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I’m currently starting out as a professional photographer under the name TRIP London, my photography usually consists of illusion and illustration, but I’m trying to take many different approaches now.


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Capturing the moment. Bonding and having a great time with my clients always results in the best and most memorable photos.

What sort of look are you going for, who were you inspired by?

Meeting many new people, I love new places and faces so this job is perfect for me.

I’m a young photographer who has been told by many that I’m talented with a camera. After getting my A-Level in photography and given an unconditional offer for a Media Production degree in university, I figured maybe I should venture out and look at my work from a business perspective.

I’m very versatile and friendly. I know with some photographers it may feel awkward or make some people nervous, but I’m very chilled and laid back. I love sparking little bonds with my clients and overall having a great time with them.