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Our company offers proven strategies to help with company organization, growth, profit, team development and helping secure lending. We have a 17 week guarantee for our clients and promise results! We have over 18 years experience working with business owners and understand the challenges they face.


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Austin Stevens

16 July 2019

I never knew business coaching was even a thing. However after being introduced to her I realized how important this aspect of a truly successful business was. Especially if you have never been taught these skills before. Through her coaching and business associates she has put me in touch with am now on my way to building a successful, and financially responsible business. She is an integral part of my business and I have made a new friend as well. She truly cares not only about my business but about me as a person. More...


Jan Pelton

20 May 2019

Lani has been great! I've become a bit stagnant in my business and she is helping me to move forward in ways to help my business grow and get it back to the place I want it to be. She always has great ideas and guidance. More...


Scott Pettit

27 January 2019

We can't say enough about Lani and her abilities. Lani has taken our company to places we never thought possible. She has helped us put into place business practices that we should have done years ago and has made the process simple and easy. We no longer feel so overwhelmed with the everyday business things that as a small company sometimes plague us. We now have the ability to start growing our company in the near future and it is all THANKS to Lani! More...


George Nicholaides

28 November 2018

Lani is a delight to work with and has been invaluable to us in making strides to move our business forward. What a blessing !!


hayden nicholaides

28 November 2018

Lani sets out to make your company better and is determined and knows how to do it. She is easy to work with but at the same time is also very focused and keeps the progress moving forward. She has not made a bad suggestion yet and I do not see one coming in the future. More...


Tyler Coomes

28 November 2018

Lani has been a great asset to our company. Since bringing her on in late 2016, we've not only increased our revenue but also our bottom line. Its nice to have someone help us keep our eye on the weekly numbers and prepare for and ever changing construction industry. I'm the type of person that gets stuck in the day to day operations so its nice to have someone pushing me to grow and succeed on a weekly basis! More...


Tyler C.

26 November 2018

Lani has been a great asset to our company. Since bringing her on in late 2016, we've not only increased our revenue but also our bottom line. Its nice to have someone help us keep an eye on the weekly numbers and prepare for and ever changing construction industry. I'm the type of person that gets stuck in the day to day operations so its nice to have someone pushing me to grow and succeed on a weekly basis! More...


Kimberly B.

12 November 2018

I am so grateful for Lani's help. Her expertise and direction have been integral to the growth of my photography business. I have met with her one to one, in a small group setting, and also in quarterly growth club meetings. In each setting I take home valuable lessons that have directly improved the bottom line of my business and also helped my work life balance. Thank you, Lani! More...


Janna G.

7 November 2018

We have been working with Lani Langton for some time and our business continuously benefits & grows from her guidance & coaching. Whether you are a large, established company, or a young business just starting out - Lani will prove to be an excellent coach & mentor. She gets your systems in place! More...


Sonja Miltner

29 August 2018

Lani can accommodate your needs as a business owner at any level of the process. Questions that new business owners may have, help with hiring quality employees and beyond. She will be there to assit you and track your progress in order to find the success you desire. More...


Carla Roden

10 August 2018

Lani is a true pro at working with clients as they advance their business'. I watched her take a one man landscaper to 8 employees and being booked out 6 weeks. An amazing success story. Recommend her highly for her knowledge along with great common sense. More...


Eric Siebert

10 August 2018

Starting a new company or business? Restructuring your company? Trying to increase profits? Trying to increase sales and performance? Do you want to spend more time with your family while making more money? Then you need to call Lani Langton. She is "The" Certified Business Coach at ActionCOACH! She will get you results in your business, guaranteed! More...


Kimberly Benfield

10 August 2018

Lani has been a tremendous help for my business. I have a small photography business and was stuck in a mindset of "thinking small". Lani helped me break through that so I can envision a thriving and successful business where I can feel satisfied and successful with both my work and home life balance. And she has given me the tools from which to make this possible. I'm well on my way and now meeting the goals she has helped me set. More...


