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21 August 2019

The group of trainers were friendly, but we stopped going as we had a few concerns. The use of check chains was encouraged, yet when I contacted the Kennel Club they said that check chains should never be used for training purposes. A few owners were yanking their dogs, who were wearing check chains, which I believe can cause damage to your dog. The class was huge (there were 10 puppies and a another group of dogs on the second level of training in the same hall - which was overwhelming to our 10 week old puppy. And there was an aggressive dog attending that they were training to act better to other dogs, which I was surprised to see at a puppy class. They also told us to squirt our dog with water if she was doing anything we didn't want her to do. I googled this and found that most modern trainers discourage any form of aggression towards a dog, as it can make your dog more aggressive. We now attend Sheila Hocken in Risley, where we were told to ignore our puppy when she is being naughty, which is working great. More...


Lorraine Kirk

22 May 2019

Wow, I can't believe the difference just 7 weeks of training have made to my rescue beagle. Who says beagles are difficult to train? They obviously haven't met Gareth, Michelle and their team. So many people have commented on the difference in my dog. He's calm and walks to heel, listens and responds to commands, waits patiently, etc, etc. My thanks go to the whole team. We both look forward to our training sessions. More...



21 May 2019

Brilliant. In only 7 lessons the trainer's have helped me totally change the behaviour of my rescue beagle. He no longer pulls my arm out of its socket when he sees a cat or another dog. He now walks calmly at my side. He seldom jumps up at people we meet. The exceptions being those that encourage him to do so despite my protests not to do so. To name just a couple of the issues that needed resolving and have been. Currently working on getting him to sit patiently when I walk away, staying still until I return. Still was something I never thought he could do but he's getting there already as we work up to a full minute, it does seem an eternity during training. Can't thank the trainer's at Johnston K9 enough. Really fun sessions. Totally recommend them for all your training needs. More...


Lottie Bee

13 May 2019

We have just completed Lottie's first training course with Gareth, Michelle and the team at K9, Lottie has come a long way in 6 weeks as have we, the team is professional, the training is precise and consistent.Walking has become a pleasure as we have all learned the correct and safe way to enjoy time outdoors together. Many thanks once again. More...


tech deck madd

13 May 2019

What can I say In Feb this year, we adopted a Boxer dog named Willow.We wanted to give her training, and after doing some research, we chose Johnston K9. Gareth, Michelle, Nina and the crew could not have been more knowledgeable and caring.I would highly recommend. More...


Brian Moloney

27 April 2019

Easy access


David Prewett

13 March 2019

Really helpful trainers they make training your dog fun. Would never have reached KC Gold with our 2 Leonbergers without them


Rosie Orton

26 February 2019

I've attended Johnston K9 classes for 3 different dogs now and they've been fantastic every time! The classes are well organised and professional and Gareth helped us manage our reactive dog.
I 100% recommend!


susan pemberton

28 December 2018

Brilliant dog training group Othe trainers are approachable and always ready to help if you have a problemI have had my two dogs trained with Johnston K9 and we passed the gold good citizen award Would definitely recommend Johnston K9


Pat Mileham

28 December 2018

My two shepherd have been training here since 3 months old. Fantastic friendly staff and really take the time to get to know you and your dog and advise you along the way if you have problems with behaviour etc... Just had our Christmas party and was great fun for all the dogs big and small and all the humans. A lot of organisation went into making it a very fun packed night. Would highly recommend for your fur babies. More...


Emma Heasman

28 December 2018

Back in March, we adopted a wonderful rescue dog called Willow. From the outset, she was extremely anxious. She loves other dogs, having spent her early months in kennels, but had never really spent time with people. She was wonderful at home but a ball of fear outside of the house who could be unpredictable and reactive. Although a cross breed, she has some pretty strong collie traits (herding and ankle nipping!), which we were finding quite stressful. After a few experiences knocked my confidence, a lady at the park told me about Gareth and his team at Johnston K9. She urged me to give them a call. It was the best decision I could have made. Gareth immediately put me at ease and suggested we pop along to a training session to see whether it would be right for us and Willow. I was so impressed. It was everything positive I thought dog training should be.We have been going to training with Willow for nearly five months already. She now walks on a loose lead (which seemed like a dream five months ago!), her recall is fantastic, she has stopped hiding and cowering against walls when we're out on walks and now sits calmly at my side, even when she's scared, when we stop at the lights or to talk to someone. She is also learning great manners when it comes to approaching other dogs, looking to me to check it's OK. She's even beginning to let unfamiliar people stroke her without cowering in fear. Gareth, Michelle, Jamie and Nina have been so respectful of Willow's temperament and have let us take everything at her speed. They have given us so much confidence. They're never critical - advice is given in a positive, commonsense way and I know we're the ones being trained far more than Willow is really!I look forward to training every week and can't thank the whole team enough for what they do. I love the way that they view every dog in a positive light and the easy, relaxed atmosphere in the classes. I tell people about Johnston K9 all the time and wouldn't hesitate to recommend them. More...


DP Moyser

28 November 2018

We have over twenty years been to many trainers with various dogs, and Gareth and his experienced team are by far the best. Our shy rescue dog's behaviour was transformed from a timid boy, who hid under the chairs, to a Kennel Club Gold Award winning dog. You are made most welcome; training is fun; Gareth, Michelle, Chris, Jamie, Nina and others are so helpful; training is indoors; we could not recommend them too highly. More...


Melissa Edwards

30 August 2018

Me and my partner would highly recommend Gareth and the Johnston k9 company. We recently got a rescue dog and were having problems with him stopping on his walks! Gareth was so understanding and so knowledgeable. He listened to our concerns and spend time understanding the problem and gave great advice, which he practically showed us on our 1:1 session. Gareth was flexible with our schedule to fit in the appointment and when he came was so dedicated to help that he stayed over our allocated time. Gareth made us feel much more confident, without judgement. I am pleased to say our dog has made great progress and other dog owners are commenting on how well behaved he is! We can’t wait to do the course in September to continue learning from an expert in the field! Highly recommended service! More...


michelle hodgkinson

27 May 2018

great dog training class


Bexy Boo

27 May 2018

Fantastic classes & lovely trainers!
Taken both my dogs and enjoyed every minute.


jessica bailey

27 May 2018

Very good training, would recommend. They were brill with my staffy and she was able to pass her gold kennel club award