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Mike Habarov

27 April 2019

Hi my name is Michael and I’m 34 years old. I work as an aerospace engineer and spend hell of a lot time at work. I wake up at quarter to six and come back from work at half six. As you can see I’m away for about 12-13 hours a day. Therefore I didn’t have chance to have properly cooked meals 3-4 times a day as required. My energy level was low...and I was always tired. To the time you get home and have something to eat, you don’t want anything but rest on the sofa and watch TV. Gym? What are you all about...? Maybe on the weekend if I feel like it..Or if I push myself and ended up going in the gym ...I was not doing the right things. Wrong technique...wrong amount of reps and weights. So I realized I need professional advice, professional supervision on what I do and what I eat. Jerome’s program looked appropriate to me and I decided to give it go. I wasn’t expecting to see magic straight away. I did realize it’ll be a hard work to get in shape and get more confidence. So I started the program and never felt sorry since. Only thing I was sorry about is why I haven’t started earlier? It completely changed my lifestyle and how I feel in general. I start controlling my calories intake, stick to regime of sleep and exercising. With program’s help I realized how many things I was doing wrong in the gym. In couple of weeks time I noticed slight changes in the way I look in the mirror and that’s something what motivated even more. As soon as you personally start seeing your body transforming you completely change your attitude to the wrong things you’ve done before...eating junk food, not exercising..having lack of sleep etc. Now I can 100% guarantee that I changed so much since I started this program. I’m definitely stronger, more confident in myself and way healthier then I was before. I’m not embarrassed to wear short sleeve shirts and tight polos anymore. I changed my lifestyle and concentrating on bigger goals and personal achievements. If you ever thought of changing something in your life...start with yourself! More...


Alex Burnell

28 March 2019

Iam Alex Burnell a 42 year old father of 3 girls working a full time job that has physical and demanding times, my physique I struggled to maintain with have low energy from working so hard and being on the go all the time I went the gym religiously 4 to 5 times a week and could only get so far with my body shape and was struggling with belly fat before I would plateau I felt like I was just going around in circles. I then saw a advert on Facebook from Jerome Rietveld looking for 20 guys who had low esteem and looking to transform themselves on his 28 day course so I applied and a week into his training and food plans I could feel a small bit of difference in my energy which was probably down to a combination of the right food and right amount of workout that he had set up for me by the end of the 2nd week my energy was definitely improving and so was my strength as I was getting to the latter stages of the program I could definitely notice the change in shape in my physique with waists measurements actual weight, shoulder and back where starting to shape nicely. Even with a physical demanding job I have even more get up and go for the gym and even my daily routines at work have become easier because I’m feeling a lot more energetic and now my physique is shaping nicely it means I can wear more t shirts that are fitted instead of baggy ones which make you feel great when out and about and you see people looking at you. Overall Jerome has given me a great boost in my life by actually giving me the right type of plan for my type of person the goals he set where easily achievable because he sets it all out for you to follow easily without all the confusing mumbo jumbo that other trainers waffle on about I’m looking forward to upping my game and being pushed further on the next level of challenge he has for me. Overall 10/10 clear and easily to work with and understandable info with proven results. More...


Ritchie Craig

28 March 2019

34 year old oil worker, had no confidence in physique and diet. The expirence was amazing and it has transformed my life , it has chnanhed my body for better as dropped 3 kg and better toned shape,the feelMore positive in myself.I am far happier in the way i look now and feelMore confident to walk about the steamRoom n sauna with my topOff and holdMy head up high after this inspirational trainng n plan.Its chnahed my life by having a better diet and more confident outlook and more energy in a postitibe way and getting regualr sleepAs helepd with being more energetic and sleeping patters are improved with the plan amazing like. More...


Ben H

26 February 2019

When I signed with Jerome I was 38 and although active I’d probably just slipped into the ‘Over weight’ BMI classification. I was certainly the heaviest I’d ever been, lacking energy and becoming conscious of how I was looking for the first time in my life.The programme gave me structure, information and accountability I needed. It’s not rocket science, follow the programme, stick to the nutrition targets and the weight drops off and muscle gains and definition occur. I started as a complete gym novice, signed up to one on a Sunday and started the programme on the Monday. The programme gives you the video and form to follow. Track your progress through the app. Over time I dropped 8kg (78kg down to 70kg) while building muscle and strength along the way. My own confidence increased significantly, and the visible changes drew positive comments from friends and family. Energy levels also improved.Would definitely recommend Jerome, good guy offering a professional service. More...