Michael Hume

10 August 2018

You can't find a better coach for your business than Lani Langton. Stop spending all your time working IN your business, and start "climbing the entrepreneurial ladder" and getting guaranteed REAL results by working ON your business with Lani. I have learned SO much from her... and value every bit of wisdom I can get from Lani and the folks at Action Coach. More...


Jackie Grawe

31 July 2018

Lani is the real deal! Enthusiastic, smart, helpful and passionate about helping others grow their businesses. Awesome!!


Michael Hume

27 May 2018

When you are ready to take your business to the next level, the FIRST thing you should do is contact Lani Langton. Tired of spending ALL of your time working IN your business, with little time or energy left to work ON your business? Lani and Action Coach GUARANTEE you will "climb the entrepreneurial ladder" and get real results for your business. You can't go wrong! I personally value every tidbit of wisdom I can gather in from Lani and the folks at Action Coach. More...


Paige Wiese

27 May 2018

It's always difficult finding that extra money to put into your business, on a business coach, when you're slow, but it was the best decision I've made for my business. She's helped me stay focused and achieve the goals I've set out to achieve and I wouldn't have been able to do it without her. Seeing more growth in one year than I had in the last six really showed me that it can be done. Lani does a great job of working along side you, listening to the pitfalls, and prioritizing what's important. More...


Maria Vogeler

27 May 2017

Lani genuinely cares that every single business succeeds -she is so passionate about helping business owners do what is needed to keep their businesses thriving! If you're a new business owner or are just wondering how to move your business forward - contact Lani! More...


Larry Brown

6 October 2016

Lani Helped my business grow by 25% in the first quarter of 2016. Thanks Lani!


Chris Maledon

16 June 2016

Lani is the best business coach in Colorado. She will help you define where you need to grow as a professional.


Desmond Wisniski

4 June 2016

Lani has a great business acumen, that has helped my business flourish in the last few months. She continually pushes me like any great coach should and helps my business to perform at the highest standard. It is great to have someone with her experience to consult when you have new ideas and plans. More...


Ed Jueschke

27 May 2016

Lani is so very friendly with a great attitude. She comes in to the office with the upmost respect for every one. She helps get things focused and in order. Lani makes sure all the numbers of our business look correct and helps us to try and fix them if the don't look right. She always has a very positive attitude towards everything in our business. We would refer her to any body that needs help building there business. More...


Janna Gilbert

4 June 2015

Lani Langton of ActionCoach has amazing knowledge and expertise in business development and strategy. She offers us straight forward, objective insight into what works and what doesn't and provides new processes and perspective for our company. Lani truly cares about our business and is genuinely excited and proud when we hit a new milestone. We look forward to continuing to work with Lani and growing our business. More...

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Getting the results and success for my clients. The ability to show and mentor people to have successful business that they can do over and over again, no matter what business they decide to own.

I wanted to be able to be a trusted resource for business owners and want to do things the right way, some companies only have billable time in mind, not the clients bottom line.

I have a proven track record for getting results. I have been able to hire teams that work, find marketing that works, grow sales while paying attention to the bottom line. I help train you to have a business that works for you, so you don't have too. I have been able to help several of my clients transfer the business over to the next generation or assisting them to create a business that can sell and give them a great retirement. I guarantee results!



Identifying where your value stands and what we need to do to get you there. Help increase the value of your business sales.

Organizational Structure, Culture and Team development. Helps your business to take off with the right people, doing the right things.

Designing a strategic Business Plan with a patented process that is proven to work. Creating a financial Proforma with management outcomes that promises to deliver for securing funding or investors.

We have several programs that can fit into your speed and budget based on what is comfortable for you! We promise results and even believe so much in our services that we are the only coaching firm to offer a Guarantee. So when you absolutely need to get things working, working better or even a tune up, we have the strategies to help.