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Fully qualified Personal Trainer and Nutritionist.

One to one training at my base in Harrow Rugby Club or Mobile personal training in a location convenient to you.

Discounted membership to HEROES Group fitness for personal training clients.


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Alex Hartnoll

Jamie put me through my paces on a Saturday morning and although it was hard, it was well worth it. Enthusiastic for the job, listened to what I wanted as a client and put together a HIIT session that was specific to what I wanted to concentrate on. He knows exactly what it takes to challenge yourself and will work hard with you to get to your goal, awesome! #MrMotivator More...

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The perfect plan is useless if a client cannot stuck to it. Adherence is therefore a key focus point to get client results. Building a training and nutritional plan that the client will enjoy doing. And every client is different in this respect.

We work through a process of goal setting to identify the ultimate aim of where they want get to combined with with shorter term goals which will enable lots of small wins along the way to help keep clients motivated and on track.

I educate my clients so they how their body works and why they are doing the things we are doing. This enables them to understand the process and becomes much more meaningful than just completing reps.

Enjoy the process. You're in this for the rest of your life.

I have a genuine positive impact on peoples lives. This is why I Ieft my job in account management.

It's always been a goal to run my own business. I didn't enjoy my 8am-10pm desk job so decided it was now or never to make the change.

Read my testimonials and you can see what my clients say https://goo.gl/maps/T25VSfysj1E2


One to one fitness coaching based on your goals. Tailored program that is specific to your needs. PT Intro (consultation and training session) to start off followed by a block booking of training (8 weeks) We will find out the specific areas that you need to work on to achieve your goals, whether it is as broad as improving general nutritional habits to something as specific as improving ankle dorsi flexion for greater squat depth. We then put the plan in place and execute.

We may not think it, but we are all HEROES in some way, to someone and somehow. HEROES Group Fitness is a collective of people that all lead busy lifestyles but know the value of keeping strong, fit and healthy both in body and in mind. Together we support and push each other to become the best version of ourselves and get the most out of life”. ​ If you want to develop all types of fitness from strength, to speed to cardiovascular fitness and more. If you are looking to tone up, improve your overall fitness, improve your strength, move better and start enjoying training then these weekly fitness sessions are just for you. You will join a team of people that are pushing and supporting each other to improve themselves. Enjoyment leads to consistency and consistency will lead to awesome results!