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Jb Performance specializes in helping working adults achieve the highly sought after athletic aesthetic. We believe that performance based training is how everybody should attack their health and wellness. The physiological benefits of this type of training are unmatched.


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3 June 2020

Phenomenal! Got me in great shape

28 April 2020

Working with Jordan at JB Performance is awesome! I don't have much "formal" experience working out but he works with me and keeps demonstrating the proper form for everything. Highly motivational so you always get your maximum pump on! More...

26 April 2020

Working out with Jordan at JB Performance allows me to develop a healthy life style with great results. Awesome!

26 April 2020

I have always been an active person and an avid yogi, but I was looking for a new type of workout. After meeting with Jordan, he quickly created a personalized workout routine that was effective and just the type of challenge my body needed. Jordan’s expertise and unique workouts were just what I was looking for. I instantly starting shredding body fat, increasing muscle mass and getting the toned body I always wanted. Jordan’s positive attitude and great sense of humor make working out fun! I have referred many of my friends to Jordan, and they all agree his individual and group training are the best. If you’re looking to transform your body and improve your overall well being, Jordan will get you there! More...

25 April 2020

JB Performance is where I go to get my daily training. Whether that be the Monday, Wednesday, Friday early morning workouts or the workout Jordan tailors for me. Never fails to get the job done.

25 April 2020

Great way to start my day!! I felt motivated and invigorated!!

25 April 2020

Jordan keeps variety in the workouts and encourages to push harder. He is always reaching out to see how he can help. I enjoy the workout to start the day.

25 April 2020

I was working out on my own and thought I was seeing some results and then I starting doing personal training with Jordan from JB Performance. Boy was I wrong. His workouts are intense but the results have been amazing. It’s a complete body workout that doesn’t require a lot of time. He is knowledgeable and dedicated. I would highly recommend More...

24 April 2020

Always have a great time working with Jordan. Very knowledgeable and energetic, encourages you to push but not past your limits. The program and environment are awesome, would highly recommend! More...

23 January 2020

I had a marvelous time being trained by Jordan. He really motivated me to increase the intensity of my workouts and I was making improvements at a rate I had never seen before. I highly recommend training with him whether it’s your first time in a gym in a long time or you simply want to alter your current workout to become more functional. I had noticed all of my previous regiments left me feeling strong, but then after playing simple games of pickup sports I would still wake up sore the next day. Jordan taught me its not about how long you spend in the gym, but rather the intensity of your workouts. Since he began training me, I have noticed my functionality has drastically improved while recovery time after physical activities and other sports has decreased. More...

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Performance based goals. Its fine to want to "lose weight" and "feel better", however, when you begin to formulate and attack performance based goals, you'll notice a level of motivation like you've never seen.

This question is honestly so dumb. Your main focus shouldn't be "getting the body of your dreams". Yes, everyone wants to look great, however, focusing on performance based goals will give you a greater level of motivation, accountability, and sustainability. Hit your performance goals and the rest will follow.

Educating. Knowledge is power. Its one thing to display an exercise or movement. Its another thing to explain the reasoning behind it and why said exercise or movement is beneficial. Our goal is to make you not need us anymore by instilling applicable knowledge.

I have always had a passion and desire to see how far I can physically and mentally push myself. What do they say? Make your passion your profession and you'll never work a day in your life? Long story short, I want to instill this same passion in others :)

Attention to detail, meticulous planning, and customer service make us stand out. When all of these come together in a glorious harmony it creates a fun, engaging, and thought-provoking environment. We don't just give you a workout and count your reps, we go the extra mile to ensure success both short term and, more importantly, long term.