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Alexis Brannon

What great people! My dogs love everyone that has come to walk them, they are not easy walkers so I was hesitant to hire but it was the best thing I've done for my poor dogs when I'm working.


Jayson Liddle

Lets be honest. If you believe your pet(s) are more important than family, then you understand the angst one has when it comes to trusting their most loved furballs to the hands of strangers. Well, that was just me this past holiday weekend when I needed to hire Leash on Command to help me get my dogs out several times each day over the holiday. The amount of hours I was putting in at work was not going to afford me the time my dogs deserve, but we've got a solution! Leash on Command! The entire operation is fantastic. The site and mobile app make it VERY easy to schedule (or cancel) walks of varying times/dates, etc. But lets get down to the most important part...the walkers. I was assigned two sisters (Catherine and Natalie) that were clutch. They were SO nice. They both immediately gave me a good feeling about my choosing to leave my Jasmine and Sweetie in the hands of a couple of strangers. Strangers they did not feel to be at all. Just so nice and genuine. Both dogs took to the girls instantly! They are out completing their 8th or 9th walk this weekend as I type this, and I know everyone is going to miss everyone until the next appointment is set! Thank you everyone at Leash on Command for offering such an incredible service and we can't wait to call upon you all again very soon! More...

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