Daniel Jolley

26 February 2019

As I have recently entered my 30s almost the heaviest I had been in my life I was feeling sluggish, bloated with the lack of ability to par take in sports I participated in at a very high level previously. That and extreme low confidence both in and out of clothes which was far removed from how I felt through my teens and early 20’s. I came across Jerome through a free 28 trial and that has led to a full 4 months working with him. Why? Because throughout the programme I have not only been able to use his incredible knowledge on training but nutrition too. I instantly found that I could eat more especially when focusing on goal oriented foods with focus less on extended gym periods but the correct gym periods for my goals. Also there was a refreshing look on overall lifestyle and behaviours which for me was nice to receive from a PT and for me provided a well-received lift to want to achieve more. With this I have achieved results far greater than expected not only physically but emotionally and more dramatically improvement on my body confidence. The whole time I have been on the programme, I have enjoyed the balance between training and the understanding of how foods affect, not only my training but my actual day to day wellbeing. Throughout this programme I have seen constant improved strength coupled with changes to my body. Some of these are subtle however the weight loss is so visible even close friends / family and work colleges have noticed the change in my appearance. All this has given me the much needed confidence boost in and out of clothes but also given me the belief to participate in sports again The learning and knowledge I have gained from this programme has been life changing for me. As I continue the next stage of my journey the knowledge gained on how food affects me daily, overnight, before and after training has given greater success and will be something that I apply throughout the rest of my life.I would gladly recommend Jerome to anybody but be prepared to work hard (as he will push you) but from my experience be prepared to have to go and buy a whole new wardrobe as none of mine fit anymore!!! which tells me it has been done properly so thank you Jerome. More...


Gordon Linton

27 January 2019

Hi am Gordon, 36 year old dad of 2, I have been overweight since high school and always felt down and did not like what I seen in a mirror but I did not do anything about it until in later life. I was in general a weak guy at 6ft 1! Since joining the programme I have enjoyed my workouts that Jerome set for me and also the nutritional side was good, I thought it was going to be a lot harder than it was. I feel more confident going to the gym although not taking my top off in public but it’s a start of confidence then keep going I think. It’s definitely changed my habits for the better, food, exercise which I enjoy and no cardio which is good . I now feel a lot stronger upper body which I never ever though I could. Jerome is a brilliant guy his help and also the guys on the Facebook group have helped me along in this 28 day challenge and I really do thank everyone involved to get my confidence up and start changing my life for the better. More...


Jack Teall

28 December 2018

As I have recently entered my 30s I was feeling sluggish and low on confidence both in and out of clothes and not having a real idea about diet, with previous efforts basically starving myself. Using Jerome and his expertise I have found I can eat more foods and focus less on the gym and still achieve results and one of the major things is that things do not happen overnight that there is no quick fix. The short time I have been on the programme, I have enjoyed the training and seen improved strength and changes in my physique such that close friends and family have noticed a change in my appearance and my personality which is something I take confidence from. The learning and knowledge I have taken from the short time with Jerome is invaluable and I will look to continue on the journey. The small changes have given more energy and a better understanding of how to fuel my body and that less isn’t always best. More...


Fox Fox

29 October 2018

I am a 37 year old guy, I work in a sedentary job, and have a busy homelife with a 5 year old daughter: so lack of time, energy and confidence were 3 major issues in my life. Before starting with Jerome I had started to lose weight on my own, but had hit a plateau and was really struggling to lose any more weight or get the body I wanted. My body confidence was very low and I felt extremely demotivated about weight loss in general. But after just 30 days with Jerome, my body has started to transform: I am so much more confident now, I even have a six pack starting to show! Jerome really knows his stuff - his plan is not just about weight loss, it’s about fat loss and body transformation: I have lost 5% body fat, and at the same time got bigger muscles. I look much better and more importantly feel so much more confident with my body – I can’t thank Jerome enough for that. I would recommend this plan to anyone who is looking to make a change in their life. Whatever your body goal, I firmly believe Jerome can help you achieve it. Martin More...



29 October 2018

Hi I decided to take part in Jarome’s 28 day challenge. The main reason I wanted to try this challenge was because I was not happy with the current situation of how I looked in the mirror how I felt in the morning and also how I thought others perceived how i looked. Also I have tried numerous different activities and programs to try and shift some of my weight but most seem to be unsuccessful until I met Jarome. From the very first moment I spoke to Jerome PT and we kind of set up together a plan that would in 28 days set me a goal to to shift some of this weight and also make me feel better about myself. Also with Jerome PT is on hand at all times via is app which also found absolutely amazing because the other guys in the brotherhood also on there you can talk get things done together it’s like being part of a gym squad all in one place but you do things at your own convenience and your own time.Also Jerome also set out a detailed plan for calories and protein fat and carbohydrates which I have never had anyone do before when I’ve had PT sessions from them so it’s not just the app that he gives you with all the workouts that but help you it’s also the nutrition advice you’re friends with his program. Another good point about having Jerome PT take charge of my schedule was he set out goals and targets to hit. He also checked in on you once a week via phone call and sets out for the targets and goals over his accountability with you or your previous week based on calories protein and how you work out of gone you can also hash out any problems that you have encountered during the week over this call. I found Jerome PT very friendly and very easy to talk to and even after completing this 28 day challenge I personally feel that I now carry more energy more stamina and a better feel about my general look when I look at myself in the mirror. I still believe I have some way to go to reach my ultimate goal but the start that I have made Regards to the plan and with the possibility of a very good chance that I will be going back to him for further PT and nutrition sessions in the future I will most definitely get to my target weight and also my peak physical condition. In a nutshell basically if you want to lose weight you could ask any PT to take you under their wing but if you want a brotherhood with a PT the cares,looks after you checked in on you pushes you to reach that goal that you want then go to Jerome. He will be there to get you to the goals you want to achieve. Thank you Jerome, you really are a 5* trainer. More...


