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Professional cleaning company providing cleaning services within zone 5
Establiskk vanhed in 2004, Klean Keepers has gone on to be a reliable and honest cleaning company serving all kinds of clients in many different sectors. We provide specialist support for property management firms having worked with many of them throughout the years. We also know the mechanisms of other kind of industry including office cleaning, communal areas and medical centres, retail outlets, end of of tenancy and many other services.

We are based in Battersea and cover the whole of London. We are happy to visit you and provide an accurate quotation.

Please enquire within and call us on 0207 978 2004 You can email us on admin@kleankeepers.co.uk

At Klean Keepers, we believe that good communication and consistent feedback are two important cornerstones that act as foundations for any kind of business relationship. This is why (as part of our package), we assign clients with a personal operations manager whom they can contact whenever they feel necessary. We also believe in acting ethically towards cleaners, which is why we pay our cleaning operatives above minimum wage, train them, and give them opportunity to take time off.

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Klean Keepers Ltd Reviews

Klean Keepers Ltd Reviews

Review of Klean Keepers Ltd by John Hockley
5 22/11/2016

Outstanding cleaning company and the staff are well experienced and always keep the office to a very high standard which is why i am delighted to vouch for them

John Hockley
Review of Klean Keepers Ltd by David Cooper
5 15/08/2016

Klean Keepers do the office cleaning for our company in Bishopsgate and i would recommend them to anyone as they are efficient and friendly.

David Cooper
Review of Klean Keepers Ltd by Patrick
5 15/08/2016

Hi Klean Keepers, I have been asked to do a review for the regualr office cleaning that you do for me and i must state that its very good and well organised especially when things go wrong you always correct it like when there was a problem with the equipment you informed me immediately so i could attend to it.
Thank you

Review of Klean Keepers Ltd by Ivan Silas
5 12/08/2016

Klean keepers are really good when it comes to cleaning my office as every morning i walk into a fresh and clean office. Thanks for your good work.

Ivan Silas
Review of Klean Keepers Ltd by Tracy Larkins
5 12/08/2016

Very pleased with their service offering communal cleaning for the building we manage. I recommend them for communal cleaning as they are very competent.

Tracy Larkins
Review of Klean Keepers Ltd by Simon Phillips
4 12/08/2016

Inever looked back when i furst started using Klean Keepers for my office cleaning as was let down by my previous cleaning company i used as i found out they hardly turned up to clean our offices in Holborn. Excellent service

Simon Phillips
Review of Klean Keepers Ltd by Navin Chanrai
5 12/08/2016

I was surorisd how efficient they were especially when the cleaners are well trained when cleaning my 5 office branches in the city. Very good service

Navin Chanrai
Review of Klean Keepers Ltd by James Salmon
5 12/08/2016

Klean Keepers does a wonderful service for our office cleaning and make it tailor suited to our requirements. I have already refered a friend of mine to use them for their professional end of tenancy clean. Thanks for your help

James Salmon
Review of Klean Keepers Ltd by Chris Forbes
5 12/08/2016

We are a property management company and have been using Klean Keepers since 2007 and until today they cover all our communal areas for the building that we manage. Fantastic service because they allways leyt me know what is going on especially when things go wrong and try to put it right. I have no hesitation in recommending them to any company that uses them

Chris Forbes
Review of Klean Keepers Ltd by Mike Rogers
5 12/08/2016

I have been using Klean Keepers since 2008 and have always been there for me especially when the holiday season is on ensuring the staff cover and informing me about all the issues. Very satisfied and have refered them to a few companies now

Mike Rogers

Klean Keepers Ltd

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Google Reviews of Klean Keepers Ltd

Google Reviews

Review of Klean Keepers Ltd by Daniel Dymond
3 months ago

KleanKeepers have been cleaning our offices for over a year now and their services has always been thorough, attentive and courteous.

Daniel Dymond
Review of Klean Keepers Ltd by Mohamed Anwar
6 months ago

Staff are really friendly. I recommend them to anyone who's looking for professional cleaning service at reasonable prices.

