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John Ferry Fitness

Queens Park, London

3 hires on Bark
‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019
John Ferry Fitness logo

John Ferry Fitness

Queens Park, London

3 hires on Bark
‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019


I help busy people to look and feel good without boring diets or ridiculous workouts that leave them exhausted.
I'll help you to lose weight while still eating the foods you love and you won't have to spend hours in the gym.

Personal Trainer & Weight Loss Coach


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Brian Maruziva

22 March 2018

Without question one of the best personal training experiences I’ve had. John devised an excercise and nutritional programme which actually works for me. First time I’ve seen a difference. He’s real, and when I’ve felt like giving it up, that realness is what kept me going. I genuinely highly recommend working with him More...


Serena O'Sullivan

27 January 2018

What’s incredible about this programme is that it works. I was a mum of two who’d just returned to work and had little time or energy for exercise or dieting. I lost over a stone in just 8 weeks. If I can do it then you can.

I didn’t join a gym. I didn’t live off rabbit food. I didn’t weigh myself every day. I didn’t obsess about calories. I didn’t tell everyone what I was doing and I didn’t buy any lycra. I just followed my personal plan and made it work around work and home life.

My whole family ate what I ate. I was supported to make my own goals and encouraged to achieve them. When I faltered there was always someone there picking me up. I have genuinely never been so motivated or energetic about a weight loss or exercise programme and I’ve just about tried every diet going. This just felt easier.

I put some of it down to doing the programme as a couple. Supporting each other and preparing the week ahead together. It felt good to be working together and showing our kids how they can be healthy.

But I put our success down to John. I felt like he was reading my mind. He knew exactly what I was feeling at every stage and at just the moment I needed it, he’d pull something else out of the bag to motivate, guide and support me. He wasn’t unrealistic, he understood that life sometimes gets in the way and he never makes you feel bad about yourself. He even got me to try planking for God’s sake. He must be good.


Donna Leah

10 January 2018

What an amazing life changing desicion and experience this has given me. Managed to loose half a stone by christmas on the plan. John is a fab coach no matter how bad or good you do he is there you are never stuck and his support is 24/7 definitley recommend highly. If you want to loose weight this year then john is your man More...


Tracy Mcelhinney

10 January 2018

Amazing Programmes, Always There For Advise & Dedicated To Supporting Your Goals And Helping You Reach Them 100% Dedicated To His Clients! Not Many Personal Trainers Who Go Above & Beyond But John Ferry Does & Well Loosing 13lbs on his 8 week programme Mission Lean Before Christmas Just After Having A Baby Via C-section the boy works wonders More...


Gerald O'Sullivan

2 January 2018

As 50% of a married couple with a young family I find that dieting as a individual just isn’t sustainable. John Ferry Fitness gave us the tools to pull in the same direction despite a very busy family and work life. The proof was in the Christmas pudding as over 8 weeks we managed to lose over 2 stone in weight. We absolutely loved the food plan which has changed the way we cook. Calorie counting has been replaced with understanding food and planning properly which means the odd blow out doesn’t spiral into disaster. More...


Ravneet Sekhon

22 December 2017

John is very encouraging and his tailor-made sessions has helped me in understanding my body needs.


Fíona Níc Congaíl

21 December 2017

I wasn't happy with my body shape, the extra weight or my level of fitness. I was approaching my mid forties and knew I needed kicked into gear. John Ferry helped me do that.
I found him extremely approachable and understanding of the rollercoaster of losing/gaining weight. He's also easygoing but at the same time gives you that boost that you need.
A big bonus for me was that he gave me the confidence to step inside the world of the gym which I had been too terrified to contemplate before.
There were days when I didn't feel like working out but with some words of encouragement from John, I did it.
I feel and look so much better after using his programme, thank you John!


Nick von Bromsen

3 October 2017

I'd lost touch with exercise and fitness but John's tailor-made sessions helped me to get back on track. It was a real plus being able to train outdoors in the park. John is very easygoing but he has the right balance of calmness and focus to ensure you get the most out of the sessions. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking to increase their fitness and strength. More...


