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I offer a professional dog walking service. I'm an experienced dog walker with over 10 years dog handling experience, I can also deal with some behavioral issues, if you need help with them. I can take your dog for a 30 min or an hour walk, giving your dog the exercise, socialization, and toilet break that they need while your out, giving you peace of mind and a happy dog.



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I am an animal lover and I have a special connection with dogs, so this is the dream job for me. I quickly become attached to all the dogs I walk, they all have different characters, and are always happy to see me, which makes my day.

My neighbours dog was stuck in house all day while she was at work, I had a dog of my own and he went on three walks a day, I was worried about her dog not getting enough excercise, which can lead to allsorts of problems, a dog needs to be out and walking. So I ask here if she wanted me to take her dog out for a walk with mine, she was extremely grateful, as she felt guilty and stressed leaving her at home all day. And that's where it all started.

I'm experienced, reliable and trustworthy. I've grown up around dogs and walked them from a young age, I adore them. Your dog will be in safe hands while with me.