Paul Briggs

1 July 2018

My name is Paul I'm 41 years of age.Although I'm generally a confident person, as I'm getting older I can feel myself getting a bit out of shape and started to be a bit self conscious, less confident when taking off my shirt and also felt quite tired most of the time even though I sleep well and live quite an active life.So the 2 main reasons I came to Jerome was 1. To see where I could improve in my gym workouts and nutrition to work towards getting the physic I've always wanted and 2. To gain more energy so I can do more with my 5 year old son.During the program I immediately warmed to how well organized it was and easy to follow, especially the daily reminders of what I needed to do for example check body stats/weight, what workout to follow and track the foods calories and protein I'm eating each day, it really was like having a virtual personal trainer with you every day and after a while the tracking became second nature part of my daily routine and I've got to say made the whole experience very enjoyable. I also really liked the Face book community page where you can interact with other like minded people on the program that really gives you a sense of support and that your in it together working toward your goals.Having now completed my 1 month trial I feel I have so much more energy, I'm sleeping even better, I'm more conscious about the foods I'm eating, I'm stronger and lifting more in the gym and am actually doing a triathlon this weekend for charity. I still have some way to go with my ideal body shape but the difference just 1 month has made has made me look more toned and feel more confident and also reassured me that I am on the right track to succeed with my body shape goals.I am generally feeling much better with the way I look. So thank you Jerome and I will definitely be signing up to one of your ongoing plans. More...


A Google User

12 June 2018

I’m 28 and was lacking in body confidence despite trying several different diets and workout programmes none have influenced me like Jerome’s did.

Jerome was brilliant in his guidance while on the programme. The information on nutrition was eye opening and holding you accountable and setting your workout plans really does give you a flexible regime to work around your lifestyle and general goals. (Personally I am coming back from a knee injury so this was factored in as well as a stag weekend) Within two weeks I noticed a great deal of improvement in my strength and fitness and was also feeling less drowsy during the day. I was looking forward to getting in the gym and doing the workouts I had been set something that was lacking before.

I now feel a lot more aware of what I’m eating as a result of the programme. I also now have an idea of different workouts to do as opposed to aimlessly heading into the gym to workout. I definitely have noticed a positive physical change in my body and will continue to adhere to the guidelines Jerome’s programme advises.

The biggest lesson from this for me is that you have to allow flexibility when working towards your goals. Something which is easily overlooked on diets and other programmes making them unrealistic. Jerome is a great coach and his guidance and advice are second to none. I would definitely recommend him to family and friends looking for a great way to work towards achieving your fitness goals while not being completely restricted on what you can and can’t eat.


Nick Dent

26 May 2018

I was doing some soul searching, and was trying to improve my mental outlook, and I realised that I never really thought positively about myself. When I was considering this, I thought about my appearance, and realised I had never actually thought about how I wanted to look, let alone made any effort to achieve this goal. It wasn’t so much that I didn’t like the way I looked, I had just not considered it or put it as a priority. I decided that ideally, I would like to lose a bit of weight and put on some muscle, and as a bonus I thought its well documented that exercise is good for your mental wellbeing. I soon had to confront the fact I didn’t actually know how I was meant to go about that. I mean I knew I had to go to the gym and eat less junk food, but I didn’t honestly know what that entailed, or how to do it in a healthy, sustainable way.

First things first, the program really helped me relax in the gym. I found it a very intimidating environment and felt almost like an imposter, like everyone would stop exercising and look at me when I walked in or picked up some weights. Having the programme set out clearly for me put me at ease that I was doing the right thing and wasn’t going to embarrass or hurt myself in the gym. The other thing I should say is exercising sucks, like that’s why I wasn’t my ideal weight. If I loved exercise and going to the gym I wouldn’t be in this mess in the first place. One aspect of this program I think was essential for my success was being able to talk to Jerome weekly about how the exercise, diet and progress that is being made. It didn’t make the gym any less hard work, but Jerome was able to explain how I should expect my body to change and give me a realistic outlook for each week. He didn’t sugar coat anything and never mislead me, but told me that if I kept doing what I was doing what results to expect. He could also help out if I was having any problems with exercises. For me I really struggled with the pull up motion due to a bad shoulder, so he was happy to give me alternatives.

Over time, when I got into the swing of it, it stopped being quite so stressful and more like a personal errand I had to do as part of my routine, which made it easier to keep going back. Talking to Jerome helped me not become disheartened by the hard work and kept me aware of what to expect as time went on.

Being shown how to report my statistics properly and keeping a log that Jerome checked again really helped me continue. Like I said, I wasn’t lifting weights because I thought it was a great time, I wanted to see results, and having them laid out in front of me and explained by Jerome was really useful for my morale, and helped me going back in and continuing the hard work.

I have noticed that now I am more alert and awake in the mornings, which is an unexpected and positive change. I have noticeably lost weight and have had more than one friend comment on it despite the short time I have been working on the program. Having set out to improve the way I see myself, it is nice to see quantified improvements on the scale and measuring tape to show I am making concrete progress. There was a quiet sense of achievement I felt when I got to use a different belt hole for the first time in years.

I’m not going to sit here and say exercising and this program changed my life completely and magically solved all my problems, because it didn’t, but that’s not why I did it. What it did do was give me the tools to eat healthier, feel healthier and look the way I want, and I couldn’t be happier with the results so far. If that’s something that interests you, I can honestly recommend it whole heartedly.


