Get their early before the sell out and make sure to try the marshmallows as well as the delish cupcakes. Apparently they are also responsible for the famed malasada crossed with a croissant. They did not have any left the morning I visited, so I will have to come back! I prospect I greatly relish. BTW the marshmallows were the best I had ever tasted. Ever. More...


Rose Sanchez

27 May 2017

Simply delicious!!
The German Chocolate cupcakes are amazing. I am saved only by the fact that I live so far away. Definitely worth the trip, you will have a happy tummy.
Made a perfect birthday gift.


Joshua Miyashiro

27 May 2017

There cupcakes are soooo good try the red velvet and the carrot cupcake amazing great prices and better food


Christopher Casey

27 May 2017

They have great service and great cupcakes. I was a few dollars short but they still gave me the extra cupcake and wrapped the package in a gorgeous bow. Thanks!


ghazaleh moayedi

27 May 2017

Wow, amazing cupcake with perfect icing. The red velvet was moist and icing was delicious!


Seagem Fix

27 May 2017

The best pastries on Island and especially the Friday caketails♡


John B

27 May 2017

They are the best and always have new cupcakes and other things.

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