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At an especially low point in my life, I mean really low, I got a download from the universe and went from survivor - of abuse, trauma, suicide loss, depression - to thriver with a gift I call Life Design: A Blueprint for Your Soul. This amazing process will blow your socks off and allow you to:



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I love that my clients are seeing real results that extend beyond the focus and overflow into every area of their life. The coaching and training I offer is holistic and completely customized because we are not egg cartons, solely compartmentalized and rigid. We are more like hot, steamy, yummy, messy plates of spaghetti - where everything touches and works together to make us who we are.

I started my business to share with others the help I'd been helped with. I was at a crossroads personally and professionally and sought out a renowned coach who instilled hope and helped me find my directions. With that clarity and support, I was able to make some really tough and risky choices that has led to a fantastic lifestyle where I get to help people roll up their sleeves and change their own corner of the world.

Why choose me is an important question. First, I'm kind and compassionate while being direct and able to hold you accountable. Because I went from surviving to thriving, I am able to help people get unstuck. No one but you is an expert in your life, but I am an incredible mixture of treasure hunter, guide, co-pilot, cheerleader, and confidante all in one. I hold a B.S. in Family Studies and a Masters in Human Resource Development, as well as advanced certification in conflict resolution and life coaching.


There's a path that you are meant to follow and though you may not know how to find it, or where it leads, it is ready to reveal itself. And I want to help you get past whatever is holding you back and get on with your life. HOW TO WORK WITH ME In person or virtually, you will be guided through a design and building process that will allow you to: Love yourself enough to become the person you are meant to be Envision - and I mean with ALL your senses - the life you long for Clear away what is standing in the way Lay the foundation for the work to come Build a framework that makes room for every piece of you Protect what you’ve designed Foster the inward and outward vision you have for yourself and your place in this big, beautiful world Create and honor your own boundaries and let go of co-dependent, toxic behavior