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Dee A. Nash

13 August 2018

They were so good at the Harley Owners’ Group rally in Ardmore this year. So fun!!


Sabrena Kozik Miller

13 August 2018

By far, if anyone knelt during the rendition of America Strong Collage of Songs, sung by Krysten Knievel, with the Gibson Fireworks in the background at the Cornfield 500, should be tarred and feathered!


Bri Gates

13 August 2018

Talented passionate and entertaining with a voice that rocks


Doug Forst

13 August 2018

Excellent show at Bannermans. Awesome sound. Great range of music. Had a blast. Thank you for sharing your talents!


Chuck Brown

13 August 2018

Excellent band that can get you moving to the music. Krysten Knievel's vocal talent is simply amazing. Very good stage presence and audience interaction. This band is worthy of more bookings and better venues. More...

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