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1:1 Personal Training and small group training available for all ages and abilities.

I specialise in functional training, HiiT, fat loss, core stability, strength and conditioning, injury rehab/prehab and pre/post natal training.

Support for nutrition and lifestyle guidance.

Dance tuition also available.

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Natalie Sanford

Jo's cardio street funk class is the most difficult group class I go to- I find myself more winded, sweatier, and more sore than I do after crossfit, pilates, barre, yoga, zumba, insanity, and circuits! She selects moves that target your core, booty, and legs-- the music is always on point and I have such a blast dancing along that it totally distracts me from the fact that I am getting an awesome workout in. She also does an abs/arms section in the middle of the class, so I feel like I leave with a full body workout done. Every class is different and always so much fun. She brings a sense of humour and tonnes of energy to what she does. This class is perfect for ex-dancers or people without any sense of rhythm- regardless you'll have a grand time. I've also taken her strength and tone circuit class, which is equally killer. I've taken the same circuits with other instructors at other times during the week and not enjoyed it as much as I do when she is teaching. Jo is an excellent motivator and encourages everyone to push themselves while also correcting form. Her class is by far the most challenging and by far the most fun, probably due to her hilarious commentary and general bad-assery. She also DEFINITELY has the best playlists. Cheers Jo! Best classes in Edinburgh. More...


Sophie Louise Primrose

I have been going to Jo's dance classes at dance base for a while and I love them! Jo is an amazing teacher and always makes her classes fun and caters for all abilities. I always look forward to Jo's classes - highlight of my week! The routines that we learn are always fab and I have learnt so much from attending Jo's classes! Recently I had a beyonce themed dance class for my hen party and everyone loved it!!Thank you so much Jo! x More...


Efi Nioma

There’s no one I trust more than Jo, either as a personal trainer or dance teacher. She brings the same level of enthusiasm and positive energy every time I see her, and it’s obvious that she has a deep knowledge and love for what she does. I’ve been training with her for about two months and I already feel stronger and more motivated than ever.
Reaching your fitness goals can be hard, but I can count on Jo to challenge me to be the best I can be, cheer me on when I feel tired, listen to my goals/concerns, and make every single workout fun, sweaty (very) and different. Even in a crowded studio, she will go around to make sure everyone’s enjoying the class and doing the exercises right, so they can get the maximum benefits from their workout and avoid injuries.
I always look forward to a PT session or class with Jo, she’s the best!


Laura Nagelschmidt

I am relatively new to the work out classes at Dance Base but I am immensely enjoying them. First of all, I like the mix of a good cardio dance choreography followed by changing exercises. Jo can make even planks and mountain climbers great fun. She is very inspirational and motivating and her class is definitely a highlight of my week. More...


Mich Ulloa

One of the best in the industry!
Can’t recommend Jo enough �


Erin DC

Jo is absolutely amazing! I started doing personal training sessions with her six weeks ago. My usual workout routine at the gym focused on cardio so Jo wanted to teach me all about strength training. I was always too embarrassed to try the weight machines in the gym and never really understood how to target specific muscle groups. However, after just one session, Jo already made me feel more confident in what to do. She is a great teacher and an even better motivator (always has a smile on her face and plays really good music during your workouts!). At the end of our six sessions, I already have so much more muscle tone and cannot wait to continue my strength training. I highly recommend Jo if you are looking for a positive, vibrant, experienced, and motivational trainer! More...


Gillian de Boer

I love working out with Jo! Shes super knowlegable and experienced, taking the time to teach you proper technique for long term success. She listens to her clients carefully and always makes sessions fun! More...


Hannah Douglas

I've been training with Jo along with a friend for 3 months now. She is so lovely and encouraging and always makes sure our sessions are tough but at the right level for how we are feeling that day. We have both definitely seen an improvement in our strength and fitness during this time. Jo definitely knows her stuff - I would highly recommend! More...


Kirsty Bradley-Hay

I’ve known this boss lady for nearly 9 years and only recently started training with her as I knew she was someone I could trust not to BS me. I’m so glad I bit the bullet. She pushes me to my absolute limit but is so professional about it. All of her advice is based on my personal goals/body composition/flexibility. She is such a down to earth, fun and professional trainer with so much knowledge. If you want someone with all of the above and a healthy positive mindset towards life and fitness choose this gal. She will work you hard! More...


Katrine Thuesen

I've been training with Jo since January this year with a clear goal in mind to become stronger, leaner and look good in my wedding dress come July ;-)

Jo has helped me achieve my goal in fitting perfectly into my dress and has supported me along my training journey. She is great at setting individual goals, reading your individual needs and figuring out a plan that will 1. kick your butt into shape, 2. that really works well with your current fitness level and 3. is designed to get you places in a realistic and sustainable manner.

When I felt crap about seeing a lack of progress she was right there and kept pushing me, modifiying my diet, workout plans etc until, lo and behold I actually see a wonderful befor after in those (awful) progress photos she has me take ;)
She is always just a message away via her handy app and has great ideas and tips to keep the workout anything but boring. (In fact I find her to be going harder and harder on me!) I never thought I'd be one to start weight lifting, but thanks to Jo I've really found a form of exercise that compliments so many of my other sports I like doing. Her knowledge of the human physique has been a great support in getting started with weightlifting, thereby also avoiding any injury. This was something I was quite nervous about and she took into account again.

I feel more confident and healthy since i started lifting and I am not ashamed to say I've learned so much about my own body and what kinds of food work with me and which don't.

She will always greet you with a smile and a hug and is your biggest supporter in your training/weightlifting/dieting journey and that works literal wonders!

So thanks Jo! You are basically Wonder Woman and are shaping me up to do so as well! 10/10 would and have recommended to friends :-)