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My name is Laine Norton, I am a fully qualified in-home personal trainer and nutrition adviser. At LN Fitness I specialize in getting sustainable weight loss results from the comfort of your own home.


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I work with people that wish to improve their body shape and fitness without having to go to a gym. everything is tailored to each individual that I work with and I make sure I provide everything that is needed to get the result you want.

Being consistent with a plan that you can stick to. Everybody has different needs, goals and preferences so it is about finding a method that works for you as an individual.

The fact that I get to work alongside people that are improving both their bodies and lives. Seeing people achieve things that they thought impossible is awesome.

I initially got into personal training after losing a bit of weight myself and seeing the positive impact it can have first hand. I started work inside a commercial gym but was almost forced to work with anybody and everybody. I enjoy and feel I am best working with people whose main goal is to lose fat and improving their bodies so I started a business where I focus on those individuals.

The main reason is obvious, the methods that I use are fairly simple to follow but are very effective. I will work with you and find a way for you to reach yours goals.