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We offer Africa-Inspired dishes for work, school/college functions, events and weddings. Our food is delicately seasoned to be flavorful and enjoyable. It is NOT spicy. Next time you have a business or event, try the African safari flavor. Try Kilimanjaro Catering.
Chef Jojo
Kilimanjaro Catering

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Heidi Omari

28 April 2019

I highly recommend Kilimanjaro Catering! All their food is good, my personal favorite is their samosas.


Robert Abrahams

8 April 2019

THE FOOD IS AMAZING!!!!!! Great service too!


Nancy Drigans

27 March 2019

We love the food that Chef Jojo prepares!! He has served at a number of functions that we have attended. It is always hot, tasty and served with warm smiles. African food is a culinary delight more people should sample!! More...


Michael Birchard

13 November 2018

I love Jambo Africa!


Rita Apaloo

28 October 2018

I always enjoy Kilimanjaro Catering food—mouthwateringly delicious with just the right amount of seasonings. Thanks to Chef Jojo! Looking for great food and service for your event, call Kilimanjaro Catering. More...


Anna Tony M

13 September 2018

had a tasteful delicious meal two weeks ago!! for your catering needs!! I had a second serving. Good service!! maintain the quality please!!!

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Coconut-curry beans. Delicately and mildly spiced to be enjoyed with rice, dinner rolls and flat breads (pita, naan, chapati and more)

I review my menu with the client, ask for input and if they have any food sensitivities, offer suggestions and recommendations and create the perfect menu for them.

When clients enjoy a dish they are tasting for the first time. I enjoy helping clients discover new flavors

I use my own blend of spices on common every day food to deliver a uniquely cross-cultural flavor that most people trying it for the first time enjoy. Even Minnesotans who are very conservative in their culinary expeditions. I realized that this was a potential niche for me.

When you have a diverse group of folks to feed--for a business, school/college function, event or wedding--you call me. My strength is in delicately seasoning the food so most can enjoy it.