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Our practice provides design services-architectural and consulting engineering-for commercial, mixed-use and multi-family projects including all phases of design from master planning, site planning, conceptual design, schematic design, design development, construction documents and construction administration/observation.



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The first checkpoint should be whether there is a market for your project. Once you have determined that the project is viable, we can assess your site/building conditions to determine whether your goals are achievable. Your goals are documented and discussed in-depth with you so that the planning process is productive and progressive. Some critical aspects to assess are structural integrity of the building, zoning and building code requirements, project schedule and construction budget. A desirable loft has certain spatial qualities/ dimensional proportions that offers design alternatives that will result in a functional, highly marketable living unit. One of our many strengths is creativity within an established budget and conveying those concepts to our client in ways that can be fully understood. Communication of ideas is critical to a successful project delivery and a factor that we earnestly seek to achieve with each of our clients.

Our design services commence with a "visioning" session to gather vital information about the project site and to document the client's goals and objectives. The standard process involves phases, each followed by an Owner's review period and revisions as required. Following Schematic Design, we commence engineering services so that there is seamless integration of all building systems. The typical design phases are: master planning (if applicable), site/space planning, schematic design, design development, contract documents and construction administration/observation.

We have two talented, experienced interior designers who go to great lengths to please our clients. In short, the process commences with space planning , followed by schematic design and production of "story boards" or material and sample boards to hash out the client's preferences toward wall, floor and ceiling finishes, hardware and lighting options. Working hand-in-hand with the project architect , your design team integrates the architecture with interior and MEP engineering components to assure "buildability" and a successful design solution.

We are diverse in our love of architectural styles from classical to traditional to contemporary and pride ourselves in aligning our design style with our clients' design goals. The majority of our residential clientel seek contemporary solutions using the latest technologies and materials.

Seeing the look on my clients' faces when their project is brought to fruition

Having the ability to control the level of service, creativity and professionalism that I can offer my clients.

Many reasons; full seamless, one-stop services, design talent and skillful expertise in a diverse type of commercial projects (especially retail, entertainment and dining) and a commitment to client satisfaction.