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When your pet behaves inappropriately or displays unwanted behaviours, lunging and barking on lead, barking at visitors to your home, behaving aggressively towards other dogs or people for example it can be frustrating, distressing and very upsetting not only for you but for your dog.


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Karen Leigh

29 July 2019

brilliant techniques, most enjoyable . Great for the dog and for us humans to learn . Can't recommend enough . Bullet is getting more relaxed around other dogs by the week. thank you so much .


Janet Palmer

4 August 2018

Over the five weeks of beginners class we were taught many ways to engage with and teach our puppies in a fun, simple and kind way. Karen picks up immediately on the right route each individual puppy needs to give a happy training environment and experience. All resulting in a good breadth of excercises to practice at home and leading to better informed owners and happy dogs. Karen clearly knows about dogs and I would thoroughly recommend her style of training to everyone. More...


My passion is working with reactive dogs but as important owners with reactive dogs who are searching for solutions to help their dog and improve family life. I love watching and being part of the journey a client goes on whether they have a reactive dog or when an owner gets their first dog and light up when they see their dogs potential and build an amazing relationship

Having a dog that has behaved aggressively, I know first hand how scary it can be. How lonely and frustrating it can feel  and ultimately how it can erode your relationship with your dog.

I got a puppy thinking that with the correct exercise, feeding and training I would enjoy long summer walks and companionship but the reality was being reduced to tears on more than one occasion, feeling like a complete failure as a dog owner and I even considered re-homing. This was in the early days, my boy is now 12 years old and I wouldn't change him for anything. He has given me joy in competing in agility, affection and laughter. Yes he has had his challenges but by me understanding him better, we now have a great partnership. It's not been easy but it has been a very rewarding experience.

What my clients have in common is that they are proactive and are searching for solutions, are prepared to put the work in and not afraid to ask for help. I only use kind methods and am continually improving and updating my knowledge on dog behaviour.

I also work and collaborate with other dog practitioners with different skill sets giving me a great resource for seeking out help or referrals.