Mohamed Anwar
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21 Ingate Pl, London SW8 3EG, UK

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Klean Keepers Ltd Q&A

Klean Keepers Ltd Q&A

How can someone tell if their loft is suitable for conversion?

This depends on the pitch and span length. If it is above 45 degrees and the span is longer than 5.5 metres then it would be
suitable for a conversion

Run us through the different stages in the loft conversion process - what’s involved?

The roof space is inspected for suitability
An inspection of the inside of the roof space will provide information as to its suitability for conversion. The main features to initially consider include height, access and obstacles. Here, a water storage tank and chimney stacks formed the main obstacles, but the height and pitch suggested that conversion was possible.
Not sure what to do if your roof isn’t suitable for a loft conversion? Find out in our guide to conversions for difficult roof constructions
2. An architect or surveyor will confirm suitability and create plans
An architect or surveyor will confirm the loft’s suitability for conversion. It is also necessary to take into account whether the building will be adequate to take the added load of a conversion. Following this, plans are drawn which also provide a basis for cost analysis, and what tasks can be done on a DIY basis.
3. The loft is cleared and prepped
With Building Control approval, work can be started by clearing the loft space. In this example the water storage tank was redundant because a new combi boiler was fitted. If this is still required then it will need to be moved to a convenient space to the side. Two chimney stacks were removed.
4. Rewiring is assessed
The electrical wiring and other services that are attached to joists and binders must be removed and rerouted. It provides a good opportunity to replace and improve the original wiring. This requirement is likely to mean that some services may not be available until the new wiring and any pipework can be replaced.
5. New floor joists fitted
The new floor joists can now be fitted. The actual sizes will depend upon the spans, but might typically be 50mm x 220mm C24 or C16 timbers spaced at 400mm intervals. Where there is a window or door opening below this is bridged by doubled-up timber suspended between doubled-up joists. The intermediate joists are attached to the window bridge using joist hangers. New wiring and any required pipework can now be installed.
6. Floors are insulated
The spaces between the joists are filled with insulation to a depth of 100mm. Following Building Control inspection, the joists can be covered with floorboards. The roofing struts and hangers are temporary but securely reinstalled until suitable replacement arrangements are in place.
7. Floorboards laid
The tongue-and-groove chipboard floorboards are held in place with screws. A water-resistant grade is a good choice, and essential in the bath or shower room.
8. Rafters reinforced
Work can now be started in rafter reinforcement in accordance with the structural requirements, so that the purlins, struts and collars can be safely removed. This will open up the area.
9. Dormers installed (if applicable)
Dormers can now be installed. This will involve opening up the roof, so dry weather is desirable to avoid the risk of water damage. The Building Control officer will inspect to ensure that the roof structure reinforcements are as specified.
Two end dormers were fitted, and a mid dormer that is destined to be the shower room.
10. Rooflights installed
Roof windows are an effective way of letting in natural light. In this project a roof window was fitted above the stairwell. These require the surrounding timbers to be reinforced but are easier to fit than dormers.
11. Staircase fitted
The point at which the staircase is fitted will depend upon individual circumstances, but when in place will give easier access to the loft area. In this example the hallway was widened by knocking down a non-loadbearing front room to the hallway wall and rebuilding the wall 450mm into the front room.
12. Dormers tiled and vents fitted
The dormers are tiled and clad to fully weatherproof them. The end dormers in this example have tiled roofs and tile cladding, whereas the shower room has a felted flat roof and tile cladding. Scaffolding will be required for safe working. Ridge and soffit vents are fitted at a convenient stage.
13. Windows fitted in dormers
The windows are fitted in the dormer openings previously accurately measured. PVCu Class ‘A’ windows were fitted here with an egress hinge on the side-opening sash to provide a good fire exit.
14. The roof is insulated
Insulation is placed between the rafters, with a 50mm air gap between the roofing felt and the insulation, for ventilation purposes. Over this is further insulation giving a total of 100mm. In the roof space above there is 300mm of mineral wool insulation. Building Control inspection is required before the rafters and insulation are covered.
15. Partition walls erected
The partition walls are erected. These use 47mm x 100mm timber studs at 400mm centres, with additional noggins. A quilt is placed within the spaces between the studs as the plasterboard is attached.
16. Wall plates and first fix
Wall plates fitted between studs will provide a secure fitting to items like radiators; they can also be used to secure the boxes required for electric sockets and switches. This is an ideal time to do the first fix electrics and plumbing.
17. Electrics upgraded
The new electrics must conform to Part ‘P’ of the Building Regulations and the 17th Edition Electrical Regulations. It may be necessary to fit a new consumer unit, or additional unit if the existing one has no extra capacity.
18. Access panels for water, electrics and eaves storage
Access panels are a useful addition. Here, water supplies and central heating feeds can be connected to the loft conversion. All metal pipework is earth-bonded together.
19. Walls are plasterboarded and architrave/skirting fitted
Plasterboard attached to the studs and rafters with drywall screws will provide the basis for the decorative plaster skim. Following this, the area is painted as required, and door architrave, skirting etc. fitted and painted.
20. Bathrooms clad and extraction fitted
The shower room walls are best clad with a cement-based aquaboard, first ensuring that all the required wall plates are fitted, and that all the required services are accessible. The shower room also requires an extractor fan.
21. Second fix, heating and finishes
With wall and floor tiling complete, the shower room items can be positioned and fitted. Second fix electrics and plumbing is progressed at a suitable time. The radiators are fitted in place, and connected to the central heating system. This picture also shows cupboard doors fitted to make use of the area behind for storage. Finally its time to decorate.
22. Decorating
The space is now ready for decoration.

