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Hello Everybody!

My name is Justin Hamra and I am a photographer from the DFW area. I have been working on my craft for about 3 years now. I absolutely love taking pictures of anything and everything. That being said, I offer everything from wedding/engagement photography services, to product photography, portrait/headshots, real estate photography and anything nature and/or city related!



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The secret to taking a great photograph to me, is creativity and being aware of lighting and your surroundings. Some times using small tools in a frame, mixed with great lighting can make a massive difference in your finished product. Also a lot of the time planning a shoot to have specific things and having an idea of a vibe and direction of the shoot are always things that can make a big difference.

What is your main outcome goal for these pictures? What are you wanting to these pictures to help with? Are there any specific pictures/frames you are looking for? Do you have ideas already? If so, do you have some examples of what you have in mind?

I love creating the most. I also love meeting lots of new people and love collaborating with people and getting new ideas and putting those together. I love being proud of what I create as well.

I love the freedom to go out and create and plan my days myself. I love the business aspect of it and love controlling my outcome.

I am a passionate and hard working individual. I am excited about every project I do and I put my all into everything I do. I refuse to put out anything that I do not back and that I do not love. I love pleasing my clients and taking care of all their needs!