Oz Adams

25 May 2018

I started the programme with Jerome at a pretty difficult stage in my life - as a recently separated father of two I was at bit of a crossroads; recently moved out into my own flat and my confidence had taken a hit. Negative feelings came more to the fore and physically this was definitely the case. Even though I’d never had a weight problem, Dad-bod had emerged and I’d spent the large part of a year in and out of the gym trying to combat it without much success. Various gym programmes and running schedules had made small inroads but nothing I was happy with.

The programme changed my mindset. Nutrition wise it completely opened my eyes and after a few days of getting used to the more protein heavy foods I got into a great routine that made pretty quick inroads. Coupled with gym sessions that gradually built up I felt like I was making good, stay progress.

The most important thing thats come out of it is how its made me view myself. I’ve gone from not being particularly pleased with taking my top of to being a lot more confident. tracking progress helps and small steps do lead to something bigger. I’ve got more definition, Dad bod is shrinking back and I feel so much better in myself, all down to the accountability, guidance and great instruction from Jerome. I cant recommend it highly enough.


Tom Whatling

4 May 2018

I literally can't thank Jerome enough! I have been on Jerome’s plan for 4 weeks and I almost don’t recognise the person who started out a little over a month ago. When I initially spoke to Jerome I was at possibly one of the lowest points, or highest if I was looking at a set of scales, I’ve ever found myself. Over the years I have tried literally every fad diet imaginable and have always been looking for a quick fix. This approach is probably why I found myself where I did a month ago. My self confidence was shot, my energy levels were at a such a level that just getting off the sofa was a big deal in itself.
This changed almost the moment I got off the phone to Jerome. What he said resonated with me, it was clear that he understood where I was at and the way I felt. His no nonsense approach and really simple plan also made something I had previously found quite complicated easy to follow and get my head around. This simple approach, which is far from that on Jerome’s part goes so much further than just eat less and move more, the understanding that I might want a beer every now and again proved to me that he was also a realist. Something that seems so far removed to others who pretend to offer something similar. I found this really reassuring.
A month or so later, I feel like myself again and when I say myself I mean myself about 10 years ago, before I got fat. I have never enjoyed the gym but after the first session, I walked out a sweaty mess, and with some of the gym regulars I’m pretty sure close to calling an ambulance on my behalf, but almost unbelievably with a huge smile on my face. I actually enjoyed a gym session, this was unheard of, but I couldn’t wait to go back. The plan was perfect, and I’ve followed it religiously because it has been designed in a way that it is easy to do so.
In the time I’ve worked with Jerome my energy levels are starting to get on my partners nerves, I’m more awake at work, I’m sleeping better and possibly most ridiculously I’m getting up early and enjoying the gym. Where before I didn’t recognise myself when I looked in a mirror I’m starting to see the old me come back. My confidence is growing back everyday. I have seen my weight come down steadily and I think possibly more importantly I’ve seen my body shape start to change.
The support I’ve received is not something I would have said at the outset would be something I’d find that useful, but the way that it is handled and the accountability it offers is something I’ve come to enjoy and look forward to. This is actually worth every penny alone.
If I’m being honest, Jerome’s plan should probably come with a warning. I’ve found it expensive, not the cost of the plan or working with Jerome, that’s priceless, but the cost of all the new clothes you will have to buy unless you like looking an early nineties rapper or a tent.


Tim Hayward

30 April 2018

Before the programme started I felt out of control, had stopped buying clothes, felt uncomfortable in a wetsuit and wouldn't consider going swimming or removing my t-shirt on the beach. My weight and lack of fitness was beginning to impact my wider lifestyle in terms of hiking, biking and surfing. Various things were tried and they were either unsustainable or lacked accountability. Finally, I wasn't sleeping particularly well and was feeling generally lethargic.

The programme made me feel in control very quickly, making informed decisions in the first couple of days. After this I found the approach to nutrition very flexible - nothing was off limits but this was balanced with the accountability of the programme which encouraged me towards moderation. I found living within the nutritional programme straight forward and diverse from the start, and the advice and recipes provided really helped.

Workout wise, the programme was easy to follow, flexible on timing and clear instructions if you weren't sure how to do something. My performances improved every time I went into the gym and the workouts were varied enough to avoid boredom. Everything was tracked and the environment created by Jerome and the tools he used was supportive and made me feel accountable to myself.

The impact was almost immediate with positive results on my weight, my measurements, my sleep and my energy levels. This had a knock on positive impact to my moods and my confidence. I was worried the initial results were just the usual "first week" but to be honest the results were pretty consistent week on week. My waist and weight were reducing but my biceps were growing, the holy grail of fat loss and muscle building at the same time!!

After a couple of weeks my wife and family were noticing the results and after 3 weeks people round the office were noticing too. The programme had become intuitive in terms of what I ate and when I trained, and has fitted into my lifestyle easily which bearing in mind I am away from home 3-4 days a week is a great help.

All of this has meant I feel great. I think the results so far are awesome, and going forward I feel back in control of my life. I can make informed choices, I can plan around my lifestyle, my fitness is noticeably improving and my confidence in what I wear (or don't!) is increasing on a daily basis.

This is the most sustainable and realistic programme I have been a part of and I can't recommend Jerome and his knowledge and support enough.


John Pacey

27 February 2018

Having tried for years to get my fitness on track and hitting various plateaus, I thought I was never going to reach my goals - especially once I had a serious knee injury that sapped my motivation and piled back on the pounds I’d worked so hard to shift.

