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Cesar Ayuso

30 June 2019

I’ve been training with Juan for months now and love each of my training sessions. Juan is a great trainer who truly understands my needs with a continuing focus on the adequate exercises practice. In my view a perfect practice is key to achieve your goals, individual work-outs between sessions, avoid injuries and motivate yourself with the outcome. Juan has changed my daily routines and mentality about food, having healthier habits.  Life changing experience. More...


Ross E. Chapman

28 March 2019

Juan is a great trainer. When I first called a Juan, I was in dire shape having worked too much over the past 7 years and not made time to take care of myself. Juan took a very smart approach, first helping me make some simple goals and coaching me on my diet (something I didn’t want to affect.) on subsequent weeks, he varied his workouts - helping me discover new routines and keeping me motivated. Need to get fit? Better call Juan! More...


Bahader Kaila

26 February 2019

Excellent personal trainer-chosen as he has experiences working around back injuries. Helped raise my levels of fitness very quickly, strengthening my core and back without aggravating back issues


Catherine Conway

29 October 2018

I've been training with Juan for just over two months now, twice a week, and am delighted with the results. Alongside the fitness aspect, Juan has also overhauled my diet and I'm already seeing and feeling the benefits!


Steve Sumner

29 September 2018

I've only been working with Juan for a month and I'm already stronger, healthier (and thinner!). He's been really good at choosing and developing a program that works for me personally, rather than just giving me general stuff to do. And he's a lovely guy.


Kerry Smith

30 August 2018

I was looking for a PT to improve my strength training in a bid to reduce injuries when cycling and dancing. Juan fit the bill perfectly, the sessions are varied and always fun, if hard work. I have been training with him for 8 months and am happy with my progress to date. More...


Janette Stammers

30 August 2018

I have been training with Juan for 5 years now and would highly recommend him as a personal trainer.I signed up with him at the gym for a taster session and have never looked back.The works outs are varied and fun, kettle bells being a firm favourite.The nutritional information that he has given me has been invaluable in achieving weight loss and I know I will reach my goals with his help and guidance.He is a great guy, friendly and knowledgeable - I couldn't imagine my life without him!! More...


Aggie Vernon-Smith

30 August 2018

Juan is an extremely knowledgeable and experienced trainer, with a no-nonsense attitude, which will see you achieve your goals fast! He is super warm and friendly, making you feel at ease from the first moment you meet him. That in turn makes every session not only effective but enjoyable too! Fantastic experience overall, I cannot recommend Juan enough! More...


Jennifer Rouse

31 July 2018

Juan was my Personal Trainer a couple of years ago. I wanted to lose a bit of weight, tone up and have fun at the same time. Juan made all this happen! He is incredibly knowledgeable about exercise and nutrition and what is right for each of his clients. He provides a personal eating plan and an amazing challenging and fun work out. He made me look forward to working out and pushed me during training when I wanted to stop. Just what you need when you'd usually give up if you were training on your own! I noticed a difference in my body shape after just a couple of weeks and a major change within 8 weeks. I was amazed and so happy! On top of all this he is such wonderful and friendly guy and completely puts you at ease! I highly recommend Juan. More...


Michael S

7 July 2018

JSM fitness did me the world of good. I was sceptical of the notion of building core strength but it was really worth it. It better enabled me in other sports and changed the way I move generally. Much fitter and stronger. Plus of course Juan is a pleasure to work with. More...


Ruth Crowther

1 July 2018

I can confidently recommend Juan as a personal trainer. He makes training fun and even though I’ve used a gym for years, really made me rethink how I was using the gym as well as review my diet as both had got into bad habits. I’ll be back again!


Anne Thomas

1 July 2018

Juan was my personal trainer for several years during a very busy work phase in my life. During this time he managed to maintain my fitness at a level I would never have obtained without him. I always found Juan incredibly professional, attentive and friendly. His sessions were always fun and very bespoke to my needs, continually evolving as my fitness progressed. I miss him lots but now I am retired I have no excuses but to just get on and do it myself! More...


Vicky Ross

14 June 2018

Juan is an absolutely fantastic PT. He helped me get in the best shape of my life and is also an absolute pleasure to work with. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking to improve their fitness and/or lose weight. More...


Doreen Carter

13 June 2018

Juan is a brilliant trainer pushing me outside my comfort zone and keeping me motivated.
I was impressed with Juan from the first meeting, he is knowledgable and passionate about his job and he makes you feel like he genuinely cares and supports your progress.

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