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Karen Livesey, is an experienced and skilled shiatsu practitioner with an established south London practice.
She is a registered practitioner with the Shiatsu Society & the C.N.H.C, with 14+ years of clinical experience.
She feeds her skill and energy with on-going study and is currently studying Qi Gong & Movement Shiatsu with Bill Palmer (www.


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Polly Nash

23 May 2019

I have regular shiatsu treatments at Yoga Point in Brixton. I can't think of a better, more relaxed place for a restful treatment.


Laura Kirsop

16 May 2019

I attended Theresa's pregnancy yoga class on Sunday evenings throughout my pregnancy and it was the highlight of my week. A really calm, relaxing class with a knowledgeable teacher in a nice environment.


Karen Livesey

30 April 2019

Yoga Point, is a beautiful calm space in the heart of busy Brixton, it's a place where I find room to breathe. The yoga studio is big and light, and the therapy space upstairs is also a calm refuge. Can recommend highly as a user and provider. More...


Hillegonda Rietveld

15 December 2018

Great teachers and affordable.


Aurore Malvezin

1 November 2018

I get there every Monday evening for the Iyengar class. I would not miss even one !


Mary Laird

18 October 2018

On holiday from scotland I turned up at 10 am on Wednesday on spec. Was welcomed by a friendly and very knowledgeable treacher Zoe and had a wonderful class. It was pretty pitched, adapted to my inflexible body. Left there feeling like my body was zinging happily. More...


Marta Reina Roldán

28 July 2018

Great yoga School with great teachers!!


Meredith McGee Gunderson

28 July 2018

Fantastic studio run with integrity and love, a truly special place where ancient traditions meet modern life. A cared for studio with excellent teaching and atmosphere.


Juliet Ritchie

28 July 2018

a core of the community where you can re connect with yourself in a nourishing environment with inspiring teachers..a place of light and more light


Paula Fernanda

28 July 2018

Fantastic studio for yoga nice teaching teacher is fabulous���� I love it���


Karen Livesey

28 July 2018

Yoga Point offers a calm reflective space in the heart of busy Brixton. The wide range of classes and therapies is comprehensive. I found with a 6 class card I could try out different classes to find out what suited me.
It's also friendly and not too yoga trendy.


Rebecca Rainbow

28 July 2018

Yoga Point is a fantastic dedicated yoga studio with top quality teachers and a welcoming energy. I am so lucky to have Yoga Point in Brixton!


Ilaria Biagi

28 July 2018

I love yoga point. I have been going since 2012. Teachers are all very good and it is truly the place where you can reconnect with yourself.


Freedom Deane

4 July 2018

Had such a lovely yin yoga class with Georgina on Wednesday evening. Room was spacious and built with the comfort of the student in mind. Light, airy and high ceilings made this practice particularly nice. Georgina was very accommodating and kind and I left feeling very relaxed and calm. More...


María Arroyo Segovia

30 May 2018

This studio offer various type of practices throughout the week. Teachers are good and super welcoming. The room is spacious and luminous, with windows on the ceiling. Prices are fair. I love it!!


Claudia Aurora

30 May 2018

Great studio-top teachers. Authentic and lovely.


Lea Jakobiak

30 May 2017

Did my pregnancy yoga here with Tessa thoughout my pregnancy and loved it! Also love yogaflow with Emma - would highly recommend it


Josh Lawson

30 May 2016

Good range of classes at convenient times.


Zoe Witchell

30 May 2016

I've been to many, if not all of the practices that Yoga Point offer and i've not been disappointed at all. The studio is caters perfectly for where you are in your in own personal practice. I'm probably advanced beginner to intermediate -depending on which way the wind is blowing -but i'm stiff as a board often in the mornings (its an age thing). Each teacher has offered different options on postures depending on what's available to you physically on that day. After each practice I leave bent back into shape, with real head space and ready for the day! One of the real delights about Yoga Point has been its relaxed, non competitive vibe that makes the studio quite unique in my opinion...Egos and flashy lycra have been left at the door!The studio also offers many different discipline from yin-Iyengar-vinyassa flow-pregnancy yoga and yoga for the elderly body. For a tenner drop-in fee to be in that beautiful light studio with fab teachers, different length classes (on average 6 classes a day) its a no brainer. I'm glad I've finally gone public with my find...its only taken 2 years!PS watch out for the weekend workshops too esp Georgina's 3 hour yin one-yum! More...

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I love the profound connection of mind and body that people often experience when they come to have a shiatsu treatment.

Prior to qualifying as a Shiatsu Practitioner, I worked in community development and as a film-maker in the often unpredictable and stressful documentary film-making industry. I found Shiatsu a profoundly effective way of balancing my energetic state to meet the various stresses and strains of working long hours; at a computer, working with heavy equipment in unpredictable and challenging situations. As there are no jobs in Shaitsu, once i reralised this was what iwanted to do, i set up my business to enable that.

I am experienced and friendly and really enjoy gvining shiatsu treatments. Also I'm interested in supporting people in their own journey of health and wellbeing , so I also offer tips for self care, like Qi Gong exercise, physio stretches and dietary recommendations.