I took a punt on Jerome from a Facebook ad and found that his simple, accessible systems made it very easy to get started. Results were swift, consistent and made sense of the theories at the core of this programme.

Not only do I feel like I’ve accomplished a lot physically, I also feel recharged mentally and in a much more positive place. Ready for the next challenge! Thanks Jerome.


Sean Knipe

19 February 2018

At a young age of 43 I've been wanting to get my body looking good again after putting on the extra weight. Before I started the programme I managed to consistently hit the gym and packed up my bad habits, like indulging fatty foods and smoking.The programme when I joined not only set me up for the gym, so every time I knew exactly what I was doing , it also setup clear and informative detail about nutrician and how important it is to understand macros to get those gains. If your wanting more knowledge and the gains from the gym, then this is the programme for you. More...


Giles Holloman

13 February 2018

Before joining Jerome I was training hard and reached a plateau. No gains were being made and this was a disheartening feeling, very frustrating also. I'd ask myself how long would I carry on with no results before quiting.
Once on the programme. My eyes were opened to new training formats utilising compound moves which is far less boring and more beneficial and enjoyable.
Also showed me how to track food consumption monitoring calories and protein which pushes you reach goals you hadn't properly set yourself before. Once the results start showing you are lifted and different feel alot happier about your efforts.


Edward M

6 December 2017

This is not my first trip on the merry-go-round. I must have had ten personal trainers before stumbling across Jerome, yet at the age of 34, I was still fat, lethargic and miserable.

Jerome popped up on my Facebook feed and, almost in desperation I clicked the link and set up a call. I didn't think he'd ring, but he did, and we chatted for over half an hour. By the end, I already felt more energised than I had in...as long as I can remember.

I was set up on a plan and given some simple rules by which to live. The method was so easy; I didn't quite believe it at first. I believed the results, however.

After 3 weeks, I've lost over 8lbs. I feel lighter. I feel liberated. I feel happier and more able to enjoy day-to-day life. What's perhaps most pleasing, though, is the lack of cravings and difficulty sticking to the plan.

For the first time ever, I feel not that I will fail...but that I can't fail. Even though there is still a long way to go, I know I'll get to where I want to be, and it's an enjoyable process. In itself, this self-belief is life changing.

Jerome's an investment, but he's an investment in yourself, and I've got no hesitation recommending people invest.

This is not my first trip on the merry-go-round, and Jerome's the best there is.


Ajit Nair

5 December 2017

1. The negative feelings I had before starting the programme e.g. lacking confidence in physique, low energy etc.

- I am generally quite confident about myself so there wasn't a case of me feeling low especially because of my health or how I looked etc. Also my energy levels are usually high and was not a comcern. However- I wanted to be fitter and most importantly, look fitter.

2. My experience while on the programme, how it helped those negative feelings

- Jerome knows what he is talking about, full stop. He has this unique way of making things simple where a lot of  other coaches can risk over complicating nutritional sciences by going too much into macro nutrients, micro nutrients, etc. I just wanted a coach who will guide me on what to eat, how much to eat and most importantly what can be practically possible and live a life of a normal guy without becoming a monk!

3. The positive feelings I feel as a result, e.g. happier with the way I look, more confident, etc.

- the progress was visible within 3 weeks! Of course I had to commit myself to ensure that I follow my regime as described by Jerome consistently. The happiest moment was when the missus noticed the changes within 2-3 weeks and believe me she won't compliment that easily!!

4. If its changed my life in some way, how?

- like I said before that confidence or energy levels where not a major concern for me to begin with. But do I feel happier Of course yes! I always feel great when I achieve what o set out to achieve and a big thanks to Jerome and all the lads on his fb group.


simon robinson

4 December 2017

I have tried a few different fitness plans with varied success, I came across Jerome’s via Facebook and I was impressed with the setup.

I contacted Jerome and we discussed my current situation and goals. I had slipped into bad habits and this was affecting my happiness.

Over my time working with Jerome I have developed good habits of training and eating well.

The technology Jerome’s programme uses is really easy to operate and makes you aware of your progress.

I’d recommend the programme to anyone looking to improve their health through training and nutrition.

Thanks Jerome!


Chris Langrish

28 November 2017

Before starting the program I was a little apprehensive. I had done other programs but felt I was not getting anywhere fast with my physique. But while on the program I could see the progress slowly coming on. I could see the inches coming off my belly, and my overall strength improved. This led me to feel a lot happier and confident with the way I looked.this program has made realise that I can achieve a lot more than I thought at my age 45 and keep on improving. I recommend this program to anyone. More...


Bill Brown

13 November 2017

Through the majority of my adult life I have been on the larger side, but in the last couple of years, I had my weight gain get out of control. However it was when I hit 17 stone and had to by an xxl t-shirt that I knew something had to change. I started Jerome’s 12 week program after a 7 day challenge that he put on Facebook. With regards to weight loss and my fitness levels, it was the best thing I have ever done.

In the past I had tried few different fad diets, started running, cut out carbs, used meal replacement shakes, tried eating low fat microwave meals, basically all the normal mistakes. All I found was that I was hungry, not losing proper weight and not keeping it off when I did, I was tired and my knees hurt from running without a lot to show for it.