What do you love most about your job?

The challenges that it brings, for example if there is toomuch work on i delegate and let my managers organise the one off jobs to visiting the customers to ensure everything is running smoothly. I visit all my clients as much as possible offering new services and providing any extras they wish to add to their cleaning requirements

What inspired you to start your own business?

I like working for myself and that motivates me to improve myself and set myself goals each year to acheive.

Why should our clients choose you?

I offer a good service and always look after their needs. That means my clients are happy and will refer business to me as i seem to get a lot of business from word of mooth. I focus on customer satisfaction and quality of service delivered. I acheive that by fully trained staff and never cut corners.

Services provided by Klean Keepers Ltd

Klean Keepers Ltd Services

office cleaning

We pride ourselves to ensure all our office cleaning services are up to excellent standards. This is because a clean and tidy office is essential in the workplace. We never tie you down to long term contracts, unlike other cleaning companies who may sign you up for 2 or 3 years. All we ask is to give us a 28 day notice then you are free to go elsewhere. We understand that you need peace of mind in the office, which is why we aim to clean all areas of the office in a thorough and methodical way. Our cleaners have been trained to be systematic and comprehensive in their operations. Klean Keepers have office cleaning operatives working at client’s location serving the London Boroughs of: Camden Greenwich Hackney Hammersmith Islington Kensington and Chelsea Lambeth Lewisham Southwark Tower Hamlets Wandsworth Westminster We cover all of London as well. Our specialist team can maintain a safer, more hygienic, and altogether more pleasant place for everybody, helping to promote a more positive and productive working environment. Starting by carefully documenting every requirement, our professional and well trained cleaning operatives go about their work quietly and efficiently, ensuring that every area of the premises is left spotlessly clean and better than perfect. Our office cleaning services are tailored to the individual clients needs but can include anything from the basic daily tasks such as washroom hygiene and periodical cleaning to the care of carpets, windows, telephones and individual work stations. We know that reliability and consistency is the key element in retaining our customers which is why all our cleaning operatives do their best when carrying out their cleaning jobs. We understand that security is important element in the office. There are valuable equipment in the office so we ensure our cleaning operatives are CRB Checked before they are allowed to operate. Operatives are also uniformed and insured against any liability. We provide each site with a security check list detailing the sites standard and unique requirements and these are signed off daily. Supervision is carried out by our operations managers, and dedicated senior accounts managers are available around the clock to assist and attend to emergencies. If you’re workplace has an outside space you may also like to think about incorporating our gardening and ground maintenance service. We also provide outside window cleaning that are hard to reach including abseil window cleaning. We cover all heights. Klean Keepers | Examples of What We Can Do Office Areas – Wipe/dust doors and frames – Spot clean any marks from walls – Empty waste bins (put all rubbish bags in a corner of the office and client will remove outside) – Spot clean any marks from walls – Hoover/mop floor – Dust/wipe floor skirting boards – Clean windowsills – Clean