Helen James

23 August 2017

I started training with John to lose stubborn weight around my middle and tone up. Being a bit of a binge exerciser in the past I found John's calm and controlled approach to training worked for me. Through various body weight exercises and circuit training my overall strength & fitness has improved and I've complete exercises I would never have tried on my own in the gym. Thanks John! More...



3 June 2017

I met John over a coffee and had a chat for the best part of an hour. What struck me was that he was really listening to me. In my experience, a lot of PT’s listen to what they want to hear, and not what’s actually being said. John developed a programme that was specific to my needs, and he told me from the start that I was going to have to be patient in getting over my injuries. I appreciated his honesty and decided to trust in him.
There are so many benefits to working with John, but the one thing I appreciate the most is he’s there for you all the time. It’s not just the hour in the gym. We text each other and he checks I’m on track. John, I'd be lost without you.


Steve Maskell

18 March 2017

After reaching middle age, and not going to the gym for a while, I have started putting on the pounds. I contacted John, who set out a Bespoke health Plan, taking into account my nutrition , and a health plan that suited my needs and restricted time.

John is very knowledgeable in all the fields, which gives me confidence that the goals set can be met.

John gives the unique customer contact, that he is very approachable, and takes care and pride in what he is giving advice on, and REALLY does care about his clients reaching their goals, with the good and motivational feedback, given even after the sessions.

With the plan about 8 weeks in, I am starting to see and feel the benefits of the plan, and look forward to more of the same.

A pleasure to work with, Many thanks


Scott Tunnell

22 February 2017

John is a great trainer who actually cares about your results. He listened to my concerns and questions and came up with a programme that fits perfectly around my schedule. He made a couple of tweaks to my diet but I still get to eat the foods I love. This is the best I’ve felt in years. More...


Liz Robinson

11 January 2017

About a year ago I decided to focus on my health and well-being. I had become sluggish and overweight and I wasn’t happy with myself at all.
I’ve always attended the gym but with mixed results and I knew I needed advice with regards to my diet. John offered to help me on my road to becoming healthy
First I had to submit a food diary so he could assess my eating habits. He told me what to cut down on or cut out completely, the best foods to snack on and what to eat before and after working out. To this day I still prepare most of my meals in advance so I don’t find myself snacking on convenience/fast foods.
I now exercise 3/4 times a week, which is less than I was doing before, but I have cut the cardio right down and use more weights. The difference is amazing! I can now see shape to my body and muscle definition.
Over the course of a year I have lost over 3 stone and I am very happy with my results, I can’t recommend John enough!


I build a programme that is specific to each individual client depending on their goals.
Your exercise plan will be built around your lifestyle, not the other way around.
You won't have to perform any exercise you don't like and there are no boring cardio sessions.
Your nutrition plan will not ask you to give up alcohol, carbs, or any of your favourite foods.
You will begin to see results in a matter of weeks, if not days

Consistency. You don't have to spend every day in gym or count every calorie but a little effort is required.

Train 3-4 hours a week. Effective workouts are key. Train smarter not harder.
Apply the 80/20 rule to your nutrition. Indulge every now and again but be good with your diet 80% of the time.
Drink plenty of water. 2-3 litres a day if you can.
Rest. Get 7-8 hours sleep a night. Recovery is just as important as working out.

Helping people transform their lives by making a positive change to their body and attitude to exercise.
Seeing people's confidence increase as they get fitter and healthier. If you look good you feel good.

Before I started out as personal trainer I was working long hours in a stressful office job in the city. I let my health and fitness slip and before I knew it I was 2½ stone overweight. I know how working in London can affect your health, fitness, and even family life.

I know what works and what doesn’t. I know how to maximise your fitness levels and weight loss in minimal time. I will show you how to enjoy your favourite foods and not fear their consequences.

More importantly, I know what it takes to overcome setbacks and keep you motivated during the tough periods. I’ve personally made all the diet and exercise mistakes going which means you can avoid them!