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John Rose Design & Presentation

Columbus, Franklin

John Rose Design & Presentation logo

John Rose Design & Presentation

Columbus, Franklin



I am a freelance designer and problem solver, specializing in print, branding, and packaging.

I have experience in print, print production, advertising design, graphic design, web design, creative services and strategies.

I am available for consulting if needed.

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Ira Bowman

9 March 2019

John Rose created the logo for #ProjectHelpYouGrow! He knocked it out of the park. I would recommend him to anyone who needs design work!


Sandra Mora

8 March 2019

Always such a pleasure working with John Rose! His work is first class.


Jacqueline Nihipali

8 March 2019

John Rose does an amazing job. I think my favorite thing working with him is how easy it is. I have hired graphic designers in the past who have very bad attitudes. Not John. He is so pleasant to work with and always turns our projects around quickly.

Also, he follows your instruction well but also puts his own spin on things.... which are always warmly received.


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Easy to navigate, quick to load, straightforward call to action.

What is the brand story, brand history, etc.? What is the feel/message we are looking to convey? What is the time frame? What are the final deliverables?

Content (if any, or direction for the creation thereof), brand guidelines (if any), final deliverables.

Catalogs, annual reports, business cards, flyers; all sorts of business collateral, really.

First, determine what parameters currently exist – budget, deadlines, etc., then provide 1-3 options for approval/revision. Upon confirmation of initial concepts, proceed to refine design, and extrapolate it to whatever materials might need it (for example, designing a branding solution, then applying that to business cards, envelopes, letterheads, and assorted templates.

I need an idea of what they're looking for. I need to know what story they want the creative to tell, what timeframe we're looking at, and what budget we're working with.

Everything. The creative, the numbers, the problem solving, seeing the final result on press or on screen or on a shelf.

Necessity. Also, a desire for more variety after years of focusing on packaging only.

Because I can do anything. Print, digital, web, you name it. I have decades of experience and a great deal of expertise with the Adobe Creative Cloud program suite.