As soon as I began Jerome’s plan he gave me a calorie target and protein goal. The diet side of the plan was made to be so simple and it really is.
I started tracking my food down to the gram, because I wanted to do it right. It was a bit tedious to start with but I’m so glad I did do it because it educated me as to exactly what my meals and the food I was eating was made up of. It also allowed me to plan what I was eating, which made it a lot easier to still live and eat how I wanted.

I joined my local gym the day I started my 90 plan. This was a good move because the workout plan that I was given could then be tailored to fit in a lot more equipment and additional exercises that I just couldn’t do at home.
The app is so easy to use and virtually idiot proof. When you get down to the gym or wherever you work out, you just check in and Jerome has done the plan for you including reps and sets. There are even videos on there in case you are unsure about what to do.

I started weighing every other day and took tape measurements every week, the results came really quick. I had a huge weight loss at the start which was a big morale boost but I thought it wouldn’t last, but for me it did. The weight just fell off. And because of the plan, it was coming off the right places. My belly, back and waist have shrunk considerably. Losing over 10cm from my belly. Over the course of the 12 weeks.

The weekly call from Jerome was very helpful as it allowed me to ask questions I had about diet, the weight training or anything really. I also found the Facebook group incredibly helpful. It was a great way to share advice and keep us all in check with weekly accountability posts.

My final weigh in was last week and I had hit my goal of 89.9kg which is about 14st 2lb, I was 107.3kg when I started (16st 13lb). That’s nearly 3 stone in 90 days! I have not felt hungry, tired or worn out the whole time and now I feel better than I have done in the last 10 years. The fact that my t-shirts (large now, not xxl) are now tighter on my arms than on my belly has given me a huge confidence boost.

This is definitely not the end of my journey though as the plan has given me the drive to get the body and the level of fitness that I didn’t think would be possible for someone like me.

I highly recommend Jerome to anyone who is serious about changing the way they look and feel about themselves. For me, it has honestly changed my life, changed how I look at myself, at food and at my own personal fitness.

Cheers Jerome!


Nathan Horobin

22 October 2017

Playing an 11 a side football match at your teams stadium was a dream come true-what could possibly go wrong? Even after not playing for >10 years, I didn't expect to be leaving the pitch after 50 mins with a badly torn hamstring, a torn calf & a severe headache. Limping back to the car was embarrassing enough but seeing pictures of myself in a football kit with a huge pot belly was the turning point. I had to do something to get into shape & feel good about myself.
I came across Jerome’s Get Shredded advert on Facebook & jumped on board initially for a couple of weeks. Having found the exercises & interaction enjoyable, I took up the offer to join the Alpha 12 programme. From day 1, getting to know the other guys on the programme & reading their stories was a big incentive to push myself into what lay ahead.

The programme itself is fantastic-the nutrition download & recipes both full of valuable, easy to understand information. I’d always struggled with macros, knowing exactly how much protein & carbs to eat, but not any more.
Jerome explains everything in simple terms, setting you a great variety of exercises for the gym or in the comfort of your own house me.

The first 2 weeks were tough, the drop in daily calories left me extremely hungry. Rest assured though through the Facebook group, Jerome provided advice on the best low fat, low calorie foods to keep the cravings at bay.

It’s actually a crucial part of the programme to check in & track your routines on Jerome's fitness app (which comes as part of the subscription). Providing weight & measurement updates for others to see, gives you the accountability & extra motivation to kick on.
Reading the daily posts from the Alpha 12 group on Facebook, seeing how others are progressing, sharing recipe ideas as well as giving & receiving encouragement-it certainly feels like being part of a team, a team with one common goal.

From a starting weight of 87kg in August, I now (20th Oct) weigh in at just 80kg but with bigger biceps, a bigger chest & a flat stomach, while my waist has shrunk from a 34”-32”.

Today I had a pre arranged phone call with Jerome to discuss how I had found the 3 month course & what my goals are for the future.
I've been that impressed with the whole set up that I am now putting my faith in Jerome to help me gain lean muscle & change my body shape again over the next 3 months.

My advice to anybody wanting to lose weight, get fit & gain confidence from having the body you want, look no further than the Alpha 12 programme, you honestly won’t regret it.

Matt Horobin
Age 44


Mike Sugden

10 October 2017

I used to be a skinny guy, but being comfortable in a relationship then marriage and a child led to the inevitable pile on of a few pounds mainly around the mid riff area as is always the case. I’d been going to the gym for over 3 years without actually managing to remove the dreaded love handles so my confidence really wasn’t great. I was ok with the shape of my legs and arms but my stomach just made me angry every time I took my shirt off as the fat wouldn’t go anyway. While looking through social media I saw Jerome’s page so clicked on the link.
This took me through a few questions to answer about how I felt and what would I like to do to change it. Once I’d submitted these answers it was the same day Jerome actually rung me. I’d been trying to do the things he spoke to me about for so long but I believe my problem was that I didn’t have guidance and someone to give you a kick up the backside when you really don’t want to do anything and just give you some motivation.
Like I said I’d been going to the gym for 3 years so I knew I could work muscle groups but I hadn’t really done the cardio part at the beginning of a workout so this was new to me and really helped get my energy levels up before you got going on your weight programme. The 1st few workouts I don’t think I’ve ever sweated so much in my life and I will never like goblin squats again in my life! They are pure evil but they bloody work! I enjoyed the variety the programmes were giving me and this showed in my confidence but more importantly for me it showed in my physique! I’d lost 10 pounds in the 1st 4 weeks so I was really chuffed. 2nd and 3rd months were more about maintaining what I’d achieved so at the end of it I did feel so much happier with the way I looked and what I had achieved in the gym along the way, it was always good to see personal bests and yes it may be a high five from an app but to me it was a pat on the back for myself that I’d lifted more and worked harder as a result.
The prog


