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If you’re the type of individual, either a business owner or marketing manager, that believes in building a strong business foundation FIRST before taking on any new marketing elements then we are the RIGHT company for you.

Koogar are Integrated Marketing Strategists who are EXPERTS in digital!

We MOST CERTAINLY believe in personal development and constant learning to keep up to date, however we also believe that we (as businesses) need to understand why, how and what we do as a company before investing in the next new trend by integrating what currently works.

In short we guide YOU by developing, enhancing and implementing YOUR ideas into your brand to ensure the right message is going to the right people and being delivered by the right media.

You will benefit most when you think of us as YOUR marketing department, albeit outsourced. Use us to help YOU define your marketing objectives, then develop them and finally implement the appropriate strategy for YOUR business to move forward.

Koogar Reviews

Koogar Reviews

Review of Koogar by Lindsey Marriott
5 26/06/2018 Lindsey Marriott

Amanda has that brilliant mix of inspirational and practical - a great probing way which gets straight to the heart of the issue - loved her talk about how to develop amazing content at a recent event...which was full of examples, practical tips and thought provoking aspects - and with a burning passion for customer experience too - what more could you want from a marketing specialist!

Review of Koogar by Kerry Gibbs
5 25/06/2018 Kerry Gibbs

Thanks Amanda for your talk last week. You are so knowledgeable and straight to the point and I learnt so much from in that time. Very friendly and approachable too.

Review of Koogar by Pragna Soni
5 25/06/2018 Pragna Soni

Wow, Amanda is such a knowledgeable and expert in her field. Her talk was so powerful and very useful. I have learnt so much in that 40 minutes and has started seeing results in my business. I now know where I was going wrong. She is so transparent and to the point. No nonsense and very professional. Thank you for sharing your expertise Amanda. Such a big help :-)

Review of Koogar by Yasmin Ali
5 25/06/2018 Yasmin Ali

I saw Amanda speaking at a recent event on sales and marketing and enjoyed her presentation. She has an easy going style which made the information understandable and relevant. She clearly showed her knowledge in the subject area.

Review of Koogar by Bev Thorogood
5 25/06/2018 Bev Thorogood

I saw Amanda speak at a Sales and Marketing Seminar last week and I was very impressed with her depth of knowledge and common sense, practical tips to help with our online content marketing. I would definitely recommend speaking to Amanda if you need someone to run your campaigns or simply to give you some clarity over your marketing efforts. I will certainly be seeking her out to help take my marketing forward in the future.

Review of Koogar by Neil Thompson
5 26/04/2018 Neil Thompson

I booked a session with Amanda to review my marketing plans and I am so glad I did. Her intelligence and insights came shining through and it proved to be a very positive and worthwhile experience. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who wants guidance on marketing issues.

Review of Koogar by Alice Smith
5 14/03/2018 Alice Smith

Super talk at the Rochdale A4B, really clear, engaging and informative. Great to see so many people coming over to you at the end with questions and interest in what you do, I hope you caught time to take a breath! Alice

Review of Koogar by Hartshead Productions
5 28/02/2018 Hartshead Productions

I had a 30 min chat session with Koogar about my website and the information given was brilliant, I have confidence that my website is doing what it needs to do now. I would highly reccommend Koogar for anyone looking for help with their website or marketing. Thanks

Review of Koogar by Alex Staniforth
5 25/02/2018 Alex Staniforth

Amanda is a true professional, really knows her stuff, and gets straight to the solution of a problem without any faff. This makes her integrating marketing sessions great value for money, for a wide variety of businesses including personal brands like my own. Amanda also makes a real effort to get to know and understand her clients and their longer-term mission.

Review of Koogar by Businessline Wrexham
5 21/02/2018 Businessline Wrexham

Amanda delivered a highly beneficial workshop during one of our regular 360 Networking meetings in Wrexham. During the session delegates in attendance were able to identify how customers engage with their business and were able to take away 11 steps aimed at improving their customer’s journey. The session was very well received by the delegates in attendance, with valuable and thought provoking concepts provided via a well-structured, engaging and easy to follow presentation. Amanda tailored the workshop to the delegates that were in attendance, which ensured they left reinvigorated with fresh ideas and proven strategies that could easily be applied to their business. We are very much looking forward to inviting Amanda back to deliver a future session.

Review of Koogar by Donna O'Keefe
5 08/11/2017 Donna O'Keefe

Enjoyed an interactive Customer Journey workshop recently with Amanda. Her style is relaxed and informal, but she cuts through with laser precision to the heart of what you maybe lacking to drive your business forward. Very insightful session and thoroughly enjoyed. Would highly recommend if you are short on time and just need a quick delve into your marketing tactics. Donna, Cheshire Granite Worktops.

