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London, Greater London, United Kingdom, london

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London, Greater London, United Kingdom, london



Kolden kitchen is a catering company offering African/French fusion food via private chef hire and personal cooking-class, gathering people around bespoke culinary experiences.
Colourful, healthy and memorable dishes are the result of this delicious fusion.


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2 July 2019

Met the chef, Elody on her travels in Africa. Really inspiring hearing about her passion for cuisine and sharing delicious food experiences with others! Can’t wait to see where her ventures take her More...

10 June 2019

The chef has a very bubbly and warm personality and you instantly feel like you have known each other forever.....And the food is very tasty.

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I am French with Portuguese- Camerouneese heritage so I am specialised in French-African fusion food. One of my signature dishes is Octopus poached in spices mango juice, Kassava humous and heart of tomatoes. Another one is my braised chicken marinated in African spices served with roasted asparagus. I also have my take on French classics like gratin dauphinoise and beef bourguignon for exemple.

I provide fully vegan vegetarian menu also. Have a look at my instagram: https://www.instagram.com/koldenkitchen/

It is all about communication. I am good at creating and visualizing so I love to assist in the process to make sure my client' vision comes to reality for the event or dinner of their dream. The ambiance and detail matter a lot so of course the food is the main focus but everything around is just as important to make something personal and perfect.

It is so exciting to meet all those different people and to help them do something for themselves. At the end of the day I see Koldenkitchen as self-care; It is for your wellbeing that you decide to spend time with your friends and family in an intimate place while enjoying deliciously healthy food. I love the togetherness it brings.

I worked for amazing restaurants in Paris, Sydney, and London. I just felt that regardless of the reputation of a venue it all comes down to the service you are receiving; Sometimes it is just not good enough because of an inexperienced waiter or a chef refusing to change a dish respecting your diet or the people at the next table just running the ambiance you want for yourself..

Kolden kitchen kept the best from the best around the world and personalized the service to a level that is just unseen on the mainstream culinary scene.

People choose KoldenKitchen for themselves! If you have to pay you might as well go for an experience that is worth it, something unique and personal.
We are all after something different depending on the occasion, the people it is for, and simply our lifestyle, so the experience need to match the specific needs of the client. Kolden Kitchen creates a menu for you, prepares it at your home while you can just live the moment with your family and friends.


African/French fusion food

Weddings, birthday party, Baby shower, at-home celebration ..