Ben Fielding

4 October 2017

I decided to do this program to feel better about my body and gain more confidence in the way I look. I've always hated the weights part of the gym and would find myself gravitating to the treadmill. The program gave me the confidence and information to understand how to use the weights easily and effectively to lose weight and tone up. Over just a 4 week period I dropped 3 kg and look and feel totally different and my confidence is back!
Jerome is a calming and motivational influence and he understands that you have a life outside of this. I wasn't perfect at the weekend but I managed to make it work by working hard and eating well as much as I could, thanks Jerome!


Alex Walker

21 September 2017

Before starting the Alpha Body program I was struggling to lose weight and was suffering from a severe lack of confidence. I also suffered from low energy levels and was sleeping a lot. I started the 4 week program and started to see the results quickly. I lost weight but was building muscle at the same time thanks to the diet and training advice. As I was building muscle, I did not lose weight fast but the weekly measurements showed I was losing body fat. I have begun to feel more confident and have had more energy since starting this program and would definitely recommend Jerome to anyone. More...



7 September 2017

Before I started programme with Jerome I was feeling not motivated and new that I had not enough understanding of the correct type of food I should be eating to lose weight. I knew that I was on a downward spiral and gaining weight and with my job involving a lot of travel I needed to do something about it.
My experience on the programme was very good. I learned about counting calories and Jerome was very good support and always on hand to ask a question if you were not sure about anything. It helped me understand and focus myself on the right food I should be eating especially when I was travelling I found this to be great help.
During the programme, I did lose approx. ¾ stone in 4 weeks and my shape changed allowing my clothes to fit better and allowing me to have more confidence in my appearance.
Unfortunately, I have been unable to keep up the training due to new job and timeframe. This has led me to stop counting my calorie intake. I do intend to get back at counting the food intake to prevent weight piling on.


Daniel Stuart

24 August 2017

I’m a 38 year old oil rig worker with a baby son and have just got married. It was my wedding photos that finally did it, I looked like a proper chunker.
I had gotten a few emails through from a ‘Jerome Rietveld’ which I just thought were spam, but I decided to read one as it mentioned something about “older guys” and “still enjoying your life”.
Before giving Jerome a shout, I had tried everything – ketosis, got sick of meat. Insanity, got fed up of Sean T, calorie cutting, erm no, intermittent fasting, 5-2 diets, quitting sugar, the lot! It’s all variations on a theme. Anyway, I was constantly on a diet and was putting weight on – man boobs and muffin top – my torso looked like Homer Simpson’s face. I had no confidence and felt self-conscious when taking the wee man to his swimming lessons with all the mums going about.
Insanity and a high protein/zero carbs diet had actually worked for me before, but that was when I was younger and single (we all have that urge to try ridiculously hard to look better when you’re single). But it’s not sustainable, you really miss beer and cake! And your farts reek, worse than normal anyways.
So I emailed Jerome. He was friendly from the start with a ‘can do’ attitude – I work on a rig so can’t weigh my portions or have any idea what calories I’m eating. He was able to tailor my program to fit that and I’ve lost 6 kg since starting. I’d a pair of Diesel jeans that sat in my cupboard for 3 years as they were too small for me and I’m wearing those SOBs again! Sure, they’re probably not in fashion anymore but I’m 38, fashion doesn’t matter! When at home, I have drinks (the good, alcoholic kind), chocolate and even pizza now and again. The program is EASY and you see results. It’s the only bloody thing that has worked for me and I can’t thank Jerome enough.
If you’re stuck in a rut, feeling a bit flabby, seeing more chins appearing on your jawline and your wife juggles your manbaps in bed for a laugh, then give Jerome a shout – it’s a


Adam McCullagh

3 August 2017

I recently signed up to Jerome’s Alpha Body Programme. Before signing up I considered myself quite fit, regularly playing competitive football but lacked any knowledge or guidance to tackle the gym and my body proved that. After a serious knee operation last year, I had somehow developed a ‘dad bod’. This had created a lack in confidence in physique. I had got into bad eating habits and due to this lacked the necessary energy needed to perform at the highest level at work and in my new role as a dad.

Right from the start Jerome was a great motivator. My lack of knowledge about the importance of a good diet that supplements your training programme became very apparent but with Jerome’s expert advice, tailor made programmes and nutritional plan, things started to all make sense. Easy to use apps to monitor nutritional goals and training programmes, as well as easy video tutorial helped in the gym. I had tried MyFitnessPal app before but until Jerome had set me targets and goals I realised that I had never really understood the importance of the app.

After the first week, my confidence was sky high. I expected to be tired but in fact I felt energised. The programme is very easy to fit in around your busy lifestyle. I run my own building company but still found time to get down to the gym three, sometimes four times a week.

