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Lei Spa LaSoul is located inside of CCN Wellness Center.

Lei Spa LaSoul provides wellness services for individuals who are seeking natural healing techniques in the areas of stress management, aromatherapy,massage therapy and wellness advocate.


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6 September 2018

Connie is wonderful! She really cares about the well-being of her clients! Informative, knowledgeable, and compassionate! She has helped me not only relieve stress in my body that was a direct result of a major neck injury years ago, but has shown me another underlying cause of it. I have since been able to deal with the long-term effects of my injury in ways that don't include otc medication such as Aleve and ibuprofen. I never knew aromatherapy and essential oils were this amazing! Thank you, Connie...you're the best!! More...



31 August 2018

I never envisioned being able to collaborate so closely, with my personal aromatherapist . I really love and appreciate the deep passion she has helping her clients heal. helping her I am grateful my friend introduced me to this lovely and caring practitioner . 🦋



11 August 2018

Great session in helping with setting goal and organization

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I am very passionate about teaching others in all aspects of positive lifestyle change, as well as necessary steps in order to obtain such change and maintain.

As a breast cancer survivor, I was searching for a way to gain information for myself. In doing so, I realized that I have a passion for helping others who are faced with the unknown. As a result, I joined a non-profit organization 15 years ago. I am involved in advocacy and awareness,which helps support women who have been diagnosed with life-threatening health issues. Thus, I am focused on providing individuals with a positive life change.

As a wellness advocate, certified massage therapist and wellness coach, I feel that the greatest part of life is our health and how we can maximize our bodies through life choices. Life has its ups and downs, very similar to a rollercoaster. By staying positive, we are able to establish a focal point in order to accomplish a life goal, whether that goal is health-related or purely based on changing emotions and how we think. Experiencing medical issues can have profound effect on the psyche and become extremely overwhelming. Let's work together to reduce stressors, and gain a healthy life in every way.

My experience and education included:
*Certified Massage Therapist
* Certification Aromatherapy
*Wellness Advocate
* S.O.U.L License- Science of Understanding Life ( Spiritual Counseling)
* Certified in Stress Management/Guided Medication
* 30 + plus years working with children, parents, families and the community.


I help individuals with their wellness needs such as stress management, essential oils, breast cancer support, breathing, and relaxation techniques

Relaxation, relieve stress and anxiety

Relieve muscle tension after a workout

Reflexology deals with flex points of the feet. Helps with the healing process to the body.