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Karuna Counseling

North Druid Hills, Georgia


Karuna Counseling

North Druid Hills, Georgia


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Omar Little

4 July 2019

Dear God, do not believe these positive reviews on this place. But...

First of all, I am using a throw away account as to not associate my real name with this review or this "counseling" service. Also, as I will not be disclosing my name, by all means take, all of this with a grain or two of salt, but I swear all of the following is true. Please do your research and retain the services of those at Karuna Counseling at your own peril. Now to carry on with this rather ridiculous story...

My wife got recommended to Doctor Melissa Kulick for some therapy counseling and I agreed without looking into it at all on their site (my first mistake as it is covered with Eastern healing / Dr. Oz daytime TV garbage treatments such as "Somatic Experiencing" and yoga therapy, see for yourself). We go into our first and last meeting. We are a minute or two late so I made sure to fill out all of the paperwork in duplicate, have all of it in my hand with my DL and health insurance card. I am standing in a small lobby and started looking for the front desk. They have none. This doctor's office with 6 or 7 people working at it do not. Have. A. Front. Desk. Apparently I asked where the front desk was to my wife loud enough for my "counselor" to hear. Little did I know I had sunk my own boat before it left the dock.

We start this session after introductions and Dr. Kulick wanted to go into some exercises right away. Well, i had legal questions for her first. I asked one very broad, general legal question about if anything could be used in court by either one of us against the other. She became irritated and hostile from here on out.

She then started testing the waters by seeing if either one of us was scared of the other. Now to be honest, my wife had been violent towards me in the past but I was just making sure that if she went off the deep end in re-writing recent history making me out to be the violent one in court, I wouldn't have be sitting up there watching Dr. Kulick throw me under the bus. When I told her this in so many word, Dr. Kulick became even more short with me.

During some questioning, I showed her some wounds still healing on myself from the last time my wife went off on me. She interrupts me and tells me due to my "energy" I was putting out, in her words, "going to believe anything she says" from here on out.

A little perturbed at her callous treatment of a victim of domestic violence, I calmly asked her if she gets her energy from one of those crystals in a shelf behind her (she has all that East healing pseudoscience paraphernalia crap, including a nice amethyst cluster which I was referring to, all over her office which should have told me to run away right then and there). Well, to say the least, this brought the true Dr. Kulich out for us to see. Her eyelids flew in the back of head. Eyes wide and bulging with veins popping on her forehead ever so slightly, she began loudly talking down to me. Turns out she was the one in need of therapy.

I am a non confrontational person so I just gave up and played along till the end of the session, but I will never be coming back. This doctor verbally demeaned a battered victim of violent acts and sneered at his still visible wounds. This woman is toxic, bitter person and was by far the worst experience with a psychiatric professional in my nearly thirty years on this earth. 1 out of 10, would not consult with again.


Marcy Medinger

27 April 2019

Amazing group of women who are open warm and friendly no matter what. They are super supportive and nonjudgemental around any issue that you have. Highly recommend any of the counselors here. More...


Vicky Kaiser

29 September 2018

The website says it all. My counselor has met every goal mentioned above and beyond. Remember: your counselor can only help you if you are honest. Trust her.


Gina Thompson Leonard

19 September 2018

Been seeing Metta for years and highly recommend!

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