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Sarah O'Dea

27 April 2019

I worked with Jacqui for an eclectic photoshoot based in The Liberties, Dublin. Jacqui took some incredible photographs for our portfolio, exceeding any expectation, and all of which we have been able to use consistently throughout the years. Wonderfully creative and energetic with a real passion to capture “the perfect shot”. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough. More...


James Looney

27 April 2019

Professional and technical but also very human with a quick eye for the spontaneous. Suitable for all events or projects, but really excels with people.


Amy L

26 February 2019

We absolutely loved working with Jacqui, the pre-wedding shoot was good fun and the photos are so great, we can't stop looking at them! Jacqui really captured the day and special moments so perfectly, we couldn't be happier! More...


Rebecca St Pier

27 January 2019

We loved Jacqui and LOVED her amazing natural photos of our wedding. From the warm winter light on our faces, to the cosy indoor shots of all our close family and friends. Jacqui captured every single special moment perfectly. We can’t thank her enough for putting us at ease on our big day and for giving us beautiful memories to look back on. Thank you again! Beck and Ash xx More...


Grace Fielder

29 October 2018

Jacqui was the perfect wedding photographer! She took time to get to know us and exactly what we wanted and the photos are absolutely stunning. Her professionalism and her wicked sense of humour made our day so much better! More...


Amanda Woodward

29 September 2018

We are so glad that we picked Jacqui to be our wedding photographer, she was brilliant! She made us feel really comfortable and we now have so many amazing shots to remember our day :)


Janice Flynn

1 July 2018

Jacqui McSweeney is a dream to work with as a wedding photographer. She is professional and very helpful to work with, especially when we were so busy before the wedding.


Kate Maunsell

1 July 2018

We were absolutely BLOWN AWAY by our wedding photos! I cried my happy little eyes out looking through them! The quality is outstanding and far surpassed our high expectations. Every, single image is beautiful, flawless and perfectly captures the uniqueness of our day. Jacqui has a way of capturing those perfect little moments, a quick glance, a silly joke, that if you blinked, you’d miss. She was the perfect wedding photographer; calm, reassuring and great fun, but entirely professional. I would have absolutely no hesitation in saying you need this woman at your wedding! More...


Warren Stanislaus

11 June 2017

My wife and I both agree that Jacqui is amazing in every way! Our wedding photos are first class.


Jill Wilson

27 May 2017

We could not have had a better photographer for our daughter's winter wedding. Not only was Jacqui herself superb throughout a very long day but also her photographs exceeded our expectations. They are excellent. She captured the day perfectly from the excitement and chaos of getting ready in the morning to the beautiful setting for the ceremony and reception and the fun at the evening revels! The day was cold, frosty and sunny so Jacqui was able to use the amazing light to perfection. It was also a joy to have her with us all day. She was everywhere but unobtrusive. Alice and Stuart, the bride and groom, are thrilled with what Jacqui achieved and we couldn't have asked for more. Everyone who has seen the photos has commented on the stunning quality. Best of all Jacqui has provided us with the most wonderful portfolio of memories from a very special wedding day. Highly recommend. More...


Rob Knowles

13 October 2016

Jacqui and Andy came to our NYC wedding in September 2016. These two are SO good at what they do. The photos are absolutely amazing and have caused quite a stir (lots of "is this real?" comments!). I know nothing much about photography, but the work Jacqui and Andy have done shows the value of having a proper photographer - the memories brought back by our photos are so much more vivid than, for example, looking at a photo taken on an iPhone. The end result isn't the only important factor either; neither I nor my lovely wife are especially used to, or comfortable with, having our photo taken. Again though, Jacqui and Andy both excelled at putting us completely at ease. They both convey a gentle authority at the same time as making us laugh, and making the experience of having photographs taken feel fun and special. Listen to their direction and you won't be disappointed - they know what looks good! Finally, we received a beautiful box containing a selection of "highlights" photos and a lovely custom USB stick, which had a video slideshow of some of the most striking photos put to a song of our choice and then separate "full resolution" and "sharing resolution" copies of every photo. The presentation and thought in these final details really gave us the perfect lasting memories of our time with Jacqui, Andy and all our other friends and family who were with us. Cannot recommend this dream team highly enough! More...


Ricky Briggs

17 September 2015

Just got our wedding photos and absolutely love them. Jacqui was great on the day and done a fantastic job of getting all types of different shots. Would highly recommend.


Jessica Fisher

28 May 2015

I couldn't have been happier with Jacqui's work! She is so easy to work with-- makes everyone feel comfortable and keeps the mood really fun and mellow. Plus the final results were nothing short of spectacular. My husband and I both LOVE our wedding pictures and I feel incredibly lucky to have had her for my photographer! More...


Yasmin Paris Kerr

9 January 2015

We used Jacqui to take some family photographs for us and the results were gorgeous. Highly recommended! A brilliant photographer.

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