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MO Mon

Honest, Pro and knowledgeable. Really like this shop.


Misha Mork

Excellent repairing service and staff are so kind.


Somer Habib

Excellent repairing shop. Knowledgeable staff and professional repairs.


Fhd Jan

The service was exceptional and they helped me a lot by fixing my Laptop and getting all my data back after I deleted everything by mistake!!.


Andrea Ea Ea

I don't know why I didn't have a look this page before repairing my mobile phone on your "shop".
I have my mobile two years, and the screen wasn't working but it was in a perfect condition, not broken.
After THREE WEEKS, and after THREE SCREENS, (suspicious), I have my mobile phone repaired. After a week, and after a little hit on the table, the screen is broken and cracked.
Only as a mark of respect, this morning you should have taken my mobile to repair it again, as a good professional people you say you are. After three weeks, after three screens, and also because you know perfectly that you had problems repairing my mobile. You knew that it wasn't a good job.
And also I would like to say that the screen was smaller than the original one, but I didn't mind that.

Congratulations for your awful repair.


Flo Sutherland Howard

My MacBook Air had liquid damage, and when I took it to the Mac Store, they told me it would be cheaper to buy a new computer than fix mine (upwards of £1000!). Took it to Laptop Doctor, and with considerably better customer service, they had completely fixed my laptop within 2 weeks for only £279. Definitely never going to the official Mac Store again! More...


Elle Iot

They always happy to help no matter how difficult the repair is.


Vanessa Nannan

Fantastic service. Staff are polite, very helpful and communicated at every stage. I would highly recommend!


George Edd

Brilliant repair at a good price, they obviously know their stuff and very welcoming and friendly don’t hesitate to take your repairs there.


Yui Young

this shop fixed my Macbook air for £275 after I split juice on keyboard and it did not power on after that but Apple quoted me buying another for more than £1000, Laptop Doctor manged to save my university files as well, thank you so much , very happy and I will come again if I have any problem,


Merinda Mode

Thanks for saving me by fixing my MacBook quickly. I was able to finish all my work on time because of you.


Maria Cohut

Took my laptop to these guys with a Windows user profile issue ("failed system logon") that kept me locked out of my profile, so I was unable to access any of my data. These guys diagnosed the issue on the spot and solved it without a hitch in record time. They also asked for a fair price for repair, and were very friendly, polite, and helpful throughout. They get both thumbs up from me. More...


Enia Autumn

Very good customer service!
I brought my laptop which was randomly going to sleep if moved or touched. The diagnosis was that Windows needed reinstallation and the laptop needed a new hard drive. Currently being a student and being close to the assignment period, as well as doing my work whilst travelling away from my home base, I really needed a quick repair. I was pleased with the speed of diagnosis and repair. On top of that, I particularly appreciated: 1-being kept informed on the status of diagnosis and repair via the sms updates. 2-the overall professional and friendly attitude of the staff. More...


Georgie Goddard

Took my laptop in because one of the hinges had broken off and the screen was coming away slightly, got a call two days later that it was gonna cost £230 and around 3-4 weeks to get the parts because they were only available in America... after saying no way to that, got a call the next day that magically a refurbished part had appeared so they could do it for £165 - still no way, especially not now this seems like a lie and they knew they could do it for less from the beginning. I'm no laptop expert but looked up the parts for myself and seemed to be readily available in the UK for about £90, including the replacement screen that I almost definitely don't need cos mine works fine. So went to pick it up, and although i wouldn't be leaving such a grumpy review for all to see usually, they took my £20 for "diagnosis" and seemed angry at me when I asked for a copy of the paper work with it on, rather than just leave with no evidence of where my £20 had gone. Never again. And PS £40 for virus removal is just preying on and ripping off those who don't know what they're doing More...


Joy Arnold

Excellent repairs and they kept me in touch with every step they did. Really thankful to have you in Brighton.


Ellie Saad

Reasonable prices and better than most of the other repairing shops. Really happy with how they fixed my laptop screen in only three days.


Ali Mores

Very helpful. They provided me with all the information I needed to know and kept me aware of every step they take to repair my laptop after it had liquid damage.


Maher Smeer

Super good with their repairs. I took my laptop their after I lost my data and they brought most of it back for me and it didn't take much time to get my laptop back with the information.


Martin Stanley Scott

Smashed my iPhone 5 screen on a Saturday, needed it urgently repaired for work the Monday. Took it to Laptop Doctor early afternoon Sunday, was fixed within 40 mins. Fast turn around with friendly, professional service. Decent screen at an affordable price.

Ended up taking my Girlfriend's Mac in to get the power button fixed too, they've been very thorough. Great value for money, highly recommended.


Paul Jarman

Bought a mains adaptor from here about 3 weeks ago for my surface pro. Machine today not booting up and looked like dead yet power cable showed green. Brought both in, fearing the worst. The guys sourced a new power cable for me (within an hour!) and tried that. That new power cable seemed to boot the laptop into life as it was clearly a software/boot issue - and original power cable is now actually working. They didn't charge me a penny despite the effort involved in getting the power cable across.. Great service and would recommend without hesitation. More...

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