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I’ve always been driven to help others. It was my dream to be a doctor and help others live a healthy life and be there for them when they were ill.

I guess I saw myself as superhuman and I definitely didn’t take my own advice.


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Little Rock Alderney

Best site ever for new healthy recipes and tips for healthy living! Well done Jane!!!


Heike Peck

Very good page to find inspiration and motivation for new healthy recipes and lots of other healthy tips too.


Lynne Roscrow

Thank you Jane for your 'How to eat more veg' session on Friday...It was really informative, even for someone like myself who does actually eat quite a fair amount of veg and fruit. Also understanding a portion size was very helpful. And happily the suggestions didn't involve juicing and smoothie-ing everything in sight. However, I am indeed tempted by a vege smoothie such was Jane's genuine enthusiasm :-) More...

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For me nutrition is the basis to a healthy life . There is so much information out there now- and a lot of misinformation so that it's difficult to weed it all out and know what is the right thing to do. In this case an expert to give your the right information at the right time can be key. I an provide specialist eating plans to help control type 2 diabetes and IBS as well as other conditions.

Watching people achieve positive lasting changes in their life and health in a way that that they never thought possible. My packages with weekly session on phone, Skype or Zoom offer you small steps forward each week so It doesn't feel as though it's hard work . It builds into your daily life so it becomes part of it. I always like to say" It doesn't matter that its a small step, as long as it's in the right direction"

I suffered with depression and burnout myself and have had some issues with disordered eating. Using nutrition and coaching I have improved my health 99%(we can always do more!) so I have experienced many of the issues my clients have. I also know the value of coaching and nutrition and how they fit together so well. This was my basis to start my own business

I have a great background of professional training. I also continue to update and learn new techniques to help my cleints. I'm currently undertaking an advanced coaching course. I'm a good listener, supportive but willing to challenge any negativity that is holding a client back. I offer a Discovery coaching session so you can find out what coaching is like so give it a go and let's see if we can work together


Dr Jane's Clarity and Calmness System will reconnect you with what is really important to you. You'll have the tools to find focus and calmness everyday so you feel energised and look forward to your day.

Dr Jane's Nutritious Nutshell will set you free from the tyranny of cravings without deprivation or spending hours food shopping and cooking. Delicious simple food that will fuel and energise you so you like the person looking back at you in the mirror.

Dr Jane's Unlock Your Happiness focuses on freeing you from anxiety and stress. Enjoy being present in the moment and enjoying your life. Simple strategies will help you deal with negative emotions so they are a blip rather than a trap that sucks you in.