Review of Koogar by Jo Nelson
5 07/11/2017 Jo Nelson

Amanda's knowledge, experience and enthusiasm is fantastic. As i'm a one man band she's been everything I need to keep me on track , motivate me and provide me with the skills I need to push the business forward. Always on hand to advise and point me in the right direction. I would highly recommend Amanda. One to one is invaluable but also the courses that Koogar run are great value for money.

Review of Koogar by Kirsty James
5 31/10/2017 Kirsty James

I recently attended a half day marketing course by Koogar Integrated and Digital Marketing on the ‘11 steps of the customer journey’. An excellent workshop that was concise, practical, easy to follow, organised, and provided plenty of excellent resources. Whether you’re after 1-2-1 marketing support or a group workshop, I can’t recommend Amanda Daniels at Koogar more highly as there is something to offer businesses of all sizes with varying budgets and levels of marketing experience.

Review of Koogar by Neill Monks
5 30/10/2017 Neill Monks

The training and advice given was top class and I could not fault it. Our speaker Amanda was very approachable and honest with her responses. She approached the topics through the eyes of the buyer/client rather than one size fits all approach, it was more 'Who is your client, what do they experience, how will they respond' etc. The course was well thought out and structured to get the most out of the time available. Highly Recommended!

Review of Koogar by Sandra Donoghue
5 18/10/2017 Sandra Donoghue

Amanda was fabulous speaking at our annual Mingle Business Conference recently. Sharing her knowledge and vast experience, she delivered an interactive presentation featuring '11 ways to kick-start your marketing ANYTIME of the year'. It was all about 'Be the Best at marketing You' and it was very well received with delegates and visitors alike and it certainly added great value to our event.
Thank you Amanda for Wowing our audience, you're amazing!

Review of Koogar by Matthew Jackman
5 12/10/2017 Matthew Jackman

I recently attended the ‘The Mini (Half Day) – 11 Steps to Creating your Customer Journey’ presented by Amanda. This brief introduction to the customer journey was packed full of takeaways and light bulb moments. Amanda as a presenter is both engaging and genuine which meant that the thought provoking and sometimes complex content was easily absorbed and always felt relevant. The workshop was extremely beneficial to me as a brand new start up, as it has given me a great foundation and renewed focus to go on and build my own customers journey.

Review of Koogar by A Google User
5 28/09/2017 A Google User

Amanda and her team have been an incredible help to the business I work for. Very approachable, knowledgeable and passionate about doing things the right way. I am excited to see what our business is capable of achieving in the coming years - with Koogar's support.

Review of Koogar by A Google User
5 28/09/2017 A Google User

Amanda and her team has offered incredible help to my business, an IP law firm, across a range of different areas of expertise. We love working with Koogar - and will continue to do so in the future.

Review of Koogar by Christopher David Mitchell
5 28/05/2017 Christopher David Mitchell

Within the first coaching session with Amanda, I instantly noticed great improvement and growth to my business. She was very detailed and gave me a perfect guide on how to bring in more customers... and it really worked!!
She's friendly, passionate and incredibly knowledgable. I would love to continue working with Amanda in the future!

Review of Koogar by Andy Scott
5 17/05/2017 Andy Scott

Amanda Daniels is very approachable, and her presentation style and technique made delivery of her contact easy to understand. I highly recommend Koogar Limited for all your Integrated & Digital Marketing.

Review of Koogar by tubs
5 10/05/2017 tubs

At Perito Property Ltd we originally commissioned Amanda to provide social media training for our new company. What we got was much more than this. She was able to get the team thinking strategically about the company and how this could then be translated into content on social media. An excellent session and great value for money

Review of Koogar by Aiden Ogden
5 09/05/2017 Aiden Ogden

Amanda is awesome. Spent a couple of hours with her, and it turned out that I had stacks of things to work on that I'd never even considered. Only half way through the list of things she suggested, and I've started getting new business already! Thanks Amanda!!! ?

Review of Koogar by Will Polston
5 13/04/2017 Will Polston

I was incredibly impressed with the professionalism and ease of working with Amanda from Koogar. As someone that books a lot of speakers I can honestly say she is the real deal. Authentic with great value to offer. I highly recommend her.

Review of Koogar by anastasia furlong
5 02/04/2017 anastasia furlong

I had social media training with Koogar before I opened my business ,9 months open now and it has really helped so much in gaining new customers through social media so thank you Amanda

Review of Koogar by anne-marie mayers
5 20/03/2017 anne-marie mayers

I had a full day with Amanda and her team. The day was powerful and thought provoking. I was given a strong marketing strategy to help grow my business with ideas for blogs, YouTube, podcasts etc everything we had discussed in the meeting was delivered in the marketing plan.

