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I offer guitar and bass guitar tuition of the very highest standard. I also offer tuition of Mac audio work station Logic Pro X recording software. I teach Rock, Jazz, Pop, Blues, Funk etc. Also, sight reading and music theory to a very advanced level.


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5 June 2017

Joe is without doubt the finest teacher I studied under. A world class players player. I feel incredibly lucky to have studied under him. He unlocked and made sense of a whole world of Jazz I thought I could never gain access too. I wouldn't be half the player I am today without his tutorage. Thanks for everything Joe! More...

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Given that music and guitar are my passion as well as my profession, I then have great satisfaction in passing on to others.

I have been involved with music since the age of 13 and a pro session guitarist since the age of 18. It wasn't one specific thing that inspired me to start my own business, it was just a natural progression.

The guitar teaching world is top heavy with people who are not really qualified. Meaning, people who only know a couple of chords and a pentatonic scale are masquerading as qualified guitar teachers. To have worked with the people that I have, one has to be a top level pro, meaning to be able to sight read, know music theory to a very advanced level, know every chord and scale and how to apply them to any style of music, and have many years experience in the music business working with the biggest names in television, film and live performance.


I teach guitar and bass guitar to students of all levels from beginners to advanced. Whether you want to be a top level pro or just strum the chords to your favourite tunes, I can give you all the guidance you need.