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I offer a safe environment where clients can heal past traumas, mend relationships, and learn new life skills to grow. I’m a licensed psychotherapist with expertise in trauma resolution, couples’ counseling, and family counseling.

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barbara rialto

28 May 2018

Laurie is such a gifted Therapist! Her skill and experience working with mind, body and Spirit, combined with her exquisite empathy is rare. She is a treasure. I highly recommend her. More...


Sandra Johnson

28 May 2018

Review of Laurie Phuong From the moment I made contact with Laurie Phuong I knew that I was in for a new experience in psychotherapy. Just the first phone call was a hint as to what was to come. We laughed over making appointments. Laughter for me was not a common response in psychotherapy or in life for that matter and I immediately felt a kinship and desire to have this therapist counsel my husband and I around our seemingly never ending issues in marriage. Moving forward during the first 12 visits with Laurie I experienced profound shifts in my communication and behavior with my husband. Laurie's depth of knowledge and ability to catch us in the moment enabled me to let go of some very problematic patterns that was keeping me from connecting and loving my husband. Now I've learned to hug my husband at least four times a day, to be OK with saying no, and to leave judgment out of the room. I am so grateful I met Laurie and look forward to more growth I know I'm capable of under her guidance. I now have hope that my marriage can change to a loving relationship. More...


Camille Derricotte

28 May 2016

Great therapist!


Laia Pedreno Mateu

28 May 2016

Phuong’s extensive training in trauma treatment, somatic approaches and family therapy is combined with her discerning clinical intuition and her gentle, yet powerful delivery. I have personally witnessed her ability to reconnect couples, untangle painful family issues and help individuals in their quest for health and vitality. As a trainer of therapists, Phuong really models for other therapists how to be a compassionate and effective agent of change for their clients. More...


Kelley Parke

24 April 2015

There are many good therapists in the bay area but it a gift received to find someone like Phuong. As a person, she is bright, grounded, thoughtful, and sincerely and deeply compassionate. As a professional, she brings these qualities into relationship with her clients while also being highly trained and skilled in some of psychotherapy’s most cutting-edge methods. She is a trainer herself in body-centered psychotherapy, trauma treatment, and couples and family therapy. As a practicing therapist it is important to me that I have trusted colleagues for referral. I have had the privilege of working closely with Phuong and she is among the precious few I can recommend with complete confidence. More...


Julie R

19 April 2015

Phuong is a psychotherapist colleague and friend of mine whom I have had the pleasure of seeing first hand how she works. She is gentle and kind in her approach. I would heartily recommend Phuong to potential clients as a skilled Sensorimotor Psychotherapist and a lovely person.

Julie Rimkus, MA, LAC


Michael Quirke

11 April 2015

I've had many wonderful opportunities to work with Phuong and also had many times when I had the chance to both observe and study her psychotherapeutic work with others... Her talent, skill and dedication impress me enormously She brings a natural gift of gentle, empathic presence to her work and she combines it with a wise steady presence.

Precise in her thinking, clear in her presence. She guides clients in an integrative, mindfulness based, somatically- oriented journey of healing and self discovery.

When you add her gifts and talents to her years of clinical experience, you truly have a rare find in the psychotherapy world.

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I love providing effective, skilled therapy for couples looking to mend their conflicts and enhance their feelings of love and satisfaction in their relationships.

I wanted to offer clients more diversity and choices in their selection of healthcare providers. I also wanted to offer therapy that works.

I’ve gained a level of mastery that allows for clients to get better, quicker.


Safe, gentle movements tailored for your specific needs. This movement therapy is great for athletic improvement, emotional regulation, physical rehabilitation, or enriching self-knowledge (like yoga).