light fittings where reachable – Remove cobwebs where reachable – Wipe/polish all desk surfaces/computers Kitchen Area – Cleaning internal/external of microwave – Cleaning internal/external of fridge (once a week) – Wiping work surfaces – All metal items e.g. taps decaled (as and when needed) – Kettle decaling (as and when needed) – Dust/wipe Skirting boards – Mopping floor – Removing cobwebs where reachable – Clean light fittings where reachable – Fill and empty dishwasher – Empty bins – Wipe window sills Toilet – Wipe/dust doors and frames – Spot clean any marks from wall – Dust/wipe skirting boards – Mopping the floor – Removing cobwebs where reachable – Clean light fittings where reachable – Sanitise W.C and sink – All metal areas e.g. taps descaled (as and when needed) – Clean Mirror Meeting Area (overlooking office) – Hoover floor and steps – Dust/wipe table and chairs – Remove cobwebs where reachable – Clean light fittings where reachable – Dust/wipe skirting boards – Wipe windowsills If you would to get in touch with us for a free no obligation quote: Please Call us on 0207 978 2004 Email: admin@kleankeepers.co.uk (email link) We are also on Skype: id is kleankeepers (skype app here) or complete your inquiry form Contact Us on 0207 978 2004 Email Us admin@kleankeepers.co.uk

Communal Cleaning

Klean Keepers serve clients who require communal cleaning in Wandsworth and other areas in London. We work with property managers, estate agents, facilities managers who look after the maintenance of buildings and housing associations. First impressions count, which is why we maintain high standards of cleaning. We clean entrance hall areas, hallways, deep clean the carpets, mop the floors, vacuuming in the communal area, and clean the lift area and lobby. We leave an attendance sheet for our cleaning operatives to sign and confirm their presence as well as leaving a feedback sheet in the communal area entrance. This allows people to comments on it to help ensure a high standard of cleaning is maintained at all times. Any suggestions will be forwarded to the operations manager so that we may improve our services. All our agreements have 28 day notice so you have peace of mind and we do not tie you over a long period. Our cleaning operatives who are uniformed and vetted (CRB checked) ensure their tasks are carried out which is why we train them to carry out the following as a standard procedure: Entrance hall cleaning including door furniture Removal of apparent marks from walls Cleaning of all door frames and skirting boards Cleaning of all doors handles with antibacterial solutions Antibacterial wiping of handrails Dusting and polishing of internal window ledges Dusting and polishing of mirrors, pictures and furniture Dusting of radiators Dusting of light fittings and coving Vacuuming and mopping of all floors (as appropriate) Cleaning of lifts and lift doors Antibacterial wiping of light switches Removal of litter and junk mail Air freshen and deodorise Change light bulbs (if required) Window cleaning (monthly or at agreed intervals) Carpet cleaning (at agreed intervals) Bin area cleaning (at agreed intervals) Our Clients: JMW Barnard Block management Notting Hill Housing Garton Jones (their logo) Peabody Estate (their logo) Barnard Marcus If you would like for a free no obligation quote: Please Call us on 0207 978 2004 Email: admin@kleankeepers.co.uk We are also on Skype: id is kleankeepers Contact Us: Telephone: 0207 978 2004 Email: admin@kleankeepers.co.uk

Work history from Klean Keepers Ltd

Work History



From April 1998 to May 2003.

I was an operations manager at the cleaning company


Office cleaning

I mainly offer professional office cleaning in the city and within the M25 area

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