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Michelle Liu

Laura's works are genuinely beautiful and natural.


Bernadette Birney

Laura is so gifted. I love seeing the world through her eyes. I'm a huge fan.


Patrick Herdman

Excellent photos, keep up the good work! I'll stay tuned to your page and "monitor" your progress as an artist. Thanks for the invite!

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In portrait and headshot photography, hands down it is the connection between the photographer and the person having their photo taken. They need to feel comfortable and at ease. There are of course technical details, right lighting, camera settings etc. but essentially it is the ability of the photographer to capture the person as they are in the moment.

I would first want to know what the photos are for - acting, business, dating - that will influence where and how we shoot. I would like to get from them as many preferences as possible and very often that is through photo that they like. It's useful to get a sense visually of what the client is interested in.

Working with people is what I love most. I also like working with lighting and using it to set a mood or catch someone in a particular way.

I was inspired to start my own business when I got so busy from friend asking for photos. I then started getting a lot of referrals and the business blossomed from there.

First having a look at my photos and seeing if they like what they see. I don't assume that clients coming to me know anything about the process and I like to take them through each stage, step by step. I like to have fun on each shoot and make it fun for the client as well. Even seasoned actors come in a little nervous but I like to think (and definitely see in the photos!) that people relax pretty quickly.


I specialize in headshot and portrait photography for actors, musicians, authors as well a wide-range of corporate and business industries. I make each session personal to reflect each individual and the work that they do.