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Menard Doswell

30 June 2019

I (as well as friends and family) have used Landmark Retrievers, not only to train, but to board, and have been extremely impressed. My dog, not only was excited about going, but ended up being a well trained family dog and gun dog. Roger and Jeffrey have a love for dogs that is a joy to see. I recently bought two yellow labs and intend on sending them to Landmark. More...


Southern Life Forever

30 June 2019

I have been a client of Landmark Retrievers for well over 10 years. The training and care given to my retrievers is outstanding. From boarding, grooming to basic training and beyond – Landmark Retrievers is the place for my beloved pups.Keep up the great work – Rem & Fen will be there soon.Laura J. SparksCEOFounder / Owner Southern Life Forever More...


Deborah Williams

30 June 2019

Roger and Megan have trained 4 of our dogs. We could not be more pleased. Our dogs are well behaved and excellent hunters. They know when it's time to work and when it's time to play. We continue to take our dogs to Landmark for boarding as needed. I wouldn't use anyone else! More...


matt mcfarland

30 June 2019

I have known Roger Conant, Landmark Retrievers owner, for almost 20 years.He has trained and boarded all 3 of my labs and has done an outstanding job on each of them. I understand there was an employee in the past that acted inappropriately but I would not blame Roger for that, especially after he terminated the employee after the incident. He hired an employee that acted inappropriately. Any business owner can relate. Anyone that knows Roger knows that would never happen if he knew it was going on. Roger and his staff are pros. If you want a dog boarded and trained by a true PROFESSIONAL, go visit Landmark. He has an innate ability to understand a dogs personality and to therefore approach training based on that personality. That is an art that saves massive amounts of time and money for the dogs owners. Can’t understate this ability that is crucial. My most recent experience was having my lab Maggie down there for training. I spent lots of time and money on her training before reaching out to Roger and Meghan, due to moving out of the area. Maggie was testing my last nerve. Finally I made the drive back to Landmark and now I have a well behaved member of the family! Can’t thank them enough for the transformation. If you need boarding or training, go to Landmark Retrievers. Meet Meghan and Roger and you will be comforted. Any questions, feel free to connect with me. More...


Wayne Munsterman

24 May 2019

Roger and Megan have been great. Through their training, it has improved the relationship with me and Lilly. I now have confidence that she will respond to commands. Often times in the field I'll loose sight of her in the brush and you call HERE and she comes to me. The rattlesnake training was great and gives me a piece of mind when is out running around in the field.Thanks again. More...


Mike Bryant

24 May 2019

Our three year old female yellow lab Scout has become the perfect Gun Dog and companion after going through obedience training with Roger and team at Landmark. From basic Sit, Here, Scout (retrieve) to the hand signals she learned on her second visit with Landmark's team Landmark professionalism and care for her exceeded my expectations. Thank you Roger and team and note we will be sending another female yellow lab down in about 18 months. More...



21 May 2019

Roger & his staff are awesome! Our white labrador went through Landmark's six week training and came home a well behaved and disciplined dog. Our Sugaree loves staying at Landmark and we are confident that she is well taken care of while she is there! More...


Megan Moore

20 May 2019

I have had nothing but great experiences here. My dogs love it and with Jeffrey Schultz gone I can tell that the staff really love my dogs and they are happy here.


Scott Thomison

29 September 2018

It appears that people are viewing a video from 2015 and then commenting and slandering a company off a video that them themselves have not used. Based on people that actually use the facility they gave great reviews. Stop going off other peoples word and do the research yourself contact Landmark and ask. More...


John Vandermeer

18 December 2017

Roger has trained three of my labs now and has done a spectacular job with each one of them. They have all come back well mannered and responsive to commands. The kennel and the grounds are clean and orderly and the dogs all have great areas to exercise and train. Roger and Jeff are always communicative and will answer any questions you have More...


James Madden

12 October 2017

Roger Conant is truly a lab-whisperer. We got our family's yellow lab from him years ago, and he then trained and boarded her for years. The facility is first class, including the kennels, fields, and swimming tanks.

I would also highly recommend his teaching curriculum. I got it for my new lab puppy. It is very clear and helpful way for seeing the world through a lab's eyes.

So, whether you get the teaching material or have your dog trained or boarded at Landmark, you won't be disappointed.


James Lewandowski

6 October 2017

I have been a customer of Landmark Retrievers for over 11 years. The entire team is super knowledgeable particularly when it comes to Labradors. Roger and his team trained my dog when she was 6 months old and she has been the most enjoyable dog as a result. Their training helps both the dog and the owners to have a much better life. Additionally their boarding services are exceptional and my dog frequently stays for extended vacations with the Landmark team. Landmark deserves the highest level of recommendation i can offer. More...


Suzanne Mckechnie

5 October 2017

Our 2 year old Lab Finley just came home today from a 5 day stay with Roger & Jeff. She has a great time at Landmark Retrievers. Actually, she jumps out of the car and can't wait to see everyone there. That says a lot!! Simply the best training and boarding facility. We love it! More...


JoAnne Moore

4 October 2017

Our field trial golden retriever has been trained by the staff at Landmark on and off for the past 2 years. We have been so pleased with the service they supply. Whenever we go out of town on trips longer than 5 days, Nola gets to go to "camp" with Roger, Jeff and Megan. She loves it! More...


Katie Davis

4 October 2017

This place was AMAZING to our dogs! We took our 8 month old yellow lab and 10 month old golden retriever for the 6-week basic training program. Both dogs had an absolute blast. They were able to run around and swim every day, while being trained daily on obedience both on and off leash. Roger, Jeff, and Megan were all extremely kind and respectful to both our family and our dogs. Our dogs love seeing them. We were able to go out once a week and work with the dogs ourselves which was good training for both us and them! We now take our girls back every time we go on vacation for a refresher training and some time out in the open fields! More...

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