This programme has changed my life forever. I now understand the importance of a good diet and a realistic training programme. My physique has changed and I feel more confident. I would strongly suggest trying Jerome’s programme and watch your life change both mentally and physically.


Chris Mclean

15 July 2017

I would 100% recommend Jerome and the programmes he offers. Before I started this 30 day programme, my self confidence was low, I didn't have any goals, and the ones I did were not achievable and didn't really have any sort of plan to tackle it.

When I started the programme, Jerome was great from the start, talking through my goals, and aligning them into realistic achievable goals, that I could see. This helped in my confidence. I could see my goals clearer and why I wanted to achieve them.

Jerome continued support on the programme was invaluable and having weekly coaching calls gave me accountability and pace.

In some ways it's changed my outlook on eating in general and I enjoy eating, rather than thinking everything i eat will make me put on weight.

My confidence at the gym has increased, now seeing results, so feel really positive about keeping the momentum going.


Luke Mcdonagh

11 July 2017

I contacted Jerome as I had been gaining weight and fat over the course of a year since breaking my leg. This meant I struggled to find clothes in my wardrobe that fitted me as my stomach had grown, because of this I always had a bad start to an evening out as I’d been trying to find clothes that didn’t show that my stomach had grown so much which would annoy me! So I had a choice of buying a wardrobe full of clothes or getting into better shape. Even though I was putting on weight I was doing some weights work and some CV but the big problem I was having was my diet so I needed some structure and targets to hit. After seeing the Facebook ad I contacted Jerome and went through the start of the process.
During the 28 day plan my energy levels increased and I had no issue fasting for an extended period of time which meant I then had good filling meals later in the day. The weights sessions were fairly quick to complete and varied enough to keep my interest, including a lot of leg weights which I’d not really done much of before opting instead for vanity weights like lats, biceps and chest!
I can definitely feel a difference in the clothes I wear now making it a lot easier to pick out clothes for a night, my jeans are a lot more relaxed fit now than being tight fitting and I don’t need to buy a new wardrobe of clothes anymore!
Overall in the 28 days I’ve lost over 4kgs and dipped under the 100kg mark which was my aim, this has come with knowledge about how to control my diet and the key numbers of calories and protein I need in order to keep going.


chris johns

5 July 2017

Before starting the program, I was overweight and I didn't feel like I looked good in clothes or with my shirt off. I worked out and played sport regularly but struggled to lose weight and keep it off. Once I started Jerome's program, I started tracking my food properly and I religiously stuck to the workouts. The workouts weren't too long but they worked me hard and I've seen lots of progress in my compound exercises (bench press, squats, deadlifts). I dropped from 90kg /14st 2lbs. Down to 79kg/12st 7lbs. I look so much better in clothes and a lot better with my shirt off, I can finally see my abs again and I am looking forward to getting onto a beach and getting my shirt off. A complete contrast to being worried and being self conscious about doing that a few months ago. All the while keeping muscle mass and actually improving my strength.
Without being cheesy, Jerome's help has genuinely changed my life. I understand my body, nutrition and how it all fits together so much better. So thank you.


Dan Carter

29 June 2017

As a young professional working in the music industry, its always been easy for me to use my work and busy schedule as an excuse not to look after my health. When I approached Jerome I was in dire need of a change. My sleep pattern was a mess, I had barely touched a gym in six months and my diet went from one extreme to the next. But I was very hungry to start engineering some changes for a better me long term. Jerome was really receptive and flexible to my slightly chaotic lifestyle, tailoring the program in a way that actually fitted to me whilst also helping me work out what changes could be made to allow for a longer term, healthy lifestyle.

Under Jerome’s watchful eye I was able to recognise simple but effective lifestyle changes that really allowed me to take control of my health. In just one month of sticking to his regime I dropped 5kg, but the biggest buzz for me was how colleagues, friends and my partner noticed an increase in energy and a general buzz of wellbeing. The information and etiquette he taught me during my time on the program continues to benefit me and I couldn’t recommend Jerome more for people who what a no-nonsense PT who can tailor effective programs to your personal needs/lifestyle without taking you completely off of the map. I'll be hitting Jerome up again in the fall again based on the positive experience I had first time around and knowing that his programs really do deliver.


Gavin L

20 June 2017

I have just finished my first month on the Alpha Body programme and its been a really good experience. Before joining the program I was stuck in a bit of a rut, I had an expensive gym membership that I never used and although I had an idea about what I should be doing and eating I lacked the motivation to put it into practice.

When I had the first call with Jerome, we ran through what I was looking for (lose fat and build muscle) and the time frames I had in mind. There was exactly a month before I headed off on holiday, so we set a short term weight loss goal in time for that and a stretch goal for the medium/long term.

Before going on the program I wasn’t feeling confident in my body, especially the idea of taking my clothes off by the pool. After the initial four weeks, I have lost over 4kg of body fat whilst actually building a small amount of muscle which is great considering I have been in a calorie deficit for most of the last month.

Jerome holds weekly calls to discuss progress and any assistance needed, we review the week that has passed and the week ahead. There is also an accountability post each week on the private facebook group which really helps as slacking off is highlighted here and also where someone has achieved a ‘clean sweep’ this is recognised.

Looking forward to the next few weeks and month and eventually progressing to the bulk phase of training. I would recommend the program to anyone looking to cut body fat and transform their body.