Review of Koogar by Zoe Lancaster
5 17/02/2017 Zoe Lancaster

I was at a recent event where Koogar were talking. I came away feeling inspired, but also clear about the focus of my marketing plan and where to take it. Thanks Amanda "I have taken a knee"

Review of Koogar by Tania McGee
5 03/02/2017 Tania McGee

I attended Koogar Ltd's Marketing Planning Day course. The course was intensive but very informative and gave me a lot of useful and interesting insights that I can use in my marketing efforts going forward. Throughout the day's course, Amanda was very helpful and her passion for her subject is infectious. I would heartily recommend this course and Koogar Limited.

Review of Koogar by Charlotte Wright
5 18/01/2017 Charlotte Wright

I attended Koogar Marketing's Planning Day in December 2016 and found it very useful and also very fun! It was a great way to ensure the business is ready for big marketing changes going forward and is also organised so we can keep on top of any marketing work!

The day was a great way to also network with other businesses and learn how they can fit the material taught in the training into their businesses.

If you're looking to create an organised marketing strategy for your business, attend the Marketing Planning Day!

Review of Koogar by Philip Loxton
5 18/04/2016 Philip Loxton

I would like to recommend Amanda as a mentor and business coach. During the time I have worked with her she has given me valuable input and offered insights which have concretely helped me to improve my ability to manage my business and personal affairs. It has been a very fruitful experience for me and one that I have found to be both refreshing and enjoyable. Amanda is very knowledgeable and motivating and really takes the time to listen to you and understand your situation before giving advice.

Review of Koogar by Jay Allen
5 29/03/2016 Jay Allen

As a business success strategy coach it has never been more important to have an exceptional online and offline marketing presence, and thats why I turned to Amanda and Koogar Integrated Marketing.
Having initially seen Amanda as a keynote speaker it was immediately evident her knowledge, understanding and passion for what she does was overwhelming.
Over the past 2 years we've brought all 3 of our businesses over to be managed by Koogar, and delighted with the response, interaction, recommendations and timeframe of execution.
I cannot recommend Amanda and the team at Koogar high enough for anyone who wishes to turn a marketing spend into a marketing investment.

Review of Koogar by Jane Hawkes
5 Jane Hawkes

An amazing insight today from Amanda on marketing strategy. If you are running a business this kind of knowledge and experience is so invaluable.Thank you.

Review of Koogar by Helen Young
5 Helen Young

Today Amanda shared some useful information about your business benefitting from a marketing strategy. The guidance, tips and info shared today was invaluable and already I've put so much of it into action. Thank you so much x

Review of Koogar by Freya Bentham
5 Freya Bentham

Went to the most interesting and informative talk with Amanda yesterday. She made me realise i need to tailor my marketing strategy on specific groups. Amanda suggested ideas, tools and resources that i had never even thought about, some i hadn't even heard of. Thank you so much, i feel as though I've come out of your talk with invaluable knowledge to push my business forward.

Review of Koogar by Katie Paddle
5 Katie Paddle

I met Amanda at Northwich Women in Business last week. She is a fantastic speaker, really engaging, warm and approachable. Her talk was full of great tips and advice. She knows everything you don't get round to doing as a small business owner, yes, guilty as charged! Her presentation gave me great motivation to tackle our business marketing this year. A really great speaker, thanks Amanda.

Review of Koogar by Dawn Beschorner
5 Dawn Beschorner

Amanda is a fantastic speaker, she has spoken at the ladies networking group I run on a number of occasions. She is engaging, knowledgeable and interesting. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her if you are looking for a speaker for your event.

Review of Koogar by Tara Louise
5 Tara Louise

I have attended a workshop run my Amanda and a talk, both of which have been incredibly useful. She has a way of pointing out what should be obvious but we so often miss or over look in our businesses and is full of useful help and advice.

Review of Koogar by Hanni Roberts
5 Hanni Roberts

I love Amanda's social media training sessions, rather than reading from set slides or handouts as other trainers may do, the sessions are very much tailored to the individuals in the group.
Amanda is full of ideas, and helps the attendees map out their own ideas and what is working, what is not, and where they could go next.
I would throughly recommended Koogar. :)

Review of Koogar by Sharon Lam
5 Sharon Lam

Amanda from Koogar recently gave a talk at our local Bizmums meeting, and she was really engaging, full of useful advice and suggestions, and it seems to me, made a great impact on the audience. The talk was very interactive, and inclusive. I love that having read and listened to so many marketing and other business 'gurus', she was able to give us several short but key messages useful for any business wanting to review their marketing strategy.

