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Janus Solutions is a specialist substance misuse treatment service and counselling service. We provide:

Drug and Alcohol day treatment . Our programme is both 7 days per week, also depending on your particular needs, it is tailored to your requirements.



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Providing treatment to individual that have emotional issues such as substance use, including alcohol and other emotional issues such depression and anxiety, is the introduction of the client to change. Janus believes that change and the opportunity to change is the right of all individuals and this can only be achieved through hard work. A motto of Janus is 'Uncomfortability is growth'. We will work for the client if the the client works for themselves!

Our inspiration for starting Janus Solutions was that things, in the form of therapy, can be one different. And that clients do not have to be locked into conditions for all of their lives. We wished to offer the client something different.

Janus Solutions is a service that has developed a unique approach that encourages the client to explore the vast possibility of change. Clients are treated in a supportive yet empowering way.