Review of Koogar by Christopher David Mitchell
5 Christopher David Mitchell

Within the first coaching session with Amanda, I instantly noticed great improvement and growth to my business. She was very detailed and gave me a perfect guide on how to bring in more customers... and it really worked!!
She's friendly, passionate and incredibly knowledgable. I would love to continue working with Amanda in the future!

Review of Koogar by Lowri Jones
5 Lowri Jones

Recently attended a Social Media for Business course with Koogar - Intergrated Marketing at Coleg Menai-Llandrillo, and learned far more than how to just navigate the different Social Media platforms. She gave us a firm foundation from which to build various marketing strategies tailored to our businesses thus enabling us to draw on our own ideas, rather than mimicking others. Amanda's style of lecturing is engaging, enthusiastic, very informative and direct. She managed to pass a lot of relevant information over in a way which we could use when we left the course. I left the course feeling much more positive. Thank you again Amanda!!

Review of Koogar by Yifan Nairn
5 Yifan Nairn

I attended Amanda's marketing plan for 2017 workshop last December. The training not only helped me with getting clarity about my business but also packed with useful tips and advice that I could take away and start working on it straight away. She made me prioritising my to-do lists in a realistic way. And I love listening to your podcasts!

Review of Koogar by Jay Allen
5 Jay Allen

Everytime we remember to implement the actions advised by Amanda we end up making more money! - Thank you.

Review of Koogar by Joanna Nelson
5 Joanna Nelson

Amanda is fab. Hugely knowledgeable, fun, intelligent and approachable. Particularly from a small business point of view she's that invaluable sounding board, the kick up the ass, the hi five!, the motivation, the encouragement... All the bits that are hard when you work for yourself. Highly recommended.

Review of Koogar by Judith Bond
5 Judith Bond

I set up my business in early 2014 and met Amanda that summer on a Business Wales Social Media course in Wales. Amanda led the course and I was immediately hooked on her brand of training. Being a natural communicator certainly gives Amanda a good start and she is well known on the regional marketing conference circuit for her visionary presentations. Please let us have more Trainers and Mentors who actually run their own businesses and in this case are at the cutting edge of knowledge in digital marketing!

Small business owners spend so much time looking down at their product, and Amanda has a very natural and inspiring way of getting people to raise their eyes, see the big picture, and understand the benefits of thinking strategically and planning ahead. And the benefits are incalculable. Almost everything I have learned about digital / social marketing has come from Amanda and for that I am very grateful. I would thoroughly recommend attending one of Amanda’s workshops if you get the chance.

I engaged Amanda to design my branding and website in April 2015 and we worked together for a number of months on this project. I appreciated the way Amanda listened to my ideas and helped me develop them into a lovely logo and brand which I am very proud of. Amanda made the effort to come over to Wales to meet me on a number of occasions and I was grateful to take delivery of a live website in November last year.

I am grateful to Amanda for the confidence she has brought out in me, the enthusiasm for innovative marketing that she has ignited in me and the professionalism she has shown every step of the way.

Review of Koogar by Julie Smith
5 Julie Smith

I attended a seminar by Amanda on "11 ways to kick start your marketing". Her presentation was very engaging and thought provoking, it has certainly given me a lot to think about. Lots of good practical and tactical advice. I will certainly be connecting with Amanda in the future for her valued experience and insight into marketing.

Review of Koogar by Kirsty James
5 Kirsty James

I recently attended a half day marketing course by Koogar Integrated and Digital Marketing on the ‘11 steps of the customer journey’. An excellent workshop that was concise, practical, easy to follow, organised, and provided plenty of excellent resources. Whether you’re after 1-2-1 marketing support or a group workshop, I can’t recommend Amanda Daniels at Koogar more highly as there is something to offer businesses of all sizes with varying budgets and levels of marketing experience.

Review of Koogar by Scott Dawson
5 Scott Dawson

amazing advice on my website, has made me realise how much i need to change the way I do things. thankyou for your advice. Highly recommended.

Review of Koogar by Lisa King
5 Lisa King

Just had a brilliant call with Amanda, thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience, it’s helped me get clarity of my vision and how to push that forward to build my business further, thanks again, Lisa

Review of Koogar by Lottie Bradshaw
5 Lottie Bradshaw

Amanda delivered a fantastic presentation to a networking group I’m a member of and I left feeling very motivated. So much so, I did my first Facebook live this morning and thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you for the great information and the confidence boost you provided.

Review of Koogar by Carol-Ann Reid
5 Carol-Ann Reid

After a great discovery call with Amanda, I have so much more clarity on what action steps I need to take to ensure my business goes to the next level.
Very informative and wow does she know her stuff! Excited for future progress and thank you.


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